75 thoughts on “HOW TO FILM YOURSELF”

  1. 03:44 you never revealed anything at all bud… Even 50 years ago you could find a shot like that in movies and its a no brainer that a clear glass in between your camera and the water or a paint creates the illusion of you pouring the stuff directly into the camera… Lol 🤣

  2. Hi I have a question what are the equipments I need to film myself I'm interesting filmmaking so I can learn how to 🎥

  3. Good sheet Pete ….. I learned quite a bit from that. It's prettier awesome when ya realize that the bottom line is you can really just do whatever you want

  4. Good video. Thanks for the tips.

    Like that GoPro in the jar idea; I'll be trying that.

    I've seen to Jobi flexible tripods but, so far, I haven't bought one. A purchase for the near future.

    Thanks for putting me onto the Manfrotto flexible friction arm. I had never considered one of these before but I'll be buying one soon.

  5. Found these tips just now, thanks! I’m about to start my travel film channel and this was great advice since I’ll be solo

  6. Pete McKinnon, you are a top man. Thank you so much! Thank you for your teachings. You have inspired me to create my own content, I've had a youtube channel for a while and only recently started to create some content, will be uploading videos on my business journey, how I overcome the challenges, what I have learned, what books have inspired me, also videos on improving my health and fitness and loosing wight. Thanks again 👍❤️

  7. what if your broke, not very interesting and only have a cell camera and laptop webcam? lol, i may be in trouble!

  8. knowing everything you know why did you waste the first 1:33? And your entire video was straight forward faced shot. It would have been nice you showing placement instead of referring to a video that you already created.

  9. Never seen a video from you I saw this and thought you were a small youtuber 3.7m😧 love the energy bro got a subscriber in 6min

  10. Hello Peter, I would like to ask a lot of questions, but not on a public form. Do you have an email or other means to receive a message from me and able to reply to that? I am ex British military and used to live in Edinburgh Scotland, I moved to Florida and have to change my career, I am very interested in film making, interviewing people and talk about certain topics, share it on YouTube and social media. I have reached out to many who made videos on YouTube asking for advice and been rejected as if I'm going to take their business or something weird like that. Please, send me information to ask you for advice. Kind regards Louis

  11. Lol those dance moves though. Just recently subscribed to your channel, love the content that you put out keep up the good work
    . I was really inspired by your bucket shot story!!!!!

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