How to Edit 4K Video with MacBook Air

How to Edit 4K Video with MacBook Air

great news totally possible to edit 4k video footage on the new MacBook Air this is my rose gold 2018 MacBook Air it’s the base model so it only has a 1.6 gigahertz processor 8 gigabytes memory and a 120 gigabyte SSD but it still edits just fine my last two uploads to YouTube were edited entirely from start to finish on the MacBook Air a wedding film and a 10-minute vlog the only thing I had to change about my workflow was to get this external 1 terabyte SSD this thing is shockproof waterproof very durable I edited as usual except for slight delays and render speeds and thumbnail generations rubbing on the timeline and just working as I normally do there’s really not that much of a difference between this and that if anything the render times are a little slower I’m sure export is gonna be a little slower with this I exported the 10-minute vlog on both machines just to see how long it would take and you can see the difference between the two whenever I’m editing in Final Cut I’m always using the better performance viewer quality setting but I didn’t have any hiccups with this MacBook Air I was able to edit at my own speed no dropped frames and I was just overall impressed with the quality for sure I could absolutely 100% shoot and edit everything I create as a youtuber with this MacBook Air and this is the base model – although I would recommend people just to spend a little bit more to get an upgrade especially to the SSD inside unless you want to edit on this external SSD but this thing’s pretty awesome let’s be honest I remember editing on spinning hard drives and you could not touch them while you are editing or health’s there was gonna be like a problem so this thing is pretty you can just like throw it around and if I’m able to get everything done with this MacBook Air I would rather have this I am genuinely curious if you’re a filmmaker like myself thinking about upgrading from a MacBook Pro to the air do you think you’re gonna do it let me know what your thoughts are and if you do let me know what you think but until next time thank you for watching peace

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  1. do you think editing on the latest macbook air is fine using da vinci resolve 15. am fine if the rendering takes time. i just want the editing process smooth and without any hiccups. will be editing 4k and 1080p footages. what do you think?

  2. Can this handle After Effects motion graphic animations? (not VFX) I am more concerned in having a smooth workflow than export time 🙂 Also what's your MBP?

    Really torn between getting Air or Pro 13 with touchbar – should I go all in for future proof or just get the air + 1tb eSSD and other accessories?

  3. A deal is currently going on for $200 off the new MacBook Air on B&H. Thats only $1000!!
    I went to Best Buy and got a price Match. All my videos will now be edited on the new MacBook Air

  4. Great video! I have a 2013 MBP and its getting a little aged. Was going to upgrade to the new one but I love the size and pricing on the Air. I have a beefy iMacPro already. So this would be for emergencies!

  5. Thanks for the tip! I have an older MacBook with a slightly better processor but I’m going to give this a try. Enjoyed the video

  6. I recently ordered a MacBook Air with 16gb ram and 128 SSD.. I figured I can just use external hard drives. I wanted to be able to occasionally do 1080p video editing and photo editing. Do you think I should of went for the MB pro? I was worried about the keyboard running into errors and the fact that the i5 being 7th gen instead of the 8th gen

  7. external SSD is still slow compare with the built in Mac SSD. Still better invest on the biggest storage one can afford

  8. Hey can you help me out with this. Just got the MacBook air for video editing. Everything worked great until I need to use my color lots. This basically stopped the computer. Any thoughts?

  9. This helped me alot … ive been really struggling on what laptop to get the macbook air or pro but ill get the air ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Mate, that's some serious no bullshit content. Thank you for being so informing and straight to the point. Top quality as well.

  11. Thanks man I was looking for a base model Apple Laptop 💻 to do my stuff and you just made me made my decision thank you.
    Also it’s the first time I’m watching your video so I’m gonna subscribe!!!

  12. Hi! A loved the video! Congrats for the informative content! You think that the 2018 13" model is good for photoshop photo editing and illustration work? I use photoshop for digital painting and edit photos, illustrator and InDesign apps mainly and professionally, what you think? I would love your opinion <3 Thanks!

  13. What camera do you shoot on? Just wondering because 5DMKIV footage at 4K is much different than like a GoPro or something.

  14. That tears it; my next Mac laptop (to replace my 2009 polycarbonate MacBook) will be a 2018 MacBook Air, but I'll get the 256 GB SSD version and possibly configure it with 16 GB of RAM. (My 2009 MacBook already has a 256 GB SSD inside it, replacing the original stock hard drive.)

  15. hey Kraig! totally love this video, thumbs up for that.
    but i want to ask something, do you have a problem with your macbook pro keyboard or screen?
    bcs i want to upgrade my laptop to macbook pro for a better video editing computer but i heard a lot of issues about the keyboard and screen, so i want to ask you personally as a daily user.

  16. So my 2011 15” MacBook Pro died last night for the second time because of the graphic card issue. I know a lot of graphics people that use MacBook Air. I keep going back and fourth between the air and the pro I don’t want to give up any more money than I have to. Because of keyboard problems and other issues that I’ve read about. Are you still happy with it?

  17. Editing 4K on a 13” mid 2013 MacBook Air w/ an i7, 8gb of ram and a 1tb 970 evo ssd(internal). No problems at all.

  18. I just bought a 500gb SanDisk external for my 2018 MBP. I love IT! Not quite as fast as the MBP HD but now I don't have to shift things around when pulling over videos and editing.

  19. I was editing on my MacBook Air 2018 in 1080 but in iMovie… and sometime it’s slow, very slow in few moments… is this normal ?!?!?

  20. Nice review mate! I have one question though. Can you edit 4k footage in premiere Pro without lags? I know that it's optimised to work flawlessly with final cut Pro but I'm really used to edit my videos with premiere. Thanks 🙂

  21. Hello, is anyone using the Macbook Air running Davinci Resolve (14 and higher ) ? I'm using an iMac and looking for a travelling solution ( not a replacement ). I don't want to go for the expensive Macbook Pro 15' .. Thank you !

  22. How does it work when using the external. you have an open project and drag the clips into the timeline one at a time or some other way. I just cant figure out how that goes. How about the color grading and slow mo etc, does it ramp up the fans very much. this is good to know thank you 🙂

  23. I thought the video is going to be about proxys and stuff, maybe that's just me in premiere … (15inch 2017 MacBook Pro)

  24. Thanks for the video Kraig, I've been looking at buying either the MacBook Pro or the MacBook Air & I think this just sealed the deal for me now. Plus with Thunderbolt 3 you can always get an eGPU if you need more graphics power!

  25. I know I'm super late, but do you use premiere pro or final cut? I need a new laptop for class, but also want to edit on a laptop with my monitor. I'm familiar with Premiere Pro, but I'm just wondering if this video was directed towards final or whatever else. Thanks!

  26. Will I get the same or better results using premiere pro on the MacBook Air? Thanks, great video.

  27. my MacBook Air is laggy and all I'm editing is literally screen recordings from my phone. what should I do?

  28. Im having like the biggest struggle deciding which Macbook to get! Its actually my very first laptop purchase and i wanna make sure i get what i need. All i need it for is to edit videos/pictures and open like pdf files, maybe creating docs as well. Any recommendations I’ll really appreciate it!!!

  29. Are you still editing with the MacBook air? I really wanna get it, just need some more feedback as far as editing videos goes.

  30. in terms of stability, how do you find it? No system crash or slowdown? Have you used it for a long time?

  31. Considering it now as the air got the 2019 update. Is it really that good to edit fcpx? Check out my channel. See my last clip and let me know it will handle it. 5-15 clips. 4K. Some graphics. Currently I am using iMac 2013 with 1gb graphics card.

  32. Lmao that’s the first time I’m hearing the word ‘upgrade’ used for a move from MacBook Pro to MacBook Air. Awesome video by the way.

  33. This is Great News! I recently bought the new MacBook Air and only after have I decided to do some youtube videos. Then, I thought, there's no way I can edit with FC Pro. But this gives me hope. When you use the external drive, is the software on that drive? And that's how you load it? Sorry, I'm a novice.

  34. You know what? This video helped me a lot with my decision if buying a MacBook pro or the air. I think that we always have to keep in mind that thees thins are laptops. And talking about having more power for the future is nonsense because in the future you will buy a new computer if the old is not fast enough anymore.
    All in all the MacBook air does everything you wanna do just fine unless you don't have a problem to wait for some issues a little longer…
    If you are a professional film-maker and you're traveling a lot – the MacBook pro could be the better solution – especially if it is your one and only computer you use.
    But if you're not. Just use the air cause it's a good machine.
    And for a laptop battery life, most of the time is more important if not the most important thing on a notebook!
    I mean what good is a laptop with no battery life?
    Just think about going to the library and always taking your plug with you cause you run out of battery!
    Good laptops just work – and you don't have to plug in them all the time.
    This gives you the flexibility to take your work where ever you want to.
    I'm a writer.
    And I'm doing researches a lot – almost most of the time.
    And the greatest thing about a notebook for me would be that I can take it where ever I want to an keep on writing where ever I want to.
    And if it has the possibility to do some video editing – that's just fine.
    And for everything else you should buy a real PC – like a real machine!
    So you can take the money and buy yourself a 13 inch MacBook Pro and of course you'll get the better display and a little better performance.
    But you ain't get the same battery life even if it's still quite good – and your not getting the slightly better keyboard.
    So I think you just have to figure out what ist the most important thing to use for you.
    And than just buy it.
    As many Youtubers say: The MacBook Air ist better than you think!

  35. I have the base model 2018 MacBook Pro and I was able to edit 4K + effects with no problems for months using an external Samsung T5 SSD, but just recently after the last few updates my render times have almost come to a halt. Very frustrating if Apple has slowed this once awesome machine down!

  36. Honestly, I would really choose macbook air, because of its portability, in the case of rendering and 8 minute difference with macbook pro , it's just very fine

  37. I Hate Click Baits!!! That's a pretty low thing to do… You can't edit raw 4k with LUTs and FX at all though… I can even edit Prores 4K on my iPad but not on that Macbook Air. we should be more specific bc pl might get misled into buying something and that's not right. No click baits, that's low man, come on. Some people actually believe what some YouTubers say and then they get stuck without hope. Good advertisement to try to get apple to send stuff though, that's pretty smart. Good job.

  38. Its 2019 and this is still probably one of the only videos I've found about editing on the newer Macbook Airs. Thank you!

  39. Very clear and nice review !! I was going to return my new macbook air ( upgrade 8gb rams to 16gb rams, and 128gb to 256gb storage). I thought I will be get the new pro, but after watch your video, I think i might keep it!
    will you suggest upgrade 8gb to 16gb rams> it does change a lot ? ( for my girl friend, she is going to get either a new pro or new air )

  40. Guys i'm looking for a new PC exactly for this – rending and editing videos. But i'm not very keen to spend that much money for PRO especially if i want to just learn things and yk gain my skill , so i'm thiking about just Air. Wasnt sure at all if i should but it cuz all i've heard was , that air is not good for this but as far as i can see in this comment section bellow or some other videos , it looks to me that AIR should be as fine as PRO especially for just casual vlog videos.
    Thank for any further advice , help , etc

  41. Can anyone help me? 😑 I have seen so much videos but I just don't know which Mac book pro is a really good one for 4k and full HD editing!? It don't have to be the newest 🙄

  42. Hi Kraig, could you please give me an idea of how long it would take to do some basic editing for a 30 minute 4k vlog?

    The idea is to record it with an iphone xr or note 10 and then use imovie before publishing it on youtube.

    I was told it is better to create a 1080p project for editing and then exporting and uploading it as a 4k on youtube -> do you agree?


  43. Wow finally found it. you are just great for this awesome video i am going to buy new macbook air 2019 model but was very nervous that if i can go for MBAIR weill can it run final cut pro x or not but here you cleared my vision. And one question is it MBAir can run photoshop too as smooth for photo editing and photo stocking or merging. i am thinking to but new MBAir 2019 model with 128gb ssd and for external ssd you are using. please suggest me photoshop.

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