Honsky Controller Protector & Lanyard Buckle | Unboxing

Okay just for today We will be reviewing two items which is the Honski Remote Control Protector (for the Mavic) and the Honsky Hanging Black Clip both from the same manufacturer So this just comes in just one plastic and nothing else So for these two items the main reason for buying them (1) I wanted my controller protected when I’m transporting it; and for the other piece (2) I want to have my hands-free whenever I’m flying my Mavic and I need to do something So these two were working nicely I’ve been using it for quite some time and they’re very useful so just to show you how this will fit in the controller one thing that you need to understand is the reason for the protector is whenever you are transporting it using the provided bag sometimes the controller sticks would actually not rest in a correct manner because it’s scrunched in the bag sometimes it’s left in a whatever position it is and over time it will wear and tear I’ve heard that sometimes these controllers when given it that torture that they would actually veer or maybe rotate on its own or maybe move forward on its own because it’s resting position is not centered anymore so yeah so it’s very good that you have this protector just to make sure that the there’s no wear and tear on the controller whenever you’re transporting it so the other piece is the buckle the reason why I bought this one is I have a hard time when I’m flying and you know this is I have a big phone and when you’re holding, it you can put it down whenever you’re flying your Mavic so it’s good if you have something that you can rest or hang it on while you’re flying so at least you will have time or you’ll have your hands to yourself when you’re fixing something The thing that you need to be aware is that it’s not designed for the iPhone so what
happens is It bumps the volume button so what you need to do is give in some space when you’re latching in that so that it won’t affect your controls when you’re flying your Mavic so there so just show you how it’s hanging very nice so long as it’s a latched in properly it won’t fall off or whatever so highly recommended it if you liked this video please subscribe, like, or share If you’re looking for a similar product and you know just wanted to see how it will look like when attached. Here it is. Thank you!

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