HomeMade Electric Airplane

HomeMade Electric Airplane

Wow! Look at all those batteries! What do you think Lucky? Oh wait your name’s Toby not lucky. So check it out look at all these batteries Previously we did fly the airplane once in another video you guys may have seen it in the past That’s well we technically “flew” the airplane, I mean it just got basically in the ground effect and flying a little bit But all you guys were like well. That’s technically not flying And you may actually be correct because uh It was really only flying within the quarter span of the wings and we were flying on older batteries But now I have the correct batteries, so now we’re going to answer the real question. can someone with just model airplane building experience albeit a lot of it build and fly a real airplane in their basement? Well. We’re about to go find out I flew the airplane it flies great, holy craps got a lot of power now I push that thing forward this thing jumps into the air this thing flies amazing Holy crap. This thing’s awesome It’s only warm. It’s not even hot I can keep my hand on that thing all day. We’re good. We’re golden About 40 miles she’s about 35 miles an hour because that thing reads five high That is friggin fun Alright, so we did the flight between half and full power I’m gonna get these batteries on charge because I need to see how much flying I’m doing with the gas tank because I do Not want to over burn on fuel. Let’s go charges these batteries back up and see what I actually did burn on that flight Well indeed it does fly so we burned about probably 7208 milliamps in each specific battery I mean the middle amps actually changed a little bit cuz of the cell’s variations and all that but they’re all very very very close so that means we burnt a little bit Under half a tank we didn’t even quite reach half a tank of the capacity of the batteries I still looked actually get a watt meter onboard and actually monitor everything like is going on the airplane right now We’re still experimenting with it, but blah blah blah. It indeed does fly. Let’s make this nice and quick I got a cheat sheet here of things I need to talk about uh. This is an ultra light So it means if you’re in the u.s. It falls into part one o three regulations meaning the airplane itself has to be slower than 55 miles an hour I think it’s 55 or 65. I don’t know but uh slower than that stall speed needs to be around 20 miles an hour Weight needs to be under 254 pounds before you put the pilot in there, but that’s completely loaded – minus the pilot of course Let’s see the motors are these turnigy 150 CC electric motors from hobby king. Huge thanks to them They made this project possible by donating those motors They actually worked kind of quite amazing for what they are because um those are model airplane motors They’re not designed to run consistently at a high power setting which I specifically used them in and they held up great They only were hot or just warm to the touch I could leave my hand on them indefinitely so that means they’re not Running past a temperature with you shouldn’t be because uh my hands aren’t on fire and burning off So big, thanks to them Thanks to a tattu for giving me a discount on batteries I spend about probably a thousand two hundred on these But they gave me half price off which is nice of them Banggood sent the charger Which I make charging these things a piece of cake. Yeah, check out this charger This is a like the I charger series. It makes charging sings pretty quick Come on I need you to move right now stay right there Let’s see the plane is smart here only constructed a foam ,carbonglass, and some wood Some aluminum – you should also check out the previous build videos. I’ll put them down linked below That’s probably worth watching because uh the project actually did fly I didn’t start a project and didn’t finish it this actually completely Uh is finished now. the painting we will probably paint the plane later on in the spring of next year and this is probably the last video seen on this airplane for a while because uh Well, it’s a little saturated. Let’s move on to some other stuff, so huge Thanks to people that made this possible Thanks to my friend Erik Monroe for coming out and shooting some of the video of the day we were flying this thing Thanks to Dewey Devonport. He’s the guy that has the the owns the property he does by plane rides Huge thanks to people on patreon you guys all made as possible without you guys I probably would would definitely be short changing some of the parts I used all aircraft grade hardware in this thing and everything is built very Safely if I could say that at least everything That is a critical to flight like you know I put some tape on. Look at my pitot tube That’s just taped on that’s totally ghetto on flight worthy things, but if that tape comes off. It’s not gonna You know cause the airplane to crash But having cheap bolts break such as like in the wing bolts That will definitely cause a crash or having control cables break and stuff like that uh Also with the GoFundMe for the parachute I did acquire our BRS, but that BRS is too heavy So I’m going to probably sell that and get the right one for this airplane That one’s actually made for the airplanes on the next size category up So that is way overkill and and I’m just lugging around dead weight Which ultimately works against me because it makes the plane more unsafe by carrying a too heavy parachute because uh Everything not flight critical I want to keep the weight off the airplane because weight hinders airplane performance at least for light airplanes So I think I have a few more clips here Oh, hey look look how big the dog is if you guys remember the dog from the beginning? Here’s Toby. He’s super big now Even though he was a munchkin in the beginning Grandma I need to take some measurements Yep It’s definitely small But uh yeah, there’s a bunch of extra clips so um man, just thank you guys cuz uh, this is quite an insane project probably one of the craziest things I’ve ever done in my life and Well, I think we’re gonna end on that note

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  1. Absolutely amazing Peter! You must be on cloud 9… Now we need to bring the paramotors down and do some flying! Keep going my friend! -Alex

  2. Amazing! Do you have a license, also, does it need to be registered? I've dreamed of doing something like this since I was a kid!

  3. این که کار بزرگی نیست با اینهمه امکانات آماده من با هیچی با امکانات صفر میتونستم هواپیما بسازم

  4. This is the coolest thing I've ever seen. You da freakin' Green Baron! I want one of those! (And by the way, to all those dweebs saying you didn't fly before – ground effect is flying. When was the last time your car lifted off the road and "drove" like that for miles? Not flying very high, OK. Not flying at all, total nonsense.)

  5. Imagine if zombie movies were to incorporate this concept into one of their scenes. Flying a homemade electric airplane over waves of the undead while the setting sun encapsulates everything in a disturbingly picturesque moment of tentative triumph.

  6. I wonder how much power it takes from the batteries just to take off. I would not even risk running these down 12000MAH worth of juice. The battery dies off quickly towards the end and you loose quite a bit of voltage as the batteries loose charge so you will have to push the throttle a bit extra, this means that they will die much quicker after half charge. Also if you run cells down under 3 volts under a high load you will completly destroy some of the cells in some of the packs. You may want to consider buying a BMS (i think they go up to 24S) The BMS won't let you drain the cells below 3V But you need to be aware of when the BMS will cut out (don't forget the voltage drops much lower under load so you have to do a test run under different loads to really get a feel for under what conditions it cuts out at) as you may have to glide down. If you had a volt meter for each cell you could monitor each one individually and not use a BMS but then if you have 24S thats a lot of volt meters (but you can get tiny volt meters that plug into the balance port and read up to 6S on each pack, the readings flash in sequence). The other advantage of fitting a BMS is that it works as your charger. You will only need one power supply with one voltage to run into the BMS and it will split charge your pack as one pack. No more charging all the cells individually and plugging them back in series. If the motors are not getting too hot and you want more punch you may be able to over volt them a bit but then you need to find speed controllers that will handle the voltage.

  7. Идея классная. Но… собачья жопа под носом – это особое удовольствие?

  8. So freaking cool.. you pushed the wright brothers back a thousand years. Hopefully 5g and beyond will provide endless supply of rechargeable wifi energy. Plus added solar shingles to the wings and it's off across the country

  9. try 4kwh/kg aluminium-air or magnesium-air, 150wh/kg graphene supercapacitors in a electric tilt-rotor bi-copter, fold-back wings, with four electric wheels

  10. 5:18 I know this is completely random, but I’m Canadian and we have Michelina’s, but your Mac and Cheese use WHEEL PASTA??!!

    Sometimes I hate it here.

  11. It amazes me big corps hire engineers with experience.years of college.n this guys build a airplane in a basement. That flies!!!

  12. hi were in the uk and been watching you on our tv, you are truly amazing!!and think you are extremel inventive and intelligent,lovely to see such as you thinking outa the box,bet your dad is very proud of you, you have our entire admiration, stay safe..we all love you out here, bye for now

  13. Amazing!!!..)) What's the cruise Speed of this device? … Ok, got it from the VID: 35-40 miles/hour, right? Not-so-bad then… It's a Real-Speeder comparing to my unicycle anyway..)))))

  14. Can you tell me bro how much rpm was single motor!!!
    If we want to make 2 seater plane so how much rpm motor's we need to fly???
    Please tell!!!

  15. Can you tell me bro how much rpm was single motor!!!
    If we want to make 2 seater plane so how much rpm motor's we need to fly???
    Please tell!!!

  16. I’m not sure but won’t it be illegal or something to fly because there’s none of those flashing lights?

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