Holy Stone HS700D | Drone | Review

Holy Stone HS700D | Drone | Review

alright guys today we’re gonna be taking
a look at my new toy I got a drone so stay tuned to the intro what’s up my name is Doug the bearded
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already subscribed thank you and thank you for tuning them back in so today
we’re gonna be taking a look at a new toy that I picked up I picked up a drone
now why do I have a drone you ask well I picked up a drone and hopes that because
I do my videos outside that I can take my videos maybe to the next level
maybe when I go hiking I can get some stellar footage from those hikes that
kind of thing so I want to go ahead and give a review for you guys I will throw
this disclaimer out there before you make a purchase of a drone make sure you
understand and know the FAA rules and guidelines as it relates to drones I in
this review I’m going to be reviewing the drone and and what I know of it I
cannot put any footage of the drone flying or any footage from the drone on
this video if I plan on monetizing because I personally do not have a 107
certificate which means that I cannot fly commercially and what that means is
if I put a clip from my drone on my youtube channel and hopefully down the
road I’m able to monetize and put ads on here the FAA can come after me if I
don’t have that 107 so just be aware of that know the rules know the guidelines
know what you can do and have fun you can the FAA does allow you to my
knowledge of it my understanding of it the FAA does allow you to fly as a
hobbyist as long as you register your drone and abide by all the rules and
elation as a hobbyist that’s what I’m flying as alright so the drone we’re
gonna be taking a look at today is from Holy stone this is their newest drone
this is the HS700d and it is pretty awesome
bird this thing flies so well a couple features about this it does have a 2k
camera it does not have an actual gimbal it does a pivot 90 degrees down so it
can view straight down and straight ahead and you can remove your camera by
unhooking this cord if you can see it here and there’s a little switch data
that you can slide your camera off it does accept an SD card right there so
you can put an SD card in it to store all your footage your power button is
here now I know with some of the previous Holy stone
drones as soon as you put there was no power button as soon as you put the
battery in it powered on this one is not that way it does have a power button and
your battery is here one thing when I was doing research on which drone I
wanted to purchase one thing about the holy stone hs700d is it has an approximate
22 22 minute flight time which is above everything else I mean it’s truly
amazing amount of flight time you can get on a full battery charge so you have
an LED light here these are brushless motors one cool thing about the props on
the holy stone is you do not need a tool to add or take off your props you can
just unscrew them and and they come off another cool feature with the holy stone
is the landing gear you see the landing gear here one cool thing about landing
gear is the assembly and disassembly aspect of the landing gear there is a
tab here if you can see if you press that tab and pull out that will
disassemble that and then you rotate it and this comes off you
don’t have any tools any necessary screwdrivers or anything like that you
just put this in here to reassemble you put this in
once you seat it right turn it like that in it clicks and it is ready to go so
this thing is pretty remarkable I’ve had a couple inexpensive drones in the past
and they were super difficult to fly super challenging this thing is GPS
locked in with GPS it will not take off the ground if it does not have satellite
connection and which is a good thing it has various modes
it’s got Follow Me mode it’s got return-to-home it’s got an orbit mode it
has a tracking mode that you can pull up the map and tell it the route you wanted
to take it also has one key takeoff and one key land which is really amazing
because my previous drones they did not have that and that’s where I crashed
most of them was in the landing aspect of it so this thing is pretty rugged
it feels pretty solid I will say I have crashed it and it took a couple dings
but it took right off again and was ready to fly now the controller the
controller is just a basic controller nothing fancy this does remove and when
you get if you purchase this it’ll come with a little stop or a little plug in
here that you have to remove before you can mount your phone mount to the top
your antennas fold in and close and some of these buttons are obsolete because
the they use the same controller for their other models but these these
buttons here are obsolete they do nothing and right here is a headless
mode this drone does have a headless mode so regardless of which way it’s
facing you turn the headless mode on and away from you is always forward it
does have a way you can turn off the GPS has your joysticks here which are
removable to be able to pack it down you have a camera button here which you can
use that button to take pictures you have your return to home button you have
your lock and you have your takeoff and land button here on the back side you
have two which would be buttons on other models they’re not buttons on this one
here you have a scroll and that is what changes your camera angle to being here
to down here you can adjust that now there is a little bit of a lag in that
you have to play with it and get used to it but overall it’s it’s pretty solid
now I’ll tell you that it does take 2k high-definition photographs and video
the photographs are amazing the video there’s a little bit of a delay what you
see on your phone live and connects Wi-Fi what you see on your phone is not
real-time is a little bit of a lag on that but it does take really clear video
and pictures don’t judge it by what’s on your phone you just got to do it on the
memory card so that’s where it gets a little bit tricky if you have your
memory if you do not have a memory card in and it’s going to save everything to
your phone but it’s gonna be a little bit grainy and that kind of thing if
you’re using the video however if you have an SD card in there it’s going to
save it to that ste card and it’s going to be crystal-clear 2k hi-def footage
it’s going to be amazing so comes with an owner manual comes with a little
logbook for you to record your flights comes with prop guards and an extra set
of props comes with a battery charger now that’s the one biggest downfall to
this drone is the fact that it’s about a six to seven hour charge time if you
have a dead battery but you get twenty minutes of flight time so they do have
spare batteries or available on Amazon I haven’t picked one up yet but I’m
going to actually I think I have one in my cart now waiting alright guys so if
you’re interested in a drone I highly recommend this this isn’t this isn’t one
of those top-of-the-line it’s going to cost you a thousand dollars it’s a
couple hundred dollars but it’s really good to practice and learn and really
play around with it and get the knowledge of what you can do with a
better drone this thing is it’s heavy enough that you have to register it with
the FAA however you only have to register it and you can fly as a
hobbyist as long as you abide by those rules just make sure that you check in
to those before you make a purchase but but I will put links in the description
below for this drone on Amazon as well as the spare battery and I really think
it’s an amazing drone for somebody like me who’s just starting out with drones
and learning what I can do with them it’s super super easy to fly and it has
some of those features that the cheaper drones do not if you’re interested in a
drone definitely look into holy stone and the HS700d like I said it is their
newest model and it is pretty awesome alright guys until next time stay
bearded get outdoors and god bless

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  1. 👉Make sure before flying a drone, that you read and study the FAA drone laws/regulations. 👈

    HS700D: https://amzn.to/301i83J
    Extra Battery: https://amzn.to/2M05EAd

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