Here’s Why You Should NEVER Order Coffee On A Plane

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Now this video is especially important for those frequent flyers. Speaking of frequent
flying, I get 10 points for every dollar spent on my visa infinite card. Hashtag ad. I’m
just kidding. But seriously, if you guys fly a lot, you probably shouldn’t order a coffee
or tea on the plane. Like ever. And here’s why. According to flight attendant Jamila
Hardwick, the drinks are made with tap water not bottled water. And although the water
itself is most likely fine, the water pipes aren’t cleaned all that often. Meaning bacteria
can be building up for weeks or months at a time, so when you get your coffee, it’s
not just coffee you’re drinking. In 2004, the United States Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA) released a study showing the results of tests that included 158 passenger
airplanes. The test results determined 13% of those planes didn’t meet EPA standards,
meaning the water had some sort of contamination. More specifically, they tested positive for
coliform bacteria, and a couple actually contained E. coli. I know it’s absolutely disgusting.
Now airplanes are obviously provided water for the flight, but sometimes the water itself
is also contaminated. According to a study by the international Journal of Environmental
Research and Public Health, most of the bacteria is likely to be transferred from the contaminated
tanker trucks that actually deliver the water to the planes. Now since these reports came
out, improvements have been made to ensure that the water is safer to drink. But still,
flight attendants aren’t 100% sure how safe the water really is. After the study came out in 2004, the EPA
pushed for regulation that would require airlines to test their water more frequently. Although
this seems like it would be the solution to the problem, it’s still unclear how often
they’re really checked. More specifically, The association of Flight Attendants CWA claims
they don’t believe the regulation goes far enough, nor is it sufficiently enforced. More
specifically, the regulations require the tanks to be disinfected and flushed 4 times
a year. So on average, that’s every 3 months. Do you guys know how many times an average
plane flies over 3 months? I couldn’t find exact numbers but it’s a lot. So that’s
gross. So to wrap this one up, just grab a coffee
or tea at the starbucks at the terminal before you board the plane. Or just don’t get coffee
or tea on your plane. I’d rule out tap water as well, ask for a bottle. Now if you do have
a need to have coffee or tea and think because they boil the water it kills all the bacteria,
well think again. Environmental scientist Brenda Wiles spoke on it saying “It might
kill some of the organisms, the more susceptible ones, but it’s not going to kill the majority
of them,” And although no one has reported getting sick from drinking coffee or tea on
a plane, those who have weaker immune systems might be at risk of contracting an illness
or possibly disease. So I ask you, the people of Youtube. Is your health really worth a
coffee or tea? You be the judge. Thank you. I’d make a good president eh. Forget my
policies I just know how to connect with the people. Anyway, time to reply to some comments
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