Here’s What a TINY Drone with a 4k Camera Can Do

Here’s What a TINY Drone with a 4k Camera Can Do

95 thoughts on “Here’s What a TINY Drone with a 4k Camera Can Do”

  1. Can you do a 15-35 vs 16-35 vs 10-18 comparison vid pls? Knowing how you do videos usually I know it’ll be a treat to watch.

  2. I remember when you were just 80k subs, even now you’re still one of the most reliable people when it comes to cameras😂 stay awesome and hope go visit the philippines!

  3. iPhone 11 — the Ultra Wide Angle is the Wide Angle on the GoPro — iPhone 11 can't do the Super Wide Angle 170 degrees like a GoPro — plus I need the hyper smooth on the GoPro 7 black — I will be purchasing the new GoPro 8 — $399 — vs. $1,400 for an iPhone 11

  4. Funny — Reel steady — is not better than the hyper smooth on the GoPro 7 and GoPro 8 — lots of changes — since GoPro 6 —

  5. potato get an FPV simulator on Steam. Will save you so much headache and you'll crash much less. Also tehre's some decent one's on iphone but the ones on Steam you can use a real FPV controller for. It's too much fun.

  6. Amazing drone shots! Question;
    If the camera parts come from an old GoPro, is it still possible to attach an ND filter in front of the lens to reduce the shutter speed? My guess is that it would look even more “organic” with a slower shutter. Or are those shots intended to be played back in slow motion?
    In comparison the DSLR-drone confetti shots in the end have that organic quality i’m referring to.

  7. Pretty Sweet intro!
    First time i've seen it, It causes me a headache to understand how It was shoot! I was really into skate filming and It was an ispiration.. wow

  8. There are a lot of half empty promises with "best in the world" stuff but this is actually breath-taking on how stable it can make your footage.

  9. That’s a real potato 🥔 shit bro, Damon!! You’ve really step up this game to the max. Love it. Thumbs up for this everyone👍

  10. He spend so much time flying small drones and be good at it he forget to trimmed his beard. I don't see his mouth moving while he talks.

  11. The two women in the background:
    Heather: Do you think I should buy that tiny drone?
    Jodie: Yeah, I think that'd be lovely!

  12. Please make the video of him and you building your drone. I want to get one. I bet it is going to be your most view video. Trust me ooh well who am I to tell you what to do. Lol

  13. I recently built my own drone like this for cinematography and learning how to fly. A lot harder to fly, but with time it becomes more manageable the more you understand 👍🏻

  14. For people who dont want to buy the iphone..why dont you compare couple of other phones like huawei one plus and samsung……no other phone video comparison videos shoot videos like you..hence your comparisons will be legit

  15. Bro I remember being like 11 or 12 and seeing pretty sweet for the first time and thinking about how awesome the two intros were,, never knew who shot it until now tho

  16. Ah nice that you made a video about Fpv and the massive pilot skills involved
    Also the father of viral drone videos is charpu with Left behind on YouTube

  17. I went to several drone races in Vegas and they are AWESOME. The pilot’s all have helmets on like that and see from the drone POV. So cool!

  18. not hating but i saw a side by side from pro max and s10+ and the s10 seemed just a tad bit more stable and like i saw some motion blur on the pro max side by side

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