Hand Plane Preservation

Hand Plane Preservation

Holiday Special! Just like the fireplace channel, but for tool restorations This is what I do to relax, so put this on in the background and enjoy! This is how I preserve a hand plane for value

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  1. Honestly my favorite thing about this channel is that it doesn't show the result in the screenshot. Kind of defeats the purpose.

  2. Relaxed? I'm asleep.
    I've just had aphone call offering me a half price deal on servicing my dyson vacuum cleaner. I told her that I do all the servicing myself and rang off before I realised that I've never had a Dison. All mine are Vax cleaners. Well asleep.

  3. Felt so odd watching you work in normal speed. Nonetheless, I admire your work!!! I’ve restored several Stanley planes over the years. I think I’ll do a vid over some of mines now that I’ve watched your vid. I’d be honored if you’d check out my channel and leave a comment or two in support of my restorations!!!! Thanks again

  4. J'adore les vidéos de restauration d'outils. Là c'est vraiment trop long. Je pense qu' il y a des coupures à faire pour réduire le temps.

  5. What a load of fannying about. This video should be called how to stretch out a 40 minute job into an hour and 20 and see no real improvement in the actual tool other than that you've given it a stripdown clean. blown the surface rust off it and sharpened it…Heres my advice of them metal parts, grinder with a wire brush on it, then the wire wool and then the 1000 grit as with 2000 grit all you'll get is tennis elbow and your fingers must be numb from all that sanding. Although that said the 2000 would have been handy for refinishing that sole on a very flat surface with a dash of lubricant and the paper soaked overnight so its proper ready for use to wet and dry …and forget rubbing everything all over with Nivea it doesn't work…

    Could have had this thing all back to bright metal, paint stripped and repainted including some boat varnish on them handles in the time this charlie took to do a half job…Clearly no engineering experience and as for patina, thats for antique tables mate, not working tools as if you pulled that out everybody already knows its old as you can't even buy em in the shops these days as anyone working as a joiner nowadays would be using a rotary electric planer to do what this does in a tenth of the time, as whose got the elbow grease for pushing one of them all day when you got things to get done…
    But don't get me wrong hand planes have their uses, just not on site…

  6. I found exactly the same one (with some rust on there etc. ) in my cellar and started restoring and repainting it after whatching the first 20 minutes of the video (that one was painted in gras green. A nightmare to look at)

  7. Nice jack plane. You're sharpening angle was wrong for a jack plane. I was waiting for the removal of paint and everything and happy to see you took off nothing that didn't need to be taken, Also good to see you flattened the back side of the blade. Too often people only address the angle and forget the other half.

  8. automotive battery charger, borax, water, sacrificial chunk of metal, a metal parts basket … water hose fittings and gasket washers, tiny water pump, 2 buckets …
    I just built you a filtered electrolysis rust removal system.

  9. Demasiado largo el video para una herremienta tan censilla, Gracias por la aportacion de todas formas, disculpa el comentario es sin intension de molestar

  10. Around 42:40 ish he’s using a metal plate or something to sand what is that and where do I buy one I see those in a lot of restoration videos

  11. Watching this dude try to remove that nail or whatever it is for 5 mins triggers my anxiety. I applaud this man, I would have seen the broken nail and said "Haha, nope," and I would probably go do something else.

  12. Always, and I mean ALWAYS put any plane down on it's side NEVER on it's face…..whether the blade is exposed or not.

  13. Эх, Вася… Шпильки выкручиваются с помощью двух гаек!

  14. The best video to date…. please go for other such videos at normal speed…felt cathartic…🙏🙏🙏

  15. I did this many years ago. I took a class from Gary Ragowsky and he showed us how. Not many things more boring than this video. I slept thru most of it.

  16. Great restorations how about restoring your poor old bench with some degreaser and making it look like new..

  17. Great video!!!! I have 6 or 7 hand planes that my grandfather used when he was alive and have been thinking about 'cleaning' them. They have been sitting a tool chest he made since he died in the early 1950's.

  18. You have WAY too much patience, and time on your hands. I would have had the media blaster and wire wheel going as soon as I had it broken down.

  19. How are you going to preserve a hand plane correctly when you don't even know how to use a pipe wrench?
    You put it on backwards and then flipped it the right way and used the wrong side if it… WTF?

  20. Finally, one restoration I can do! No electric machinery, no electric wires, not too many parts, no chemicals to deal with, and a plus: I can shave my legs before reassembling!

  21. Awesome preservation vid. I understand this process is not intended for tools the will go back into use but was this the reason you didnt flatten the bottom of the plane?

  22. Going front to back is a nicer looking way of flattening/sharpening the back of a plane blade, it doesn't create harsh lines from where you've sharpened and where you haven't

  23. The SS on the lever cap means its a STAY SET.Look at the piece on the end of the chip breaker . or more correctly cap iron.They NEVER did stay set though ha ha ha .That plane is not worth the time fixing it .

  24. Might I suggest a better way to get the handle stud out ??? …. Put 2 thread sized nuts on the top thread and tighten them AGAINST each other once LOCKED TOGETHER all you have to do is put your proper nut sized wrench and it become a BOLT HEAD and can then be backed out just like a regular bolt ……… this can be used to remove ANY stud bolt that way you dont have to wrap rags around the stud to keep from marring the stud with vice grip marks

  25. Hour and 17 minutes, and it nearly looks the same as when you started. You’d have the same results spraying it down without taking it apart. And it would take 10 minutes.

  26. This video is great HTR. I did a hand plane ''kinda'' restoration video. I humbly can show it to you if you like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHeL3tYZlYg
    My hand plane looks like a baby one compare to your!! Thank you for your time ans sharing your content

  27. Tip for cleaning up screw heads, chuck the threads in a drill press, spin them up and hold the paper against the head and sides.

  28. please stop using sandpaper on the cutter head of the plane, and use a grinder with a brush on it to clean up and sharpen the cutting edge… needs to be as sharp as a blade and strat, no waves in it

  29. the plane is almost new, what is there to restore, you just cleaned it of dirt. sharpening the blade is not correct, so the planer did not even plan the pine.

  30. Step #1 Determine if the sole is flat.
    Step #2 Determine if the plane is worth the time and effort.
    You did neither. Record is a budget English brand of dubious quality and is not generally worth the time and effort.

  31. I usually go for a toothbrush and wd40 to remove dirt more "aggressively" but I like the brush idea for some finer work, thank you 🙂

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