Hakrc storm 32 3 axis brushless gimbal – Best cheap gimbal

Hakrc storm 32 3 axis brushless gimbal – Best cheap gimbal

Yow! what is up guys, we have a new package from gearbest.com. and it’s a strom 32 3 axis gimbal. So I’ll be mounting this on my Aosenma CG035 drone. and I will also convert this to a hand held gimbal. Ok, Let’s see what we have here. So we have some spare wires and screws. so this one is the mount for the drone. and, here’s the gimbal. Nice. they also included a strap for gopro or sjcam. and the user guide manual. so that’s everything in the box. and now let’s move on to the gimbal. this looks way better and sturdier than the common cheap 3 axis gimbal like the one here on the picture. and the brushless motor on this thing is also thinner. so I’m going to try this sjcam if it will fit. you can also check the description below if you want to buy one. so the lens holder on the strap fits my sjcam perfectly. so that is how you strap and secure your action cam. I’ll just install this metal piece to protect the board when we power it. so to power this up, I’ll be using a 1300 Mah, 7.4Volts Li-po battery. just plug it in and it will supply enough power to the gimbal. to stabilize it just wait for few seconds and then wait for a beep. and that’s it, the gimbal is now ready. that’s really impressive. it looks pretty stable. well, I’ll include some sample shots on my next video using this It works really good. Nice. this is my old stabilizer Imade last year and it’s not motorized so it relies on the weight to stabilize. and I’ll make another version of this but this time I’ll be using the storm 32 3 axis gimbal so stay tuned. You can also watch how I turned this to a hand held gimbal. so I basically disassembled everything and rearranged the parts to make it look thinner and better so all you have to do is click here. I also have a video on how to properly mount this on this drone. so all you have to do is click here. Thanks a lot for watching, Drop some comments below, and leave a Like, subscribe and I’ll see you in the next one.

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  1. ★★★★★★★★
    Yow Guys! thanks a lot for watching. I will soon upload the video on how to convert this awesome gimbal to a hand held gimbal. Stay tuned and if you guys have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to drop it here. =)

  2. Can't wait for the handheld video! Always love the videos where you turn expensive gear like gimbals into affordable things we can make ourselves

  3. How much is this and how much do you think the overall price of your 'budget ' equipment and drones are compared to the professional stuff from the US?

  4. I bought this gimbal and I would like to put it on the front of my drone (so the electronic card on the side) but when initializing the nacelle does not arrive and hangs.

  5. Hi. In your vid you are using 7,4V battery. On Gimbal description it is stated that it runs on 11,1V – 16,8V. Which is true ?

  6. I bought this nacelle and I would want to put her(it) in front of my drone, thus storm32 in vertical. When I connect storm32 she(it) does not manage to calibrate. How may I solve this problem?

  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4isNfw34alE&feature=youtu.be
    can you watch my video my gimbal it work not so good
    i use 7.4V 1200mah battery but it work to bad or i must caribration for good work

  8. interesting! what about a handheld gimbal for a DSLR?
    this is something i would like to build myself, but am personally completely useless with crafts.
    i made a termite nest reconstruction last time i helped my brother mount a TV to the wall.

  9. Very good informative video I m planning to buy 3 axis gimbal for aosenma just like u have but where is the video how to mount on a drone like aosenma

  10. Nice video,question am trying to use a 3.7v 850 omh battery on 3 axis gimbal but am having problems as gimbal wouldnt stabilize could be the battery or i have dodgy gimbal both red and blue flashes countinously

  11. Thanks for this video! I have two questions though, how does the 3rd axis work? When the quadcopter yaws does it do a follow mode where it just softens the effect of jerky yaw motion? Sencond question is, what voltage does it support? Have you tested it on 4S without it going up in smoke?

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