GTA 5 – Amazingterrible PLANE CRASH Compilation #3 (This is GTA5 game)…

GTA 5 – Amazing\terrible PLANE CRASH Compilation #3 (This is GTA5 game)…

Welcome to my gaming channel. This video is all about plane crashes in GTA 5 game. Here i provide you more context and educational value of this video. watch the video till end. A NASA plane crashed into the air baloon A private plane crashed into the bridges due to lose of control. A crash landing of cargo plane at aircraft carrier. A plane already standing in the runway when a plane is landing caused crash. landing plane crashed into already crashed planes. it is a mid air collision after takeoff of one plane and before landing of other plane. Remember this is game not any real situation. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please make sure to like and subscribe. Please go to description for more context and educational value.

100 thoughts on “GTA 5 – Amazing\terrible PLANE CRASH Compilation #3 (This is GTA5 game)…”


  2. Unrealistic.

    In real life, there's something called go around. That means all airplanes on approach can go around to avoid all collisions. So basically, that's easy to do.

  3. When a plane crashes the whole lot disintegrated so why does the fuselage still survive ? It's still not real enough

  4. Not logical when plane hits buliding. Several planes where the pilots had ample time to avoid the crash or looked like suicidal crashes 😁

  5. Someone/Rock star NEEDS to make plane damage and crash physics realistic. So unsatisfying to see planes not even breaking properly…

  6. علي فكره حلوه بس ما في هذا المنتدى خاص من قبل أسبوع ويومين في كل من قبل أسبوع ويومين وبس

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