Graphite, Carbon Fiber, VS Plastic How Loud is that Phantom Drone DJI Stock Props P3Pro vs P4Pro

Graphite, Carbon Fiber, VS Plastic How Loud is that Phantom Drone DJI Stock Props P3Pro vs P4Pro

okay so today I’m going to answer a question that I’ve been getting frequently when I did my test in comparison with the p3 Pro Phantom quad I did a hover test and there was a lot of discussion between the graphite black props that you can buy from DJI and the stock white plastic props today we’re going to actually do decibel recordings with a meter and I’m going to do three comparisons for you one is going to be with the p3 professional and as shown here on the left with the white stock props we’re going to hover it at exactly 5 to 6 feet it’s going to be 16 feet from our decibel meter and the decibel meter is going to be at a height of 60 1.5 inches on the right we have the p4 professional with the white stock props that it has if you’ll notice there’s a lot of differences between the bodies here the p4 Pro is heavier the p3 Pro that we’re looking at right now has vents on the top it’s got the the old camera 4k cameras these are both by the way outstanding quads and they do excellent jobs as vehicles for transporting cameras in the air that’s why I have them I don’t care about racing I don’t care about high performance but so many people have questions about the noise they generate and whether or not one prop compared to another will generate more noise look at the motor differences on the right again the p4 Pro on the left the p3 Pro and also when they went with the new p4 Pro the motors being bigger taller they got the props up and out of the way and this is a decimal meter that we’re going to be using and I’m going to try to keep these parameters as exact as it possibly can we have very low wind conditions zero to three miles per hour right now and very little ambient noise so we’re going to be able to do a pretty reasonable test I use the iPad Mini here you can see that the resolution isn’t that fantastic fact I see myself and my wife in the background there and we’re going to operate the p3 Pro first and we always set a baseline here so the ambient sound right now is hovering between 42 and 47 DBS so again remember the recording device is measuring the DBS is 16 feet from the quad and we’re going to start off these are stock props these are the white plastic props and we’re going to bring it up to a hover and let’s see what kind of sound it generates chumps right up to sixty nine point eight DB and we’re going to leave it there and what it will do is record the highest sensible rating that the quad generates during the cover page now let’s back up and we’ll see during the hover but the highest decimal rating achieved was and it got to 69 point eight so 69 20 vegetables not bad at 16 feet and now we’re going to land it and we’ll swap out those crops and get those graphite reinforced 94 55 and again if you want to see any of the things shown here I’ll include the links in the description of the video reset the baseline is hovering around 42 to the 45 DB and here are the graphite reinforced black props they look great there’s a lot of discussion about the performance again I don’t care about performance I want to stable platform for my camera but let’s see once and for all how noisy they are okay so we’re hovering between five to six feet off the ground and let’s see where we’re at here right around sixty nine point three decimals sixty-eight sixty-nine when nine now not a lot of difference and a lot of people look at these black drops metallic quiet well let’s just see and we’re gonna let it over here for a little bit and see what the highest that’s the rating is recorded again consistent parameters fifteen feet apart so the decibel levels that we’re recording here are fifteen feet roughly on the same plane from quad to definitely and we peek out at 70.5 so we’re between sixty nine point eight thirty point five that’s less than one decibel difference okay so the next thing we’re going to do this is go P for pro-life xanthine and look at the screen it’s crystal clear if you remember the iPad how much reflection we had on that and how difficult it was to see the screen the P for Pro Plus is definitely a fantastic high-resolution screen and our C all-in-one here we go let’s launch it and see what we have we’ll reset the baseline to ambient sound and that’s how ring again at 43 44 decibels now the T 4 Pro just hovers solid it really fixes its position in the air and it is the best aerial photographic platform I’ve ever used so we’re up here at 72 to 73 decibels and again it’s going to lock in whatever the highest decibel meter reading is during this hover period very stable platform you guys maniacs lie these in all weather if you’ve seen my other videos that the moth touring high wind conditions rain snow freezing cold the DJI phantom series it’s just in my opinion the best which you can get I don’t care for the size of the larger the larger quads that are out there this is the most portable and everything I need you and so what did we get so we peaked out at seventy three point three I think there was a spot in the road hit 74 but so we’re talking a three decibel difference at 16 feet between the key for 12 and the p3 Pro regardless of which pops you so what do you think here they are the p3 professional phantom on the left the PIA for professional phantom on the right they’re all hovering within a couple of DBS of each other so we do know now that the black graphite reinforced props are a tad noisier than the white stock plastic and we know that the people are Pro is the noisiest no big surprise there thanks for watching and I hope you’ll check out my other videos and I hope this answered some of your questions about the phantoms and how much noise to generate thanks for watching

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  1. I know for fixed wing flying, APC props are much more quiet than conventional wood props. They are also quite a bit more efficient. They may offer some improvements for you with dB and lower amp draw (= longer flight times).

  2. Awesome video! I have a phantom 3 standard and want the spark. Im going to go to a few other countries this summer and i dont really want to take my phantom. The spark look great so i hope to see you buy it and do a video on it. I think the spark would be great but dont really have the money yet to take it with me to other countries but i was just wondering if its worth getting it sometime later this year.

  3. As I learned from another video comment: the P4P sounds different because all motors are spinning at the same speed (188 Hz = 5640 rpm) and they create that whiny frequency peaks at 4 and 6 kHz. The P3P has two main frequencies (177 and 188 Hz = 5310 rpm and 5640 rpm) and produce "white noise" – that's why it sounds less annoying… 😉

  4. Hi there (I'm posting as my second channel)! As promised I did a frequency analysis in Adobe Audition CC. There are some differences that are hard to visualize but the P4P has a distinct whine around 4 kHz and 6 kHz. And it has a lot more going on and more frequency spikes than the P3P. I took the loudest spike and set it at the 0 dB line so everything is relative to that. Both audio snippets are from this video. 😉

  5. This video was a good test.
    It saved me the mistake of wasting money on carbon fiber propellers. I'll stick to the stock ones.

    I now wonder if 3 blade propellers are any better.

  6. Amazon dB meters aren't worth a damn. Accurate sound testing requires measuring machines that cost thousands of dollars. Check out gun/silencer videos and you'll see what accurate dB meters look like. Those are the kind used by OSHA to guage hearing safety.

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