GoPro Max Review | 360 Camera on a Rollercoaster

– Finally, it has arrived. The GoPro Max, their 360
camera that just came out and I pre-ordered it. Yes, I paid full price for it. This is 499 which is more expensive than the GoPro HERO8 Black
but it’s not that much more. So my hope is that this will
just replace all my GoPros so whenever I go out to
do some action-y stuff, I don’t have to just like, pack all these little tiny cameras with all their individual
little tiny batteries and all their little tiny memory cards. I just wanna be able to grab one thing and just be like, “all
right, this will do it all.” So that is my hope. Let’s open it up. Ooh, check this out, this
has protective covers which is always nice because 360 cameras always
have very exposed lenses. These caps are not for underwater use and they may affect quality so if you want to get the best picture,
maybe take them off. But if you’re gonna bang it up, then probably throw these on. Oh, these are on here good. I guess that’s a good thing
so they don’t fall off or just the option to use lens caps. That’s smart. Glad their including
this stuff out of the box because with all my 360 cameras, the lenses get scuffed up. I think this might be the
first 360 camera that I’ve had that has a full on display back here so you can generally see your frame and your setting’s
pretty clear with these. So, that’s nice. Should we take this outside? Let’s go! (upbeat music) (crowd screaming) Sure about this, Sam? – I don’t know, man. Maybe we should start somewhere a little bit
you know, less intense. – [Gene] How about that one over there? – [Sam] Yeah, yeah, yeah, that one. – When was the last time you
went on a roller coaster? – When I was 16. – I haven’t been on one in like 10 years. This is a nice and easy one, right? This is nice. (screams) (Gene and Sam laughs) (crowd screaming) (Gene and Sam laughs) (Sam laughs) It’s actually pretty fast! (Sam laughs) (crowd screaming) (Gene and Sam screams) (crowd grunting) (upbeat music) Ooh, these turn tight. Hey, we need to hit
these turns slower, guys. This is not safe. So there we go. What do you guys think of the
footage out of this GoPro Max? Pretty dope, right? Now, there are some good and bad things that we’re gonna talk about on this camera but first, let me show you something. Check this out. My girlfriend Kari and
I both got a bloody lip at the same exact time. So we were sleeping last night and our dog, Leftie, decides
to come up and join us and sleeps right in between us. So we made a little Leftie sandwich. And the thing with Leftie, is that she sneezes very dangerously. She goes (shouts) My face was here, Kari’s face was here, and she goes (shouts) and like, knocks us both out. That was the dangerous situation. Anyways, back to the GoPro Max. Now, if this whole 360 camera
technology confuses you, long story short, there’s
two lenses, one on each side, ultra ultra wide angle. So this records everything
on this side of the camera. This lens record everything on this half. Takes those two halves,
stitches it together, makes one giant global image. Then, with that data, you
could do all kinds of stuff, look at just a small portion of the frame, make it look like a regular video. Or you could do weird
little planet effects. But the beauty of recording 360 is that you’re capturing
everything so later on, you go back and you
select out what you want. Now, the very first thing I noticed when going through this footage was that wow, the audio quality
isn’t bad even though we’re on a roller coaster
going 82 miles per hour. (Sam laughs) And I wanna say the reason
why it’s able to do that is because it has six different microphones all over the camera so
it uses the microphone that works best in that situation. So this is great news for
anyone that does action-sports that move really fast like
paragliding or snowboarding or jet skiing. The advantage of the GoPro
Max is that it’s waterproof so, perfect! (Gene screams) (water splashing muffles Gene) (Sam laughs) You don’t even need an underwater
housing for this GoPro Max so, that’s what’s awesome about this. (water splashes) (Sam laughs) One thing to keep in mind
is if you just take this and dunk it underwater, it
will not stitch correctly. There’ll be a big gap. There are aftermarket
solutions like a globe that will let you put
any 360 camera in there and it will stitch correctly. So one benefit of this Insta360 ONE X which is the 360 camera I’ve been using is that Insta360 offers a underwater housing that has a little built-in bubble so you can stitch it underwater. But the downside is without that housing, this is not waterproof. Now let’s get into this
GoPro app for a second which is actually pretty capable, and what’s nice about it is
that if you’re out somewhere with your camera and your phone, you have everything you
need to record, edit, and upload a video. So check this out. I have the app connected
and I can set this down over here and I can monitor
it live which is nice. So, I can literally
see myself right there. I could zoom into that. I can see you right there recording me. And I can look around like
this and zoom in, zoom out. And all the footage we
filmed while we were on the roller coaster,
we just captured 360. So the workflow after
that is now I download it from the camera onto my phone. I have to export this into a normal clip, there’s a couple ways to do it. One is key frame. So generally, I could
pick my frame right here. Hit that as a key frame, done. I could go ahead a little bit more. Turn the camera around. Zoom in a little bit. Rotate it how I like. Add another key frame. And basically, if I play
that back, it just moves between the different key frames. So, that’s one way to do it. But the method I personally
prefer is OverCapture. So, if I hit the top-right
and hit OverCapture, that puts me in this mode. So now, I just hit the
record button, and just act like I’m there filming with my phone. So, I hit record. I’m recording, I’m looking at us. Sam looks kind of nervous. I’m gonna look like an
idiot here, turning around. Check this out. So now it’s gonna take
that camera movement. I just did and saved it
into the phone right here. So you can upload it to
wherever like YouTube. There is also a free
computer app, My GoPro in case you want to
download all the footage onto your computer. And then key frame everything
and control it that way. It is kind of a slow process
picking out each key frame one by one but the benefit of it is that you can be super precise with how that footage is controlled. Now, all the recent 360
cameras have been very good at stabilization and this is no exception. We carry this onto super
bumpy roller coasters that was doing all kinds
of flips and twirls and making me wanna throw up. This did a great job
stabilizing all that footage. The camera always knows
which ways, up, down, left, and right. So, it kind of compensates to make it look like the
camera is stationary, even though the camera the
whole time was like this. (funky music) Now, one of my personal
favorite features is that you can actually use this
just like you would a GoPro ’cause shooting 360 footage is awesome because you have all that
flexibility but it takes work to extract the clips you want for you. You have to download it to your phone and then reframe it and
then export it as a clip. And then, upload it. So, for those times where you don’t need that fancy 360 coverage, just pop it into just standard
camera mode and treat it like you would a GoPro. Now the quality out of it
is good enough in my opinion but not as good as a
GoPro HERO8, for example. You’re definitely limited on resolution and also frame rates. But for someone like me that
only occasionally uses GoPros, this is an awesome feature to have. And since there’s two lenses on here, I can just flip to the
other camera right here, and check it out, I’m
basically just on vlog mode and it looks pretty good. And I have horizon leveling
on so check this out. Look, see how the camera’s turning. But look at the footage, it
looks like it’s stationary. How crazy is that and I can see myself with this little screen
and that’s awesome. There’s also a built-in
hyperlapse mode in here which is kind of fun. But where is the slow motion which I was kind of surprised about. I was looking in the menu
and eventually found out. Yeah, it doesn’t have any
slow motion in 360 mode. If you just switch into
the standard GoPro mode, you can get 60p so some
slow motion, at least. But in full 360 mode, you are locked off at 30 frames per second, and that’s it. Which is a huge bummer ’cause even this Insta360 ONE X can do up to 100 frames per second. So, that’s pretty good slowmo. And also this is currently 399 bucks and this is 499 bucks. So, this is actually cheaper
and also a little bit slimmer. It’s taller, but it’s
slimmer and less boxy. A few final thoughts, I love the grip for the GoPro HERO Max. It does not come with
the camera so you do have to purchase it separately. And it’s very simple but
it works very very well. You just turn it to lock it in place. And also, it has little tripod feet. So, this is awesome. On the other hand, the
Insta360 has something called, the invisible selfie stick
and they call it that because when it gets stitched,
it kind of erases the stick and it almost looks invisible. That is also something
that is sold separately, but I do have a link in the description. If you decide to use it, you
will get that selfie stick for free. And one thing is, I did not
use the detachable lens covers that we put on here earlier. I did a few shots with it. I tried to keep it as clean as possible but whenever the Sun
hits it a certain way, it’s definitely visible and makes the lens look really dirty, opposed to when you take it off, everything just looks so
much more crystal-clear. It even makes the stitching look better. So ideally, I would shoot
without those covers. But in case you’re about
to really bang it up, then maybe throw that on there. Anyways, let’s wrap this up
by reading a few comments from my last video which is all about the DJI Mavic Mini which
is an awesome little drone for 399 bucks. It’s actually kind of crazy if you think about how much awesome stuff you could get for under 500 bucks
including the Mavic Mini and also even this. I mean, the technology out
of this camera is insane. I mean, I can just stand on
this little ledge right here and do this, and look at this. Five years ago, anyone
were to see that clip, they’ll be like, “How did that happen? “How was that shot possible?” But now it’s just like,
“Yeah, this is awesome.” Top comment, PotatoJet says, “Drones are not a toy. “Also Potato Jet: Limbo!” (laughs) Okay, I’m sorry. That was probably a bad example. Drones are not a toy. Limbo! (grunts) Potato Jet says, “There’s a slight chance “of winning this drone. “Me: Stop scratching my drone!” Well congratulation, Preston, for winning the Mavic Mini. The FAA says, “All drones
weighing 250 plus grams “must be registered with the FAA.” DJI says, “Hold my gram.” I actually love how DJI made
the Mavic Mini 249 grams, literally, one gram to just
fly under that FAA radar. Love that! Hey Sam, quick question, Were you actually scared on
that roller coaster yesterday? – Eh, a little bit. – Which one was the worst one? – Accelerator. (Gene laughs) – Can we get a close up
of the Accelerator scream? – (sighs) Here it is. (Sam screams) (calming music)

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