@GoPro Karma Drone: BEST DRONE IN 2019!!??

@GoPro Karma Drone: BEST DRONE IN 2019!!??

Hey everybody, I’m Tom and today we are
going to be doing another look in 2019 at the GoPro karma drone and comparing
it to the Maverick pro let’s jump into it I’m gonna keep the Mavic Pro off to
the side for a little bit because the first thing we’re gonna do is test the
Karma with the new GoPro Hero 7 you guys all know that the GoPro 7 has some
really exceptional base stabilization inside it’s color grade is a little bit
better and I’m super curious to see how it’s gonna look
hanging out of the GoPro Karma if you guys are into this you want to know I’m
gonna also do a video in the near future about the GoPro karma grip in the GoPro
seven so if you’re into that stuff make sure you guys subscribe so let’s set
this guy up and take it in the air so if you guys aren’t new chances are you’ve
seen my video featuring the GoPro karma drone and me using this guy right here
this is the GoPro Hero 5 black me let’s just say the review wasn’t stellar but
today we’re gonna be using this guy right here which not gonna lie I’m
pretty excited about because as a camera goes and you guys might know hopefully
you already have one and you’re looking at this video because you’re planning on
maybe buying this guy right here this is an exceptional camera GoPro really
knocked it out of the park with this one and I’m stoked to see how it does in
this guy so once our cameras in let’s take this guy out so I might have
drilled at home on the last video but the GoPro karma has one main issue as
far as I’m concerned and that is its sheer size this guy measures let’s even
give you the benefit of the doubt and turn these guys sideways this guy
measures about 16 inches 16 by 9 so he’s huge where I know I don’t need to say
this and drill it into you guys over and over again but the Mavericks pros
significantly smaller coming in at 8 by 4 both standing approximately 3 and 1/2
this guy’s just better for travel not a bad drone ignore the previous
videos thumbnail I got you guys to click it you definitely watched it as far as
controller goes we’re roughing I mean about the same in
the last video I described how much I liked this guy right here this little
clamshell comes with its own screen its battery seems to last a lot better than
that of even a newer iPhone or Android especially pulling so much signal to
send it to or from the Mavic Pro this clamshell comes in in about seven by
five by two-and-a-half or this little controller not with a phone comes in by
six by three and a half by two so is what it is
dual sticks buttons pans same as this guy I actually like this guy a lot
better lastly let’s look at batteries the DJI Matic Pro is about two of the
same lengths where the Karma drone is about eight by three about three by four
so literally two of these batteries one of these batteries a little bit longer
length for flight time not a big deal you’re dealing with a little bit of
older tech but still quality so here we go we’re just gonna pop this guy in the
drone pulled out our legs get the gimbal set and there we go
and fully extended drones about 17 by 15 by 5 it’s a big drone it’s a heavy drone
and that’s actually a pro in this case what I’ve noticed even using my Matic
pro over the past couple of years is that on a super windy day it just can’t
handle itself I’m fighting air current to even get it back to a home base to
land if I’m doing a return to home it barely works so it’s one of those things
where a drone with a little bit more girth is gonna handle itself a hundred
times better so let’s throw this guy up in the air and start recording some
footage with the new GoPro seven just starting this guy up right now
automatically paired st. beautiful pump to get this guy up in the air
okay so right now it’s saying no cameras found install the camera before flying
one of those things I assume we have to do with the new GoPro seven let’s make
sure that we’re doing this right hoist alerts on auto bright so we have no idea
where to go Karma’s paired swipe up install the
camera maybe the camera on display is what needs to be touched
okay so it looks like it looks like there is a dot-com update that I have to
do even before flying so we’re gonna shut this down and I’ll be right back
once the once the Cameron drone are all paired and updated and ready to go
alright so I just wanted to update you guys I had an update to my camera the
stabilizer the drone and the controller so I do believe that with all of these
updates the the karma drone is now able to do a follow-me mode and hopefully a
little better stabilization and recognize the GoPro Hero seven so that’s
all I really wanted to be able to share in this process it took about 25 minutes
to kind of get everything up to date but um we’re gonna be back on it outside
flying this guy in no time so here we go okay so are our updates are done the
GoPro seven hero black GoPro seven hero black the new camera is completely tied
in and updated with the kata with the drone the gimbal was also updated and
the clamshell was updated so let’s let’s just swipe up you know show you guys
what’s going on I’m super hard to do sorry guys alright swiping up so we have
our picture what we’re gonna do right off the bat is just start recording all
right so we’re on and here we go let’s just do liftoff ready to fly and we are going up there
we go okay so this is gonna be our landing pad
right here just so we keep the camera out of the grass and wet because it
turns out that it’s just it’s never hiring so let’s let’s just take this guy
for a spin so what I’ve noticed already is there’s
a little bit of a delay with with joystick to just screen and does seem to
be going a little bit slower than the Mavic Pro which isn’t a terrible thing
not a terrible thing the color seems to be a little bit better coming through my
screen than what originally happened the last time that we use the GoPro Hero 5
black it looks nice man everything’s kind of sharp clear I’m stoked for you
guys to see it you know what I’m gonna do right now is we’re gonna test some of
the modes cuz I don’t want to let this guy out of my eye shot you know because
it’s illegal I’m going to return to launch and maybe we can cancel this as
soon as so it does go higher than I originally launched it and it’s going to
come right back to the table we’re gonna see how close that hits meanwhile on its
way back I’m gonna kind of browse some of the features on on the new update and
we’re gonna see we’re gonna see how the follow me works and and I’m kind of
stoked this is more just sorry guys i’m definitely out of focus
this is definitely more just of like a video comparison because I’m interested
in seeing how the seven functions on the karma is the seven paired with the Karma
a better drone to buy an all-inclusive drone with a camera than even spending I
don’t know the now 300-400 dollars for 300 $400 for a Matic Pro sorry I just
want to make sure I’m not hitting in table it’s fighting me to land so can I cancel
a land I think I can cancel it there we go and now we’re hovering the joysticks
a lot smoother to move I haven’t really played with ping yet but I really like
the joysticks on this so much better so the only way we’re really going to be
able to see the quality of the video that’s coming out of this camera is to
take it back look at it post and you guys are gonna get a little bit more
in-depth analysis of how the video looks stabilization which I’m not worried
about the video was always stabilized even using the GoPro Hero 5 but I mean I
can only imagine that the 7 is gonna be that much better and it’s it the color
alone just looks exceptional compared to 5 which we shot I believe in log but
even if it wasn’t the lots that I was putting on it just they weren’t doing it
you couldn’t pull out color on this guy so I’m gonna fly this guy a little bit
more and then I’m gonna record not even on camera but I’m gonna record a little
bit with the Mavic Pro just so you guys can see like a force flight how fast
we’re going you know oh I’ll check back to you guys in studio and we’ll talk a
little bit more about the drone yeah okay so so Oh God here’s the thing about
this drone is it’s bet I need to I’m gonna end up crashing this thing it like
force lands even when there’s adequate time super unfortunate it’s ridiculous
it’s literally how a drone crashes so here’s a here’s a super unfortunate
thing is even in follow-me mode as soon as the battery as soon as the battery
hits a level where there’s like three and a half four minutes left it forces
it forced stops and it follows back to you to the controller once the
controller is within its range you have to physically cancel the follow and then
figure out how you’re going to get your drone to a safe spot stupid terrible
terrible and then as soon as it hits one minute it forced lands wherever you are
so regardless of where you are you have to fight it to keep it up in the air you
have 60 seconds to figure out so what I was gonna do in turn was get it to real
and on there and I had plenty of time but as soon as it hit that one minute it
tried landing on like the corner of it so kind of kind of stupid not gonna lie a
little bit a little bit disappointed with with how that turned out so here’s
another thing we’re still actually recording even though the battery on
this guy is and I don’t know if you guys can see this but I figured out that the
delay actually comes from the camera to the system so if I was to pick up on one
two three just picked up its got like a good like one-second delay on and that’s
important when the flying I’m gonna turn this guy off super important when when
flying and I can’t figure out why there’s such a delay it made me even
nervous flying in an open field because even when I’m turning even turning to
move around trees and and try to get pans and sweeps and stuff made me super
nervous because I wasn’t actually sure how close I was though it really makes
getting a calculated shot that much more difficult that’s it I think I got plenty
of footage to be able to cut up show you guys kind of kind of stoked to get into
this so the next time you see me we’ll be in the studio and we’ll be cutting up
some of this video alright guys so I just got done cutting up that video
putting together the follow me mode that rail mode showing you guys the issues
with the lag between the camera and the controller and a couple other things
every video that came from that karma drone was totally unedited I didn’t do
any other color correction on so what you’re seeing is directly what was
captured via the camera and I gotta say it was pretty awesome I’m also gonna be
throwing up some DJI drone Matic pro footage for you guys do testing prepare
everything again is going to be unedited directly from camera the only issue with
that was the video that came from that DJI drone was had I ended up having to
send it directly to my phone via a mini SD card so there might be a little bit
of cut out because of how that data was transferred but regardless I hope this
video helps you guys make a better decision on in 2019 is investing in the
Karma drone is it worth buying as an all-inclusive gimbal drone camera combo
versus just spending that money on a DJI product or any other drone for that
matter I highly recommend you guys take into consideration the sizes that I
outlined for you there take out a ruler and look at it it’s it’s pretty big so
just to touch on some of the DJI Mavic pro footage really quick the footage to
me compared to the Karma pretty similar I feel like the GoPro Hero 7 obviously
captured a lot more dynamic range the color was a little bit more on point and
maybe it’s even smoother the thing about the drone in particular is the Mavic Pro
is substantially faster there’s no lag delay between controllers and screen
what you see is what you get and that’s a super important thing when flying I
guess the only way to say is you don’t realize how much of a delay there is
until you fly the Karma I’d be curious if somebody watches this also as the
Karma also has that problem if you notice a substantial delay between
controllers and screen let me know or if there is a curb to fix it let me know
that too now granted I didn’t get a chance to play with the different
picture size on the GoPro 7 so everything that was recorded was filmed
in super wide hence the fisheye bulb look but I do like that with GoPro
sometimes it feels faster more fun less cinematic so compared to the DJI
definitely on par if not a better camera at this point in time in 2019 the
controllers themselves I said it once I’ll say it again the GoPro Karma clam
shell is leaps and bounds ahead of the DJI Matic pro controller with the
cellphone it’s all there is to it but thank you guys for sticking around
checking out another video if you got anything out of this video I highly
recommend you subscribing I’m doing a lot more tech savvy forward stuff and
I’m having a time doing it and if you can get on
board for all the other storytelling stuff that I do I think you’ll like the
channel if you guys have any questions about the DJI Mavic pro or the gopro
Karma hit me up in the comments below I do my
best to answer any and all questions and take constructive criticism pretty well
so thank you guys again for watching I hope to see you in the next video peace

46 thoughts on “@GoPro Karma Drone: BEST DRONE IN 2019!!??”

  1. GOT EHMMMM …. UPDATE: In 2019 the karma drone still SUCKS 😂. What a piece of poo that tank is, even with the 7. Hot garbage.

  2. Thanks for an unbiased and useful review.
    You would think people were paid by DJI to trash the karma.
    I have both the Mavic zoom and the karma, two karmas in fact, and while the Mavic is a superior drone, that does not change nor diminish the usefulness, quality and value of the Karma.
    Both Kamas, a hero black 6 and a hero black 7, with the cases and all that comes with them, were about the same price as the 1 Mavic zoom.
    Learn the strengths, use them, know the weaknesses and avoid them.
    Like many other things in life, trash in trash out. A drone can be no better than the pilot. So, "poo" pilot, "poo" results.

  3. Update required for hero7. I absolutely agree aboout weight. Recently got hit with an extremely heavy windstorm. It was hard for me to stand in place and the drone was keeping the camera stable. Very impressive.

  4. Good review. I recently bought a karma and it’s on the way. Already have a hero 7 but it’s nice to know that is competitive in the market in 2019. And it’s really 1/3 of the price as a Mav2. Seems like a really good budget drone.

  5. You do know you can x out of the auto land and do it manually right? The follow me mode you showed was actually watch me mode. Please get to know this drone because you're talking about stuff you don't know about and making it appear that it has a lot of negative things about it, when in fact the karma is one hell of a good drone.

  6. Go pro please make a good drone and you can take my money. DJI is running a monopoly and when they have issues they dont take care of the customers.

  7. Did this drone come straight out of the box? Don’t understand why customer responsibility to update new equipment

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  9. Thank you for the awesome review! I just purchased a GoPro hero 7 and in the future I’m looking to get a quality drone like one of these!

  10. I just can't explain to myself, why does GoPro provide updates for Hero 7 compatibility do a drone they have discontinued and recalled 2 weeks after launch. Other than that i think it's a good piece of filming equipment.

  11. Yea landing on a platform slightly bigger than the drone when you know you only have a minute left and it force lands. It is unfortunate that your not as good an operator as you clearly think you are.

  12. In Sweden it its possible to buy the bundle all included karma stuff but no camera for 1/3 of the Mavic pro rtf.
    I ordered one since I have a gp7black laying around somewhere. Interesting to se if I experience the the same problem with delay. The old problem with karma was, if I remember correctly, som latch for the battery that caused them to crash. I think it’s fixed in 2019…

  13. Hey great video one thing though you didn't mention unless I missed it what framerate you were shooting the GoPro at cuz I know the new GoPro shoot 60p were you shooting in 60 peor 30p or 24p thanks

  14. Hello, I'm from Costa Rica, I wish to buy a Karma drone (used ) and with this review I feel more confident, one question apart from Amazon where I find parts?

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    I have the mavic pro gen 1 but don’t use it much becuase the picture quality is shit in a bad way

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