Get Un-Ready With Me | Overnight Plane Routine | Karlie Kloss

Get Un-Ready With Me | Overnight Plane Routine | Karlie Kloss

hello hello. So I am just having a very
busy day. Got off of one set, getting on a plane and getting off of a plane going
on to another set. So basically I need to just get on this plane and get to sleep.
So I’m going to show you my routine. Get my makeup off, put my night serums and eye
mask on and try and pass out. The perks of being the first person on the airplane I’m going to change into my compression tights, my pajamas and this bathroom is half the size of a telephone booth Wish me luck! mission accomplished First things first As soon as I get on the plane I just take my makeup off And I’m going to add my serums, my creams, my lip balm and take my melatonin and go to bed Love these. It’s my favorite way to help me fall asleep on an airplane and help me stay asleep. I like to lather on as much serum as I can. Next I use this guy because it really helps de-puff. It helps kinda circulate the skin, de-puff. Especially when you’re on a plane and it’s just super dehydrating I like to use this little oil to help relax and kind of calm before falling asleep Another little hack that I love Okay, so I have my lovely pillow here. I’ve got my pajamas on and my cute little sockies, my Adidas sweats and I’ve got compression tights. And the reason I wear compression tights is to help with Circulation. Don’t judge me while I have my Invisalign in. Okay, That’s a wrap on my night routine on an airplane. I basically live on airplanes. So you know, it’s not cute. Invisalign and all. But It gets the job done! Alright, now, I gotta go to bed! Sweet dreams!

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  1. i loved this video like soo muchh. ik you normally have like a whole team and everything's a lot more like structured and stuff but this was really really nicee. very like ?intimate? or just like normal, you know? you seem less of this like internet personality/ jet-setting model and more human? (not that there is ANYTHING wrong w that) just was nice to have like another side to the channel and to filming (and by extension, you)

  2. pour une femme spéciale vous êtes spéciale. Prendre l'Avion uniquement pour vous maquiller et dormir ? je viens de me lever de mon lit ma chambre est très petite j'ai l’ordinateur de bureau l'armoire et le lit. Je n'ai jamais pris ni voyagé en avion. J'y regarde très peu, quelques vidéos YouTube. for a special woman you are special. Take the plane only to make up and sleep? i just got up from my bed my room is very small i have the desk computer the wardrobe and the bed. I never took or traveled by plane. I watch very little, some YouTube videos. 18 janvier 2019

  3. Lordess Leon ur so right on point, yah wtf people would say, doing all that in economy class, not classy. Please do more videos in 2019.

  4. Miss your videos! Loved this I would love to see a typical night routine when you're actually at home, especially if it's different

  5. Hi Karlie ,
    Just wanted to say you this .GOD is someone who gives you life .you give me life every day , every minute .you are GOD for me .
    Thanks for everything

  6. I love the vertical video! I really want to get one of those jade rollers now!
    Gone are the days of having flights that relaxing for me… Life with a 1 year old is wild 😂

  7. Loved it!! 🥰 I was looking for an overnight skincare routine, so thank you! 🙏🏼 and this whole vid was so cute! ☺️ thanks Karlie!

  8. Hey! What is the face massager you use- love the look way more than a roller? Thanks for the top tips. Melatonin on a plane = winning

  9. you're the only person who is allowed to film vertically if it was anyone else i would never watch the entire thing 😛

  10. Currently boarding flight #3 of the day so it's real nice to see this video and feel the solidarity 😂

  11. Damn, I am lucky to splash a bit of water on my face and drink water. I can see now why I come out wrinkly and pale. I guess airplanes are like sitting in a dehydration chamber. Great video. Hate the vertical shot but hard to fit you in a horizontal on a plane seat. Great to see your humor in your job. Keep enjoying it.

  12. Idk why but there’s something about doing a whole skincare routine on airplanes that’s so satisfying😍 small wins 🤩

  13. The only drawback on this trip is the American airline! American airlines are almost the worst in the world. Even business and first class is inferiority in quality and comfort to other major European and Asian airlines.

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  15. Your lips and your eye colors are fascinating, awesome.. Walking super beauty legs.. God protect you, God bless you m'am.. You are so nature beauty

  16. i know part of your beauty is more on how you take care of yourself, you are an inspiration Kar…exercise, eating good, sleep and a lot of funny jokes to share with friends.

  17. Everyone sees the glamour of the job, no one sees the nights sleeping on airplanes and the early mornings late nights, and long days. I can only imagine your work ethic

  18. K, don't friction your wrists, these oils are super volatile, and frictioning your wrists can change its chemicals!

  19. Anyway super cute video, lots of great hacks in a short period of time, very real and personal, love the style!! Super inspiring to me as a model and Youtuber myself 🙂

  20. Definitely do a full spa routine on my flights! Gonna walk off that flight **glowing**. And feeling accomplished whilst stuck on a plane!

  21. Karl needs to remember, our necks need moisture love as well! She needs to apply her oils on her neck in an upward motion then she’s all good!

  22. i love you Karlie!!!! you so Everything to me. But can I say? The rock has Butterfly shape, It seem so dangerous for your face, it seem sharp

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