Get HOLLYWOOD style footage with this GIMBAL! – Ronin-S Review!

Get HOLLYWOOD style footage with this GIMBAL! – Ronin-S Review!

100 thoughts on “Get HOLLYWOOD style footage with this GIMBAL! – Ronin-S Review!”

  1. I'm on the fence on this one, I need a stabiliser and have narrowed it down to 3. The Ronin S, the FlyCam RedKing or the GlideCam HD model.
    I don't mind the price of them as its the smooth footage thats important to me more than anything. The Flycam and the GlideCam seem as though they are floating with softer movements where as the Ronin has that Motorised correction which just doesn't look natural although it does have some really useful features. I have the Feiyu Tech A2000 and was extremely disappointed with the shaky footage.

  2. any luck with the a73 coupled with the ronin-s and more specifically the focus unit….there is no review on that and its compatibility or its setup…your the best. thanks..

  3. Gimbals are great but also not necessary for certain things. Like the running example. Part of me prefers the jerky filming that's following the runner to give a more intense effect. You should've pointed that out but whatever. I think people are getting too e

  4. This may have already been answered but when you were going back and forth between gimbal and no gimbal, did you have the in camera stabilization on or off and did you use a lens with stabilization on or off?

  5. Is anyone else's kit missing a power adapter? It's stupid that DJI did not include a power adapter. I bought the Ronin S essentials kit from Best Buy (Toronto).

  6. Hey Peter can you please please tell us where did you get your sweatshirts the grey one especially. Thank you.

  7. I love watching your product videos because it creates ideas and allows us to see how you get your buttery smooth footage, but I also find myself putting off making videos because I fool myself into thinking that I need this to get the next great video. Either way, love these types of videos that allos us to see how we can improve in the future.

  8. Do you still use your ronin-m? or do you think the ronin-s was a complete upgrade for a better price?

  9. Hmm….gimbal…used to make videos and balance cameras……hmm…I guess I need to buy a camera. 😂

  10. ronin s was the worst purchase of my life. it's useless and jerks like it has had too much caffeine. I bought it because of this video but I'm not complaining to you but people should know

  11. Hey, for infinite roll, could I do that without a mobile? ( yes …. shock horror!…. I don’t have a mobile)

  12. These b-roll sequences. You need to do a tutorial on just how you make your b-roll sequences, like, we get the basics, but for whatever reason, I cannot get anything to look as dope as what you make. You are awesome dude, solid job.

  13. I learn alot from your videos but I don't know why you try to stretch your every video above 10 minutes. Now, I have to think twice to see your video.

  14. Even though i don't have a camera i do enjoy Peter MCKinnon vedios mostly the one he dd in Kenya. Am from Kenya 🇰🇪 😊😊

  15. Is it heavy with the single handle? I saw Feiyu ak4000 have a carbon fiber dual handle, can you do a review for that? I am thinking to buy it.

  16. Do you have a mark iv vs. Idx review. I have a mark iv already but looking for a second. I shoot portraits and weddings

  17. i love video editing. do you have a suggestion where in i can learn from basic to advance course. btw i am a big fan of yours from philippines

  18. did you shoot this on autofocus? I just got ronin-s and my Nikon D800 is not supported – I expected it would be enough to have ronin just as a stab, but now I see autofocus is quite slow for filming and I cannot use manual focusing while camera is on ronin(

  19. Man.. what is your youtube setup? It is the greatest balance between sharp and soft pitcure i've ever seen… mantul

  20. I orderd it after waching your videos, but this DJI ronin s is trush, it never work and always get really crazy moving that almost broke my camera, you should make a video about Ronin s problams, i dont think i will ever gonna get anything from DJI. It was my first and last thing that i am geting from them. I hope i can retur it ! 🙁

  21. G'Day mate, I just found that the external smallHD monitor doesn't work with the A7III when using the Ronin S the with focus wheel patched ? Any tips ?

  22. yes i like it….but i can onle give you a single like because youtube give us a single like permission….love you

  23. Great video, very informative, I have watched part one as well. As a Gimbal novice, I found this extremely useful in helping me decide if I need / want one, the answer is predictably Yes on both counts. Thank you, even your demo videos are great learning aids.

  24. Thanks so much for making videos that are both informational and enjoyable to watch and that I can watch with my kids! Just love your videos. I never comment on youtube but I just wanted to tell you thanks so much!

  25. Is it possible to not be able to perform infinite roll because the camera is too heavy? I am using Sony A7 SII with Sigma 18-35mm …

  26. hi peter,i'm using zhiyun weebill lab,any tips on how can i use it to get more stabilize and smoother footages. thanks in advance

  27. Beautifully executed comparison examples, Peter. They really showcase the usefulness of this gimbal tool, and buttery quality of the footage produced with it. I love no-BS, real-world product demos and this one is professionally done and very convincing. Thanx

  28. This was really helpful thank you! I'm doing video's handheld from a mobility scooter at the moment and to be honest a lot of them look awful when I'm on the move. I think I might've found the solution to the problems I've been having!

  29. Sir… Im from india…. Plsss watch our indian movie " SAAHO" and observe that hollywood direction… And explain to us plsss

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