Germanwings co-pilot showed intent to ′destroy the plane′: French prosecutor 독

Air safety investigators have begun analyzing
black box data from the German airliner that crashed in the French Alps.
Recovery operations at the crash site have resumed to secure more clues.
With more, we turn to Paul Yi at the News Center.
Paul, shocking details have been revealed about the final moments of the flight.
Fill us in. Media reports have been citing sources close
to the ongoing investigation. They say evidence suggests… that one of
the two pilots on Germanwings Flight 95-25… was locked out of the cockpit… just before
the plane went down, killing all 1-hundred-50 people on board.
According to the New York Times, in one of the recovered audio recordings… you can
hear one pilot lightly knocking… then hitting the door more aggressively,… trying to
smash it down. Lufthansa, the parent airline of Germanwings,
has not confirmed the claim. And in the latest update in just the last
hour,… the lead French prosecutor on the case,… Brice Robin,… has said the
co-pilot at the controls… appeared to show what he described as a ″desire to destroy″
the aircraft. He added that the suspected pilot did NOT
have any known ties to ″terrorism or extremists.″ Search teams are still trying to find the
second black box, as only the casing, not the flight data recording device itself,
has been recovered.

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