GD89 Drone Lipat Murah Kamera Full HD [Konektivitas & Tes Terbang Outdoor]

GD89 Drone Lipat Murah Kamera Full HD [Konektivitas & Tes Terbang Outdoor]

Hello, guys. Nice seeing you guys again. To continue our previous GD89 unboxing video, in this episode we will be reviewing GD89’s application, and testing how good this drone is in outdoor flight. APPLICATION Application for FPV flights with smartphone for viewing live streaming from the drone is FYD-UAV. Developed by FYD Technology Co. who also works with several popular drone makers, such as JJRC and Bayang Toys. Its welcome screen is dominated by black color with 3D object as the background. There’s a slider at its top left corner which can be used to activate altitude hold or to deactivate it. At its bottom left there’s a button that brings us to help screen. Which explains how to connect the drone to smartphone, the details of all buttons available in this application, and precise locations of each buttons. At bottom left there’s a general setting button which allows us to save edited parameters in its main screen. Below that there’s an option to reset everything back to the default setting. And the lowest one allows us to choose between Mode 1 or Mode 2 for the virtual analog sticks control. In the middle there’s a “Play” button which brings us to the main screen and start flying the drone. On the main screen, at the top left corner there’s a button to go back to the welcome screen. On its left there’s a button to take pictures. This application creates pictures with a resolution of 1920×1088 pixels. Next to it there’s a button to start or stop video recording. This application also creates videos with a resolution of 1920×1088 pixels. Then there’s a gallery button that views all pictures and videos from the drone that are stored in smartphone’s memory. A button for choosing speed mode. GD89 supports 3 speed modes. which are at 30%, 60%, and 100% of its maximum movement speed. Then a button to activate gesture mode. In this mode, application will detect the shape of objects captured by drone’s camera. If peace symbol is detected, the application will take picture. And if waving hand is detected, the application will start or stop video recording. Next to it is a button to activate drone’s movement control by using smartphone’s accelerometer. The drone’s forward, backward, left and right movements, can be controlled just by tilting the smartphone.

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  1. Mantab semoga kedepan nya makin rame chanelnya bang, request riview drone gps dong bang… Pingin denger penjelasan yg mudah dicerna begini tentang drone GPS

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