Future plans – Planes of Existence update

Future plans – Planes of Existence update

Greetings, Gatekeepers! I’m Salireths. Did you miss me? I’m finally going to talk about gameplay,
as I promised, a while ago. Sorry for the delays, as usual, I’ve got
the game to take care first! You see – making videos takes precious time
from the development, and I think it’s better we release a new alpha version sooner, than
just sitting here talking about future plans and not progressing much. That’s being said, let’s talk about future
plans, because it’s been a while! We have many separate systems already in place,
that I’m going to mention in this video, and some of them are almost finished. However not everything is, so take this video
as more of an insight into the design document rather than a review of what’s there already. And while I don’t have much video material
to show, I will be just using graphs and sketches to demonstrate things! Planes of Existence is a game about many things,
but the goal of all gameplay elements can be narrowed down to progressing forward
and gaining knowledge. Every aspect of player progression is tracked
in what we call, the Knowledge Tree. You can think about it as a list of tech trees:
by progressing through each node, it will be giving access to new abilities, crafting
recipes, other species to play as, customization options, new maps and so on. However, it’s a bit unique. To unlock nodes, they don’t require any
currency, We don’t have things like experience or
skill points. Instead each node is like a mini challenge,
a quest of sorts, that requires players to do something relevant to gain that knowledge. It can require things like doing some field
research, reaching a location, helping an npc, gathering, etc. Kinda like achievements, that actually affect
gameplay. There will be a variety of trees, categorized
by the fields of study, such as various technologies and cultures different races possess, or common
knowledge like biology. By the way, new Knowledge Trees can be easily
modded in, and we will be adding new ones as the game progresses development, adding
new content players can earn. So without any further ado, let’s talk about
the means of unlocking said knowledge, starting with exploration, which is a simple, yet necessary
part of any game! We’ve spent a great chunk of time prototyping
the movement system with a test character. Experimenting with this and that, throwing
things away. I trashed over 150 different animations trying
to make it look and feel just right Thankfully all those animations were done
in a very fast way, so it’s not that much time lost on prototyping. And after I make a couple new final character
models, I will start working on animations that are much nicer, of course. Walking, running, jumping, pulling up ledges,
crawling, flying, sliding – movement has to be fun and responsive, without this floaty
feel and noticeable foot sliding. The game, obviously, already has a movement
system, but it’s very limited, so we decided to seriously approach this and re-do it completely,
because a robust movement system enables great freedom not only for players, but it also
opens up new ways of level design! Now, we will be able to freely create platforming
elements of various kinds, ranging from jumping puzzles, to flying challenges… Which should be a great supplement to other
exploration aspects, like finding materials and food, digging in caves and dungeons, solving
puzzles… and you know, the usual stuff, just tailored specifically for our setting. And if that’s not enough, there is always
place for minigames and zone-specific activities where players can cooperate or compete between
each other for rewards and new knowledge. Speaking of competition, we should talk about
the combat system. Surely, on the surface that’s like what
every game is about, nothing new or original here, however in every game it’s a very
important aspect. Just first, let me get this out of the way:
here you DON’T grind your XP on killing other poor innocent creatures that want to
just live their lives, which is something you have to do in many
other games. In Planes of Existence, you can always be
be nice and peaceful with other fellow creatures. But… we still need a villain of some sort,
you know, the basic rules of storytelling… What we have Is not a villain though… There is an automated system on the Planes:
Fundamental elementals.. Or just simply, Fundamentals. The name might change though… Those things are not sentient, it’s just
how nature works here. While providing necessary elements for the
ecosystem (like oxygen, water, and heat), they also tend to create natural disasters,
that if their presence becomes too powerful. That’s why many creatures who live there
developed weapons to deal with this threat that is constantly encroaching on their population. This system also gives various species incentive
to keep evolving, and while the laws of natural selection can be harsh, at least it keeps
them fit and beautiful, and makes sure they don’t devolve into… I don’t know… slugs… But more about that in the upcoming LORE posts
on Patreon, and who knows, maybe even videos someday. I haven’t posted anything about the world
in a while, and I’m sorry, will try to fix that. What’s important to say in this video, is
how the combat works. At any point you can switch to the combat
mode, your character deploys their weapons and changes their stance. And instead of controlling the camera, mouse
(or right analogue stick) controls the aiming direction, while the camera automatically
takes the appropriate angles and locks onto enemies. Despite that we have dragon and dinosaur races,
our game is mostly focused on using ranged weapons and dodging projectiles. Rockets or fireballs – anything can happen. Weapons in this world are very hi-tech and
powerful, so instead of making bloody mess all the time when they hit someone, all creatures
are equipped with special shield technology, that provides familiar to everyone health
and energy bar system. When the health, or actually, shield charge,
is depleted, creatures go to a downed state. You can revive them, or do things to them
that they might be not be happy to experience, or just even finish them off. Finishing moves can vary: you can just politely
force the downed creature to respawn, by teleporting their body away,
or perhaps, feast on their guts, however that’s not allowed if gore is disabled on the server
or in the settings for local games. The Fundamentals don’t have shields, and
therefore they are just destroyed when health depletes, releasing the energy and matter,
that can be be salvaged and used by players for gaining new knowledge or crafting. Loot is also there, because that’s fun,
and it would be cruel not to include it! Which is a nice segway into our next topic
– interaction with items and the world around us. Having energy shields and shoulder mounted
lasers on dragons might not leave an impression of a realistic game, but stay with me on this
one – it’s perfectly explained within the lore of this… unusual setting. When I said “realistic” I meant that despite
advanced alien technology everyone uses there, the world still has the laws of physics that
we all know and love. And with that mindset we’ve been designing
some very simplified simulation of things like temperature, ambient pressure, and some
other conditions. Why did we do that? Well, it’s just another way to solve a common
problem games deal with. Let’s take a generic example, like smelting
iron ore. Nowadays every gamer knows that smelting ore
will produce an ingot when put into some kind of a furnace. How is it done? Simple! The furnace has a recipe that tells: if ore
item is inside, transform it into an ingot, maybe consume some fuel along the way. The way we decided to approach this, is a
bit different. Instead of adding some recipes into so-called
“crafting stations” we just state that iron ore, when heated to one and a half thousand
degrees liquefies, and then, when cooled, solidifies. And the ways of changing temperature can be
different: Perhaps cooking it in a furnace indeed, or
maybe you melt it by blowing a flamethrower on it, some sort of a thermal explosion, or
maybe just placing something very hot near it. With this approach the result is the same,
yes, but means of achieving this result can vary, allowing for some player improvisation! It also makes items be a part of the world,
rather than just dummy objects that do a few specific scripted things. Instead of that, items have various events
defining what happens when certain conditions are met, not just the temperature. One more thing items could not be done in
a traditional way is… food. Which brings us to the next aspect of the
gameplay, simulation of life. The game will have it’s fair share of survival
elements, however unlike such games, 15 minutes without food isn’t going to just kill you. If your character is unfortunate enough to
be starving (which would take long time actually), instead of decreasing health and slowly killing
your creature, it would apply various debuffs that make it harder to play, that is until
proper nutrition is received again. Eating is not everything of course, your creature
probably doesn’t have a wormhole in their belly, so occasionally you’d need to go
to toilet, in a controlled fashion of course. Also you’ll need to make sure it’s not
too hot or cold for your creature, every species have their comfortable temperature thresholds. And there is a few other things that your
creature realistically needs, like air to breathe. Some levels pose challenges for players to
overcome either by changing their creature’s anatomy, choosing another species, or developing
technological tricks to get into previously unreachable areas.. But let’s go back to the food topic… You see, different creature species have different
diets, and the nutrition they receive from the same item can vary a lot. Hell, some creatures can even consider things
as food what others don’t! What if there was a rock-eating species? It doesn’t make sense to also categorize
rocks as food items for everyone else… It also doesn’t make sense to hard-code
a list of edible items per species, because new items and species can be easily modded
in, making it very hard to create compatible mods. So to solve this problem, we’ll going to
give players ability to eat anything, as long as it fits into the throat of your creature. And then when it’s inside your fella’s
belly, it’s up to the organism to simulate the digestion and possible effects from this
food, which are also varied. One plant can be poisonous for one herbivore,
while healthy for another one. It’s a fairly complex system, and not something
that’s I exactly encountered before in games, mostly because you play as a human everywhere,
so developers don’t even need to think about it. But when you have dozens of creatures from
various planets, you need a robust system, and especially if this system needs to also
support content that you have no idea about, I’m talking about community-made mods. Of course, organical creatures are not only
about processing food and making sure they’re comfortable in the environment. Let me start with a prelude so you better
understand my point of view. In games, your only interactions with other
players and npcs are limited to two, maximum three things. If it’s a friendly NPC, you can talk to
them, if it’s a hostile NPC, you most likely only can kill them. Creatures and animals do not talk, and therefore
your only possible interaction with them is on the tip of your sword or a gun. Maybe there is riding and taming thrown in
occasionally, and yet again you tame your creatures mostly only to help you attack other
creatures. And that’s about it… Surely most action games are murder simulators
of various kinds, and that can be cool in some cases… But in the design of our game, first of all,
I want to show the social aspects every alive beings share. In Planes of Existence there is no separation
on animal and “sentient” creatures. Everyone is considered equal, and despite
varied brain complexity, everyone can communicate in some form or another. And in the worst case, everyone can fall back
to the language everyone understands: the body language. Instead of having only one option to kill
creatures that look different from you, you can always go a peaceful route, show yourself
as a friendly being, give presents, charm, hug, scratch and lick each other – everything
to build a relationship over time… Nonetheless, if you prefer being aggressive
and to attack everybody on sight, they will remember that, even if you kill them. Nobody can die forever in this universe, and
when they get themselves a new body they most likely won’t have any warm feelings towards
you. Being nice may seem as the best way to go,
but what if you need some creature’s bones as a crafting ingredient? Just like it’s usually the case in most
other games. What if you want to craft something like that
to progress through some specific branch in the Knowledge Tree? Any part of the Knowledge Tree is optional
to complete, it’s always intended to give a choice to players, who can follow their
own morals and pursue their goals. The Knowledge Tree is not about completing
everything in it, it’s about picking a path of personal evolution. There is a lot of contrasts in this world,
so let’s look at another extreme as opposed from killing, love. Relationships with npc creatures, and when
roleplaying it with other players, can get to the romantic level. We’re not another developer who would just
shy away from this topic, despite that it’s bound to create some controversies… The world of the game is located on another
Plane of Existence from the disputes of human society, it’s about nature and it’s beauty
as it is, without sexualization or hard censorship. Mating rituals, such as courtship displays
or romantic kisses, as well as mating process itself is a part of life of every species,
thus, no matter what, we can’t just not include it in a game that tries to simulate
life. And while male and female mating would lead
to, as expected, eventually creating new life, true mutual love should not have any limits
and boundaries, thus, same-gender and interspecies relationships
are also possible. However, as with any other element of the
game, such as combat or crafting, it can be skipped completely, or disabled in the settings
of private-hosted servers. Before we move onto another topic, to make
it clear for everyone, I have to say it like that, so excuse me for my words… This is not a pornography game! The fact that mating is realistically animated
doesn’t make it a necessary gameplay feature, and it also doesn’t make it necessary for
players to look how exactly that happens. In fact, for the convenience of many players,
there will be a pixelated filter covering the sexual action if it happens. And I’m well aware that there is another
type of audience watching this video, who wouldn’t like having any visibility
obstructions like that, so in that case, pixels can be removed by
a simple unofficial mod, revealing what’s under them. Pixels will not cover the realistic nudity
creatures have though, because it’s not considered sexual. Despite if you want to see it or not, having
an orifice under your creature’s tail is as important and necessary for life, as having
a mouth. One without another doesn’t make sense to
have. Artists don’t make mouthless creatures unless
it’s specifically required, right? And this shouldn’t be so different as well. Though, if it comes to adding playable robot
and plant races later on, there might be such special requirements as they would possess
a completely different anatomy. In any case, your creature can always wear
some clothing, if you’re not a fan of running around naked. And just to warn you, not every alien culture
has the concept of hiding the “sensual” areas of their bodies, as they might just
consider themselves beautiful as they are! Clothes are usually invented to raise comfort,
add utility, and protect the body. But they are not the only inventions worth
mentioning. Every playable species are smart enough to
have some kind of craft and technology, intricate cultures, and advanced methods passing the
knowledge and sharing their experience. Aside from unlocking genetic information which
adds options to customize the appearance with, players can also learn about society of various
races and also culture-specific crafting in the Knowledge Tree. Each species biology, culture, and technology
are unique and rewarding enough to keep hunting for the new discoveries and ultimately becoming
a master of all the available knowledge! It definitely was a lot to talk about, but
I’m happy to keep all the design decisions visible for everyone! At this moment we’re making the core systems
that will serve as platforms powering all the future content that we will be making. They will also support any kind of user created
mods. And despite that this work isn’t necessarily
presentable just yet, we’re having some good progress on the base code. We’re approaching this moment when we finally
can start adding juicy gameplay content and graphical eye candy. But please don’t expect every species or
every level to come out at the same time. If you’re concerned, let me assure you that
the game is not overly ambitions, and is very much possible to finish. There is a lot of sacrificed, thrown away
ideas in order to keep the systems simple enough, and to speed up the development by
having to create less and do more with it. In fact, every feature I just talked about
was derived from a much more complex idea, be it item interaction or combat. In the next pre-alpha you can notice how much
we changed the whole weapon and aiming system from the previous version, just to keep things
simplified and fun. Despite that we’re actively working on it,
It’s just two of us for the most part, and you can imagine a project like that will take
some years to complete. Thankfully, early access is not something
uncommon these days, making it possible to gradually release updates as the development
goes along. If you would like to help us achieve the goals
that I outlined in great detail in this video, I would be more than happy to talk to you! The project could use some help of additional
people, like designers, 2d or 3d artists, animators, and programmers who are familiar
with Unreal Engine 4, C++ or it’s Blueprint code,
You can send me a message or notify me in the comments just about anywhere I’m around. Im also on twitter, @Salireths, which is also
a very easy way to get in touch! If you can spell that right that is! And by the way, I’m happy to talk to just
about anyone always ^^. Huge thank you for all the supporters on Patreon,
you guys are truly amazing! Supporting the project on Patreon is also
a great way to directly help the development of the game, and influence it directly with
your ideas and suggestions! If you want to join to our Patreon, you can
click the link right on screen or in description down below. There was a change in the rewards relatively
recently! And at the moment I’m collecting lists for
those rewards, also getting feedback on what customization
options some of the high-tier patrons want to have,
and when time comes to the content development – it’s all going to be added into the game! So if you’re a patron, don’t forget send
me a message with the information on your rewards, so I can write it down! Because I need to know what exactly you’d
like to leave for yourself and other players to find in game. Thank you for watching! I’m Salireths. And I wish you to… Have fun exploring your Realities!

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