FQ777 FQ31 – Drone Mini Murah Meriah Mantap [Unboxing & Tes Terbang Indoor]

FQ777 FQ31 – Drone Mini Murah Meriah Mantap [Unboxing & Tes Terbang Indoor]

Hello, guys. Nice to see you again on the channel that reviews various interesting product in this technologically sophisticated era. We have received a cool affordable drone, which is FQ777 FQ31. This FQ777 FQ31 drone is packed in a small white box. As the box is so small, we got to wonder if the drone and its accessories could fit into this box. This FQ31 drone is available in 3 variants. Which are without camera, with camera but without WiFi connection, and with both camera and WiFi connection. The variants with camera are divided into 2 more variants. First one is with 480P camera, and the second is with 720P camera. The one we’re reviewing is already equipped with cool features, such as: 6 axis gyro, altitude hold, headless mode, return to home, 3D stunt, 480P camera for taking pictures and videos, and WiFi connection for FPV flights. In its box, the drone is protected with a foam that usually is used in portable bags for storing electronic equipment. This FQ31 drone is mini sized, with its cute fold design. Both of its front arms are curved to prevent them from blocking the rear arms when folded. There are rubber pads under the motors, to reduce the bump effect when landing the drone. This FQ31’s mini size makes it so portable and convenient to carry around with us. Power button is on the top side of this drone. There is no Micro-SD card slot on this drone. Just like most of other cheap drones, this FQ31 drone uses brushed motors. Which are cheap in production cost. There’s a camera on the front side, which on this version has a resolution of 480P. Unfortunately, there’s no lens protector yet on this drone. We’ll check the additional accessories in the end of this unboxing. This drone uses a modular Lithium Polymer battery. With specifications of 1S, 3.7V, with a capacity of 350mAh and 20C rating. There’s a micro USB plug on this battery for charging. There are no LEDs on the body of this drone. And solely rely on the indicator LED on the back side of the battery. In this drone’s package, there is a quick start guide for using the application in FPV flights. And a manual in English. The little box at the bottom of the package contains the smartphone holder and the remote controller. This remote controller’s design is unique and cute. Its similar to a robot’s face. With its eyes, nose and mouth. There are short descriptions for all of the buttons on this controller. Which helps the pilot who has just started using this controller. This controller requires 3 AAA batteries. There’s a power button on front side of this controller, with a blue indicator LED. The other buttons on this controller are as follow: A button to activate/deactivate headless mode. Return to Home button. One-key take-off/landing button. And emergency button to immediately stop all of the motors, within or near crash to prevent more damage. There are 2 bulges on the top side of this controller that look like external antennas. Hopefully they really are external antennas. As we can’t make sure from the outside whether there are cables in these bulges or not. There’s a speed mode button on left side. This FQ31 drone supports 3 speed modes. And there’s a 3D stunt button on the right side. Combine this button with a movement on the right analog stick to make the drone to do 3D stunt. This controller also has 2 hidden buttons. Which are located on both analog sticks. Pressing in the right analog stick will enter trimming mode. In trimming mode, left and right analog sticks movements switch from controlling the drone’s movements, to trimming settings. Press in the right analog stick once more to exit trimming mode.

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  1. 350Mah bisa 10 menit, mantappp banget, remote nya mirip remote syma versi mungilnya ya wkwkwk

    Drone GPS kapan gan di rilis 🤣 udah gasabar mau liat riviewnya

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