FPV Drone with Altitude Hold Mode – Drocon Traveler U818A Plus RC Drone Review with HD Camera

This is the Drocon Traveler U818A Plus drone
and it’s packed with features that make this an ideal drone for experts and beginners! Out of the box, it requires very little assembly. Just attach the landing gear and camera and
it’s ready to go. The on-board camera can shoot 720P HD video
and is also used for FPV flight. FPV viewing is achieved through a connection
with a smartphone which will be explained later in the video. In the package, there is also a 4GB micro
SD card included so you can start recording with the Drocon drone right away! The battery lets you fly for up to 15 minutes
which is about 2 to 3 times longer than you get with other drones of this size. The remote is simple with one button take-off
plus headless mode button so you don’t have to worry about directional orientation when
flying. At the top of the remote, there’s a slide
out phone mount bracket. This mount holds phones securely and allows
you to see the view from the drone’s camera on your screen. Connecting the Drocon Traveler to your smartphone
is easy with its built-in WiFi network. With the drone powered on, find the drone’s
hub in your Wifi settings. Once connected, you’ll be able to use FPV
or First Person View on your smartphone. Another cool thing you can do is view the
recorded video from the drone’s SD card right on your phone without a computer! This is really hand when you’re out in the
field. Your phone can also double as a remote control
and for an immersive flying experience, you can activate VR mode and use VR goggles during
your flight and fly from the perspective from the front of the drone. Just use your favorite VR goggles with your
phone! Before flying, initiate the communication
with the remote by holding the left stick down. Then hold both sticks towards each other at
45 degree angles to unlock the motors. One of the great features of the Drocon Traveler
is the automatic altitude hold mode so the drone won’t crash if you let go of the left
stick. I’m not a good drone pilot but I really appreciate
that function. The camera has a 120 degree lens and shoots
in 720P HD video. The quality is pretty good but not like that
of a GoPro. However, you can get video from amazing angles
during flight using your phone to start and stop the recording. The Drocon Traveler is an affordable and easy
to fly drone. However, don’t fly in enclosed areas like
I did. I crashed the drone about 40 feet up in a
tree but luckily I was able to fish it out! If you enjoyed this video please give me a
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