FPV Drone Interfaces

FPV Drone Interfaces

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run with this, this was good.>>That’s good.>>Hold on, I like this.>>Let me know how that works out for you.>>That’s a thumbnail if I ever seen one. [birds chirping] [affecting a robot accent]
The future of cyber-athletes.>>The distant future.>>The year 2000.>>Use poisonous gases
to poisonous our asses. ♪ [melancholy lofi music] ♪>>Robotic Voice:
Or quadcopters if you’re nasty.>>Jason Murphy, noted sports enthusiast, what is the average sports
athlete look like in the future?>>He has some sort of
ketamine PCP cocktail injected directly into his blood.>>He dives into the
K-hole and experiences the truth of the universe.>>Absolutely.>>While the Superbowl’s happening.>>Absolutely, his
amygdala has been stripped so that he doesn’t feel
fear and he has some sort of uh, contact lens!>>Some sort of, okay. [laughing]
>>With a heads up display.>>With a heads up display. I would watch sports with that.>>You’d play sports with that.>>I would play sports–slow down. [laughter]>>Nailed it on all fronts. Meanwhile we’re here with Kelly Shores.>>Hey, what’s up?>>What’s going on. From Ready Set Drone,
we’re going to talk about performance enhancing technology that in the abstract would
be the future of sports, would be the future of warfare but we’re going to talk about,
in the very concrete terms, of how technology allows drone, I want to say drone
warriors, drone racers? What do you call them?>>Drone racers, drone
pilots, drone photographers, anybody who is interested
in flying a drone.>>Dronies.>>They always have a pair of goggles on and I guess they’re
experiencing this, as what? Podracing, basically? [buzzing]>>Just like podracing. It’s a first-person view, FPV racing, and it is very low
latency so the delay time between when the drone
transmits whatever’s going on from its camera to reality is so small that you can pilot at very
high speed around obstacles.>>And that’s why we’ve
seen the proliferation of drone racing and why it’s becoming this burgeoning entertainment.>>Absolutely.>>Because of the commoditization
of the technology, how you can make it small and
fast and quiet and light.>>Let’s talk about
the latency thing first because I know that we’re
seeing this VR explosion because finally we have low latency whereas it use to make everybody nauseous because they couldn’t
wrap their minds around what they were perceiving with their eyes, with what they were
feeling with their body. But you’re saying, now a days,
even as things race around you’re able to perceive
it totally real time?>>Yeah, so you have to because of the speed at which your traveling and the maneuvers that you’re making. There is digital transmission
that something like this that uses OcuSync does,
it’s a little higher latency but then there’s analog transmission which is what the racers use,
this is an analog signal, and what you give up in clarity and what you give up in signal strength you gain in no latency, number one, and also in number two, analog signals don’t disappear when you lose
them, they kind of get fuzzy. Digital signals disappear completely.>>They just drop.>>So if you’re flying at high-speed and you lose a signal instantly even for a second or two,
you could very well crash. Whereas if it just gets a
little fuzzy for a second you can deal with it and
that’s why they use analog.>>So in the case of the OcuSync, there’s some sort kind
of redundancy, right? Maybe you’re a half second
behind with your visual images but along with that comes the fact that if a signal drops it’s able to get two or three other backups and you’re able to get a consistent signal.
>>Right, right. I believe it’s diversity,
it’s called dual diversity and I think they’re transmitting over 5.8 and 2.4 gigahertz simultaneously.>>Got it.>>What’s happening now
is digital is actually moving into a realm where
the latency is getting less, so that can race with digital. I believe DJI is actually
going to come out with an OcuSync version of a racer,
I don’t know that for a fact but based on just some
things that I’ve heard. But ultimately, what it comes
down to is reaction time.>>What kind of performance
improvement do you see between goggles versus no goggles?>>First of all, you
can see around things, so if I’m flying around this property I can see around the murder shack, I can see around the
gazebo, I can actually fly around things. Whereas
if I don’t have goggles and I’m just flying line of sight obviously, as soon as I lose the vision
of it, I’m going to crash because I can’t see what’s going on. So that’s number one and number two is they just give you more precision when it comes to like, for instance, if I was going to fly through
that gazebo over there doing that line of sight
from here is a little tricky because of the angles and
where all those posts are and I’m like, okay, am I
going to hit that thing? Have you ever noticed that things are farther than you think they are? Many times I’ve been flying
my drone out over a field and think I’m going to get to whatever and it’s like, I think I’m there
and I’m only halfway there. With the goggles, you
know, you’re like, okay, I still have another 50 yards
to go before I get there. It’s all about that
perception, depth perception and the ability to be
right there in the drone.>>Essentially, you’re
describing, it’s as though you’re in the drone and you’re
the one flying around, right?>>It tricks your brain into reacting as if you were piloting
the drone from the drone and the biggest difference there is also has to do with direction, right? So if you’ve ever flown a drone or driven a radio-controlled
car or anything like that if it’s coming towards you,
all the controls are reversed.>>Yeah.>>When you’re in the drone, first person, left is always left, right is always left.>>Everything is always
appropriately oriented.>>We’re very aware, all
of this will be obsolete in about 20 minutes on the internet but for now, what do we have?>>We have three different
things I want to show you guys. Number one is the analog goggles. Many different brands of these things. I’ve got three pairs of
them so we can actually do a flight together where one of us can fly and the other two can watch.
>>Wait a minute. Because it’s analog… there’s a broadcaster and it’s just like
>>Right, all three of us– we have three televisions sets.>>Correct, correct.
>>That’s amazing. No syncing, no pairing.
>>Right.>>None of that bluetooth
crap, this is amazing.>>We should do a thing for everyone playing along at home,
put your goggles on now.>>These are the analog goggles. They typically have A, B, C, D, E, so five different ranges of frequencies and eight frequencies in those five ranges so there’s 40 frequencies
total that you can be on.>>And this is for redundancies, so that–>>No, no, no, it’s so
that you can race, right.>>Oh, so, you can have
multiple competitors.>>Yeah, so we’re on different, far
enough away frequencies, that they don’t cross
talk between each other because that’s an issue. A lot of these have a
DVR built into them too so they’ll record this
kind of crappy little signal that you’re getting
but it looks really cool. That’s what I’d like to do first,
is take you guys around in these and
tryout this little guy. I brought several racers,
this is just a little racer that’s good for indoors or outdoors, there’s no wind today so
this is going to do great. I’ve already flown it
around the property a bit.>>It just looks cute.
>>Brian [elevated pitch]: It’s so adorable! As Bryce put it, it looks
like a little fried egg.>>That’s right, fried egg.>>It’s like the BB-8 of
drones, are you kidding me‽>>This one here, my buddy
Jason and I, built this guy. There’s basically a flight
controller in this thing that is sort of the brains of it, these are brushless motors on the outside. They’re ESCs, which is
electronic speed controller. There’s four of these,
these are the things that talk to the flight
controller that tell it, speed up this, slow down this,
you know, to keep it level, right?>>Right.>>The video transmitter
here, which actually sends out the signal over 5.8 gigahertz that talks to the goggles,
there’s the camera up here that’s connected
to the transmitter and then there’s the receiver that receives the signal
from the remote control. Other than the frame and
some other ancillary stuff, that’s it. It’s a pretty simple thing.>>I am both impressed and
terrified at your ingenuity.>>Everything you just described, these look like 3-D printed components, like there’s no reason this
couldn’t be, this big.>>Oh absolutely, you can build them–>>And carry 50 pounds.>>So drones are typically talked about in their diagonal, millimeters across, so this is a 250, 250 millimeters
motor to motor diagonally.>>Okay.>>This is a pretty typical racing size. Like DRL, I think uses 250s or hereabouts. This is going to be like a
60 millimeter or whatever but they make them in different sizes. This is carbon fiber, typically, the frames are carbon fiber. You can buy all of these components online. I actually have a video that takes you step by step in how I built this one.>>You could build your own racer.>>It’s a great thing to do
because if you crash a lot, like I do, you’re going to
want to know how to fix it.>>Rugged-ize it.>>And if you built it
then, well yeah or not, make crumple zones, right?
>>Oh yeah.>>In some cases, it’s
better if it breaks, right? Because then it’s like,
okay I know exactly what needs to be replaced but we’re not going to fly this guy today. But this seems appropriate for out here. We’re not going to hurt anybody with it
>>Perfect. so do you guys want to
throw on the goggles and give it a little spin?
>>>Yep, yep, yep.>>Brian: Looks like an old school
standard definition display.>>Kelly: This is a 640 by 480, I believe.>>Jason: Oh yeah, it’s really grainy, it looks like an old VHS.>>God, I just got to
imagine we look so cool. I mean…>>Yeah.>>Okay, you guys ready?>>Yeah.>>Brian: Ohhh! ♪ [guitar riffs and smooth bass] ♪>>Kelly: So here we go,
we’re going to sweep out here->>Brian: Oh my goodness!
>>Kelly: -around the tree. ♪♪ And back through the little grove here, right past the camera. [whirring]>>Holy cow! My word. It’s everything I ever
hoped for the future.>>Jason: This is like
Strange Days, that Jim Cameron produced film from the ’90s.>>Brian: Uh, the one that– [exclamations]>>Ah, adventure! [laughter]>>Go to high, that’s the biggest mistake beginners do is they go way up in the air.>>Is they get way high!>>Yeah. Dude!>>Quit getting so high man.>>Stop gettin so high,
okay, you guys ready? [whirring]>>Jason: Oh wow. Yeah, really when you have that
perspective of moving close to a surface, that’s
when its most dramatic.>>Kelly: Yeah, like right–>>Jason: You can really feel the speed.>>Weaving through the
trees and all this stuff, that’s amazing. As somebody who is concerned
with safety, it’s nice to, oh! There it is. [laughter]>>Jason: I saw that coming.
>>Brian: It’s good to know, that that’s not me.>>I thought I could duck down.>>I was resisting like going.>>Brian: It’s amazing. It’s like we’re at a
Universal theme park ride and we’re like, “oh my god!”>>Jason: Right in front, there you go.>>Brian: You got it. Hey, you’re holding it.>>Kelly: You want to fly?>>Are you kidding me? Yes. Do I look like I want to fly? Ah, I’m flying! What’s going on? Aaahhh, it’s me! [laughing]>>Just hover the drone a line of sight so put the goggles up,
you’re just going to hover it like right here, just kind of
get a feel for it, like this.>>Brian: Okay. One of the things people to
do is they overdo the throttle like they’ll put too much throttle and then they’ll drop it down too much and it just over reacts.>>Oh sure.>>You want to be really
smooth through the throttle, find that sweet spot and
just hover it right here.>>Okay. Whoa, that was awesome!>>See, now you look cool.>>Yeah, okay, here we go.>>I took those goggles off.>>Gentle, gentle.>>More, more. Forward. Okay, now just throttle it. Just right stick. There you go. So your left stick is your–>>Brian: I over corrected. I’m fine. I’m not. [whirring] [chuckling] It’s fine. Everything’s fine! [fading away] Nope, it’s not fine.>>Kelly: Okay, pull the stick down. All right.>>It was a good learning moment.
>>It was!>>That was a teachable moment.
>>Jason: It was good.>>Brian: I improved.
>>Jason: Yeah!>>This is important, you
can fly an Inspire, right? You’ve done it.
>>Yeah, yeah, yeah.>>So, this is much harder, this actually much harder
than an Inspire to fly.>>It is because it over
corrects so quickly.>>And there’s no GPS holding it in place, there’s nothing really
computerized in this aside from the flight controller and this is in the easy mode. So there’s three different flight modes, there’s horizon, angle, and acro mode.>>Right.>>We’re flying in, I don’t know, it’s either angle or horizon right now. Acro is where it doesn’t self level so the guys who are really good, the pros, they fly with no self leveling. So basically, if you push the stick right, it just keeps going right,
it doesn’t self level.>>And that’s what they want so they can->>That’s how they can
do the flips and dives.>>-essentially skid
through a turn basically.>>Exactly, exactly.
>>Yeah, yeah, yeah.>>Gentle it up and push
the right stick forward just a little bit, so you go that way. [whirring]>>Brian: That was a bit much.>>Kelly: Yeah and just find that sweet
spot on the throttle. Too much throttle, bring it down slightly and go right with the right stick. There you go. Come back towards us a little bit, back towards us and right,
right with the right stick, too much throttle,
bring the throttle down.>>Brian: Way too much, wow, it goes fast! I’m sorry Bryce. [Kelly chuckling] All right, here we go,
here we go, here we go.>>I feel like I should
be standing on something.>>Nope!
>>Are you wearing your goggles? That’s very brave.>>No, it felt grea–
[fake dry heaves]>>One other pro tip here.>>Okay.>>When you’re learning to hover, you want to have the back of the drone facing you so that the stick
is oriented the same way.>>Okay.>>Right now you got it facing
you so everything’s backwards.>>Got it.
>>Kelly: I’m just going to spin it around and that’ll make it easier.
>>Jason: Oh, that’s smart because it switches your orientation mentally right from the get go.
>>Which doesn’t matter when you’re in here but it does when you’re in there.>>If you were wearing the goggles
it wouldn’t matter but if you’re just trying to do some line of sight stuff, just see if you can hover it right in this general area. There you go. That’s feeling good. [whirring] There you go.>>Brian: Look at that, I’m a wasp. [light laughter] Oh, it’s running out of battery I think. Yeah, I got it all the way on full-
>>Kelly: Okay.>>Brian: -and it’s not going up.
>>Kelly: That’s cool, I got
another battery right here. Do you want to do it with the goggles now?>>Yeah, I think I do.>>Okay, like I said,
my only request would be if I say “kill it,” pull the
left stick all the way down.>>Brian: Okay, got it.>>It mostly would be if
you’re close to the fence or roof or something where it looks like you’re going to just lose the drone.>>Brian: Okay, I see you, I see you. [laughing] Grab those light sabers. Guide me in! You got this. I’m just going to go a
little bit above halfway and a little bit forward.>>Kelly: Yep. There you go.>>Brian: Nope. Uh–wait. [whirring] No, I’m upside down.>>Just a little pro
tip is the battery will throw the center of
gravity off on this thing.>>Got it.>>If you don’t put it
right in the middle. The other pro tip is that these things calibrate when you set them on the ground so there’s accelerometers
and gyroscopes in them->>Jason: Oh, yeah.>>-so if you turn it on,
and it isn’t calibrated best thing to do is
turn it off, rebind it, and then it should be
calibrated for level ground. So go ahead.>>This is a real moment
because we live in the future.>>You got this.>>Got it, all right, here we go. Oh great spirits of drone racing! Allow me to fly!>>Jason: Take this vessel into your airborne arms.>>Brian: Holy s—.>>Kelly: Back off, back off, back off. Kill it, kill it, kill it, kill it.>>Brian: Okay.>>Kelly: All right.>>There was one moment I flew to the sun!>>Kelly: That was a good job of killing it.
>>That was amazing.>>Jason: Good job, Icarus.>>For one shiny and
chrome moment, I was there.>>Kelly: Hey, it’s still
running Brian, kill it.>>Brian: Uhp. [laughing] [whirring]>>Kelly: Okay easy now, down a little bit, that’s a bit high, all right
there you go, you’re bouncing. Now forward and left, forward and left.>>Brian: No! Ah!>>Kelly: There, that’s the sweet spot. That’s good, that’s good.
>>I’m doing it, I’m f—ing flying. Holy s—, I’m flying!>>Now, rotate your yaw just a little bit, rotate your yaw just a little bit.>>I don’t know what that means.>>That’s the left stick,
rotate the left stick, there you go.>>Brian: Oh my god, I’m flying. Jason, I’m flying!>>Jason: I know, go for Brandt’s throat. [laughter]>>Kelly: Don’t go in the
pond, go to the right.>>Brian: No, no, no!>>Kill it, kill it. Step the stick down. Dangerously close to water too.>>Yeah… I did that.>>It’s all right, I knew
the cost when I came here. [laughter]>>I knew exactly which
channel I was appearing on. [laughing] I almost wish it was a bigger, slower…>>Jason: Oh, it’s lot of like,
over correcting and stuff like that. Right?>>Brian: Yeah, exactly. Let me try just one more time. I’m going to see if I–
hi Jason, that’s you. I’m going to see if I could
just float and get this down. The toughest thing is
learning to not over correct.>>Yes. [whirring]>>There you go. Pretty. [whirring]>>Brian: Damn.>>Kelly: Go forward,
push the stick forward, the right stick forward, there you go.>>Brian: I’m just going to>>Kelly: That was a good
call to drop it right there. Two things that are very
helpful with drone FPV, one is flying in a sim.
And actually ones where you can connect a
real remote into it via USB and they have pretty good physics so you kind of get the sense of it. The second is, buy a little guy like this and fly it around inside.>>How much does one of these costs?>>So this is the King Kong,
this is about a 100 bucks but you could get them for 60, 70 bucks.>>How much is one of these gizmos?>>A 100 to 300.>>Oh really?
>>Yeah.>>Depending on what you get. Okay.>>A good pair of Fat
Sharks are going to be three, four, five hundred bucks.>>But you can get them introductory level for like a 100 bucks.>>Yeah, these are $100 goggles,
these are the cheapest ones.>>That’s tremendous,
that is way, way less than I anticipated.>>That is so cheaper on the entry level than I dare would have hoped.>>Oh yeah, I thought
getting into this hobby was $500 minimum.>>I’m not going to claim
I did anything right here but I could feel my
brain re-wiring itself.>>Yeah, yeah.>>Getting accustomed to the idea.>>It’s your brain and
it’s just your thumbs. It’s just knowing, okay I don’t want to over compensate, you
know, that kind of thing.>>Yeah, okay, all right, so.>>Let’s take a little lap.
>>Show us what this could look like.>>Kelly: You just kind of find a nice level and then you just try to go with it and just kind of go around these trees.>>Jason: Oh wow.>>Brian: It’s so smooth, you’re so good.>>Kelly: Well, I do have a
channel called Ready Set Drones.>>Brian: Yeah. Who knew?
[Jason laughing]>>Kelly: One would hope
I’d be okay at this.>>Brian: Can you get us to the bus?>>Kelly: There’s the bus, all right, I’m losing my signal so
I’m going to come back.>>Brian: Yeah, we’re losing it too.
[groans]>>Brian: I’ll go get it.>>Jason: Whoa, whoa, whoa!>>Brian: Whoa,
I nearly stepped on it, sorry about that.
>>Jason: We know! [laughter]>>Give this one a try real
quick and then we’ll move on. So this one has this little, tiny controller, more video game style.>>Sure.>>This one actually is
a little more forgiving in terms of overdoing it kind of thing. So, push forward.>>Oh wow.>>It’s a little more forgiving, huh?>>Oh my goodness, it’s so much easier.>>Push forward, push
forward, right stick forward, and less throttle, little
lower, there you go. Yeah, this one’s a little slow motion.>>Jason I’m doing it, I’m flying.>>Yeah, you’re doing great.>>Yeah, you are.>>I’m flying! I’m going to fly around a tree. Why didn’t you give me, oh wait,
I just lost it, I’m dead. [laughter]>>This one also–>>It was a delightful illusion.>>This one has a shorter range.>>Brian: Got it.>>It has a smaller transmitter. This would be great for the
living room, for right in there.>>That was way easier. What was that and how much
is it and where can I get it?>>That’s actually called the
BumbleBEE and it’s on Amazon. You can have that one,
there’s two of them in there. You guys, do a little
flying around inside.>>The answer is it’s free.>>It’s free.>>All you have to do is
just host a show on the internet.>>That’s right.
>>It’s great.>>Let’s talk about the high-end, let’s talk about the grown up stuff.>>These have been out
for about two years now. They use OcuSync and
there is a pair actually that has a module that uses 5.8 analog so you can actually fly
racing drones with those or the Mavic as well.>>The OcuSync is the->>Digital.>>-more reliable, digital,
redundant, has lower-uh, higher latency.>>Higher latency.>>It takes a little bit of a
delay but you’re going to have a more reliable signal over a longer area.>>Miles.>>Got it.>>This one is so much more advanced, there’s a lot more in the HUD
going on than the other one.>>More immersive.>>This feels almost like
a theatrical experience. Those feel like goggles.>>Can I just take a peek at it?>>Yeah, yeah, yeah.>>Holy crap! This is straight up H–Hunter Killer.>>Kelly: Are you seeing that?>>Jason: I am, yes. [rapid warning beeps]>>Jason: Everything is
crisp and clear, uh… wow. This is better than the other goggles by an order of magnitude.>>Brian: Well and, of course you’re
not racing, you’re getting an aesthetically pleasing
experience because the digital allows you to have more
>>Jason: That’s true. fidelity, but you sacrifice
some of that latency but again you’re not racing
so it doesn’t matter.>>Jason: Well ultimately, they’re
both going to catch up, right? Or one of them is going to take the lead.>>As I said, I believe there are OcuSync racing drones coming soon.>>He’s not even answering.>>It feels like I’ve just ascended, [Brian laughing]
like I just shucked off my mortal, oh my god. [laughter]>>Here, you fly.>>Fly?
>>Brian: You can fly!>>See if you can find me, motherf—.>>Oh, I’m sure I can’t.
>>Brian: Nope! I can’t even find where I am now. ♪♪>>Do you want me to take over?>>Uh yeah, find Brian.>>Kelly: Let’s find Brian.>>Jason: This is amazing.>>I think I know exactly where Brian is.>>Jason: I see him, get him! Oh he ran, he broke right. He’s going over by his Jeep.>>No! No!>>Kelly: We had you.>>Jason: There he is.>>Brian: I know, look we
get it, the machines win.>>That was a really,
really weird experience. You walking up here, and then it’s like, oh then here’s me and Brian,
>>Yeah. and I’m hearing his voice
but I’m seeing him here, it’s disorienting.>>All right, Murphy.>>Jason: Oh, I got to run.>>Brian: There he is,
there he is, there he is. We got a bogey, we got a bogey. [exasperated nerd trudging]>>Jason: Ah!>>Brian: We have a human! Try to run, sucker! You’ll find no solace!>>Kelly: Oh, we’re on him.>>Brian: Oh, we got them.>>Kelly: We got you.>>Brian: So I’m noticing that I want
to look up, down, left, right.>>Kelly: Yeah, yeah, it’s a it’s a hard habit.
>>Brian: Certainly,
there’s some version of this that ties into the six
axis controls, right?>>Yes.>>I wanted to go get the ghillie suit.>>Last thing I want to show you guys. These are augmented reality glasses. They actually are supposed
to fit over glasses.>>Really?
>>Which I think they do.>>Right now I see nothing of interest. It’s just looks like I have prisms.>>It’s not on, so let me go
ahead and fire everything up. So I’m going to fire up this.>>How are things down
in engineering, La Forge?>>Yeah.
[light laughter]>>Oh, hold on. What just happened?>>You should see a little Epson logo.
>>Yeah.>>Okay, so I see overlaid on reality.>>The whole advantage of
these is you get the display of the DJI Go app in
addition to being able to line of sight your drones. So you can do both things,
you don’t have to look down at your phone to see the
app, it’s built in here.>>A lot like Google glass.>>Yes. So now like right here,
if I hold my hand up I can see it a lot better. Go ahead and put those back on.
>>Sure.>>It’s easier in the dark,
if it’s a little darker.>>Sure.>>Now there are sun
shades that go on that. Move a cursor around.>>Oh my goodness, okay
so, what I’m seeing is it’s like there’s a mouse cursor and I’m able to move
stuff left, right, and–>>Click on settings or whatever.>>Yeah, so can I?>>So yeah, go ahead and take off.
There you go.>>Up I go. Wow, and I can, I can see both, and I can fee– I perceive that I can shift my focus.>>It’s very easy to shift your focus.>>One way or the other. So in this case, I’ve pivoted
my focus to line of sight.>>Line of sight, yeah.>>And now I’m back in this,
now I know I’m safe, so I’m switching my attention, wow.>>Kelly: But if you need
to look up at the drone, it’s right there.>>Yeah, no this is the way to go.>>Yeah.>>I think during
daylight it’s a bit tough.>>Oh, okay, I see what you mean.
>>So here, if I do this.>>Oh yeah.>>Now you see it from that perspective but let’s say you needed
to know what was what you could look up and you
could see it right up there.>>Yeah.>>With real line of sight.>>So these are the sun shades
that help when it’s bright out.>>Well that is remarkably better.>>There we go.>>Yeah, okay. ♪♪ It’s great because if you
are flying line of sight and you want to be able to see your drone and see the app without
looking down at a phone you can do both.>>Jason: That, yeah.
It’s pretty incredible.>>Brian: Kelly, this is freaking amazing. I feel like you opened
up a whole world to us.>>Kelly: The goggles are fun.>>Brian: Everything’s over
at Ready Set Drone, right?>>Ready Set Drone. YouTube.com/readysetdrone and follow me on Instagram, same thing,
>>Okay, awesome and in general, trust the drone except for when we shouldn’t.>>If you’re smart and
you follow the rules, you’re not going to have trouble. As a team, why don’t you
land it in Brian’s hand? [laughter]>>No, no, yes? [back and forth from everyone]>>You want to land it in my hand?
>>I’ll land it in your hand.>>I like that one better.>>You’re Spider Man, you’re spider–
left stick just down.>>Jason: Brian’s psyching me out, actually.>>Brian: Down, just
every so slightly, okay. [loud buzzing] [whirring stops] ♪♪ Nailed it, you nailed it.>>It’s easy to kind of trick the stick because at one point I was
pressing all the way down and it wasn’t doing anything.>>Well that’s because the
sensors at the bottom so when this lands, when it saw my hand, it stops for a second.>>And it wants you to know like,
“Hey man, are you serious?” “This is where you want me to go?”
>>Exactly. That’s exactly right. That’s so it doesn’t land on
water or something like that.>>It’s like, “Hey Kelly, you
know Jason has the stick, right?” Are you cool with this?
[laughter]>>I’m so excited about all the adventures we’re going to get to have here. Ready Set Drone, best
channel on the planet. Thank you so much for
coming out and joining us.>>Thank you, really appreciate it. This has been a blast.>>Dude, I ain’t even going to bury the lead. This is the biggest, best
offer Audible’s ever made.>>It’s gotten substantially better.>>Yeah, so normally you go and get a free book, not this time, guess what? You get a free book, two Audible originals and if you hustle up, you
get three months at $6.95 that’s like more than half
off the regular price.>>What are you listening to right now?>>Ryan Holiday’s book, Ego is the Enemy, is fantastic, it was literally
life changing for me. One of the most important
books I’ve ever read. Filled with all these cautionary tales of business leaders and military greats, some of whom fell for their ego. They started getting
high on their own supply and they melted down. Others of them, they were
stoic and they did the work and they come out the other side heroes that changed the world. It’s fantastic.>>My book is about vampires. [laughing] I’m just kidding, no. I’m actually listening to, again, Hollow by Owen Egerton,
local Austin writer, he does Master Pancake, uh- Theater.>>Oh yes, of course, I’ve met him. He’s fantastic.>>Owen is an amazing guy
and he wrote a novel that is just going to
emotionally eviscerate you.>>Does it have vampires in it?>>It doesn’t have any vampires in it. But it is about hollow earth theory and one man’s quest to deal with the grief of losing his toddler son.>>Oh my god, this is heavy stuff.>>It’s pretty dark, you
know, be in a good place when you open that book.>>But it’s fiction, right?>>It is fiction and it is beautiful and ultimately uplifting. I highly recommend it.
>>Brian: Oh my god. That’s fantastic and the
best part is, of course, it’s free if you go to Audible.com/Rogue or text Rogue, that’s
R-O-G-U-E to 500-500. Get a free book, two Audible originals, and three months of>>$6.95 a month.>>Yeah, dude. You keep getting the
credits and you spend them and you become a better person or a sad person, the choice is yours!>>Yeah, yeah.
If you spend $6.95 on one book, which is about what’ll
get you, a paperback book, and you read that book, you’re doing work. You know how I feel about work, Brian.>>Yeah. [stammers]
You don’t like it.>>I don’t like it.>>Why do you do so much of it? You’re a liar, I think you’re addicted, this is an intervention.>>I hate myself.>>Too much work. Get a free book. Three free books. At half price.>>Have somebody read it to you.>>Yeah, you’re busy, you ain’t got time. — CC BY REV —
[branding furnace hissing] [static interference buzzing]>>Brian [in the distance]: That was… [wind on the mic]
badass. [Jason laughing] [highway traffic, wind, ambient mulling about]

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