FPV – DECOUVERTE DE LA X-LITE PRO (with english subtitle)

FPV – DECOUVERTE DE LA X-LITE PRO (with english subtitle)

i’m going to talk in french but i’ve done the english subtitle for the none french speaker :D:D So this is the x-lite pro we receive it with a case, the same than the x-lite we receive it with the user manual some screw, some plug to hide the screw and i received it with batteries but i think it is only in china, because it is really hard to send batteries from China to abroad otherwise, the gimbals, two stick on the left and two stick on the right and behing, the deck for the module R9M lite modules are a big topic… I’m gonna talk about it just after so to start it, we keep press the on/off button it is speaking in english as i already put the small sd card here it is the first problem actually on the x-lite pro by default the internal module is set with external antenna and it doesn’t use internal antenna so for that we should go on set unactivate external antenna and now it should be good so as you can see the xlite pro is provided with opentx 2.3.0 but modified by frsky what is that meaning? it is already using the new protocol ACCESS and not anymore the previous one ACCST or what ever so we must make the update with ACCESS firmware of every module and receiver in order to be able to use them However, it is still not available it should come very very soon according to frsky but there is still no official date so to summarize, that mean the xlite pro today, we can’t use it (note: there is already some RX with the update but i don’t think it’s often used in FPV community) we can just make simulator other interesting point we are going to check the external module regarding the external module, what is available is…. PPM…ISRM (the new frsky module) DSRM2, R9M-A i don’t know what that mean is the R9M full size will be compatible with the xlite pro? you now, with using the small adapter to plug it on the xilte like i’m showing but not in front of the camera, good work to myself so we plug on it the module R9M and then we plug it on the module bay and then we could use the R9M full size giving 1W! because the R9M lite is just giving 100mw then we have the R9ML but it isn’t compatible right now, i’ve already tried as it’s running ACCST, the old protocole to make it compatible, we should update it with the ACCESS firmware which is not available YET Then the R9MP so I guess the P is meaning professionnal? so it is maybe the R9M lite pro announced by Frsky but no release date yet. they told me it may come end of may but nothing official the difference between the R9m lite and lite pro the lite pro can go up to 1W while the lite just 100mw and now SBUS, nothing else more so no crossfire module for that i guess we should wait the official release of openTX2.3.0 but without the modification from frsky bla bla bla not care next! Otherwise the micro usb which is awesome stronger than the MINI usb on the QX7 or X9D so for simulator it’s much better! gonna be more confortable and you can recharge your Xlite pro via USB… so you can play like 200h on simulator, and then go directly fly on your favorit spot with full batteries so that quite awesome I’m coming from the QX7 and i’m not flying with the thumb i’m not pinching, i’m more hybrid style, my thumb on the top and my index behing to maintain the gimbal i was really worry of the xlite lite grip and in fact i was really surprise , so on facebook group they were saying no worry, you can be thumb style or pinch style, it will be alright you need a time of adaptation to do it because the gimbals are small but if you reduce the rates, it isn’t a problem otherwise the grip is top even if you pinch or hybride and it’s right, the grip is awesome no problem, it’s small, great grip, it’s perfect i’m used to have it around my neck as we can see now on the screen because i feel more safe, it’s maintain and then i feel more free of my movings and here, as it is super light and you can grab it very well so there is no problem, almost no need to use the necklace and keep it around the neck so yes, i have the endstick STP to make it longer but seem also alright with the original endstick but it seems that when you pinch, to make the endstick longer when i received it, i think i was one of the first to have it as i’m living in china, in shanghai, faster to deliver 🙂 and i pre-order it on taobao, a kind of ebay for china and i received it end of april and me i receive it in what ever mode but to summurize, both stick was in the middle so the left stick everytime was going back to the middle so i should open it it is exactly the same way to open the xlitepro than the normal Xlite so i open it to remove the spring and witch it to mode one… or mode two, i don’t remember, what ever…. so for me, the xlite pro is a good deal very nice, good quality with a good price the only problem is actually, for FPVcommunity, we can’t use it why did they release it before to update all their catalog? there is already some receiver updated but i don’t think there are popular in fpv community i think it’s a strange strategy i would prefer wait a bit longer but then everything would be ready when the xlite pro is released however, the xlite pro is very nice

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  1. Cool cette review, juste trop con que tu ne puisse pas t'en servir pour l'instant. Franchement j'ai du mal avec ce genre de pratique, vendre un produit alors qu'il est même pas aboutis je comprends pas l'intérêt à part énerver les clients qui ne peuvent pas se servir de leur truc tout neuf qu'ils on payé une blinde ( même si frsky est beaucoup moins cher que d'autre marques) . J'apprécie les produits frsky j'ai une x9d+ dont je suis très content mais la pour le coup je ne trouve pas ça cool. En tout cas elle est bien ta vidéo, j'espère que tu en fera d'autre dans ce style . Juste change de chaise 😂😂😂😂. Peace, love and UNITY

  2. Merci pour cette présentation ! En effet la politique commerciale de FrSky est assez… Obscure ! Voir du foutage de gueule !!! J'utilise le module R9M et il a fallu presque 1 an pour que ce soit pleinement opérationnel…

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