Fortnite – Season 9 – Battle Pass Overview

The future is yours in Season 9. In addition to all new gameplay, new locations, and new challenges, there’s a brand new Battle Pass. When you first buy the Pass, you’ll immediately get two outfits: Sentinel and Rox, a progressive with new dual axes. And if you opt in for the Battle Bundle,
you’ll instantly get… this guy. Plus there are new high-tech wraps,
mechanized pets, emotes, and more to earn throughout the Battle Pass. At Tier 100, you unlock a new progressive outfit: Vendetta. Remember, you keep all the rewards
you earn after the Season ends. New to this Season’s Battle Pass are Fortbytes. Use clues to earn and locate
hidden pickups around the Island, helping you unlock rewards
and uncover the secrets of Season 9. The Season 9 Battle Pass is available
right now for just 950 V-Bucks. So drop in and get juiced up… for a brand new Season. [THE FUTURE IS YOURS] [FORTNITE SEASON 9 BATTLE PASS]

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