Ford Drones Keep Engine Plant Workers Safely Grounded

Ford Drones Keep Engine Plant Workers Safely Grounded

What if you could do potentially dangerous
but essential tasks absolutely risk-free? A group of Ford workers are flying drones
around their factory to do just this. To carry out vital safety inspections
of high up or hard-to-reach places Dagenham engine plant workers
are using drones with cameras to safely and efficiently inspect
machinery and roof areas. We wanted to take the risk of
these inspections away from the employee. By using a drone we can do that. Previously staff had to climb scaffolds
to check 40 meter long overhead gantries. Now, maintenance staff can
zoom in on each area … with feet firmly on the ground. The whole production facility can be covered in a day. By controlling drones
equipped with GoPro cameras, to thoroughly inspect each area. Ensuring they’re well maintained and comply to rigorous safety standards.

7 thoughts on “Ford Drones Keep Engine Plant Workers Safely Grounded”

  1. Yeah and I'm sure they never use them to watch the employees like twisted overlords. Because a company would never do that to us peons

  2. Hi Guys – Great video, thank you – but the product flown in this video is Yuneec H520 UAV and E90 Camera, not GoPro! Thanks 🙂

  3. Please get your facts right.
    No GOPOO cameras. Yuneec H520 with E90.
    Give some credit too the actual company.
    You can easily change your text in the description.

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