Flying a Drone at Iloilo Business Park | Phantom 4 by DJI

Hey Pops!
It’s early in the morning. 6:30. I’m on my way to Iloilo Business Park.
I have a drone session with Dave so basically, we are going to fly a
drone to take overhead video shots of Iloilo Business Park that we can post online. So people can see the progress and developments. We wre now at Megaworld’s
Iloilo Business Park. See these condominiums? So these are the condominiums developed by Megaworld. So if you’re interested just go to the website provided below. I am going to meet Dave here at the Iloilo Business Park Sales and Information Center. Oh great, he’s here…. just saw his car. so we’re setting up the drone right now…
it’s a beautiful drone Dave: Yeah it’s the Phantom 4 DJI So this is the kit right here that’s the controls… We must test it, right? Just a test flight for a while before you
really… Dave: just take it up to maybe five meters…
it’s quite a nice dull day at the moment if we get some rain and then we’ll have
to come in … … calibrate it… telling me I got the latest
firmware … … at least 10 meters away … then maybe we’ll go right up. I’d like to get a nice shot if I can down on to Lafayette
in that area the far side there… all right all right by the way I can switch to ground view
so that’s looking straight down or we can look ahead or just a little bit
further so that we can get a nice angle on the shot I prefer to bring her in manually… it’s more fun We’re going to land now. so there’s a drone there’s the pilot yes all right that’s how you land a drone … the way it’s being put together
yeah right it’s very interesting and you can see the middle void guess that’s
where the pool area and other things like that.
Ernest: so it’s your first time here to take shots here.
Dave: yeah wary of coming down here because it’s a
lot of construction right right yeah so I know, with you I’m safe. Ernest to kids: Guys, wave your hands. It’s taking a video of you. Somebody is licking my legs (LOL) So I’m coming back round so I’m going to come down and then we can do a
nice shot of the side here we go… okay kids go there. make space. ET is going to land. okay very good awesome. To the kids: How about that huh?
Impressive huh? (High Fives Galore!) We call that thing “Drone”
Kid 1: Drone?
ID:Yes, drone. Kid 2: Where did you buy it? ID: At… (pause)… hmmm… at SM ID: Goodbye Kids!!!
Kids: byee……. hey Dave thank you thank you for having me join the drone session. it’s it’s very fascinating Dave: Let’s do a part 2 sometime. super fun yeah yeah just call me all
right okay well you got to rush right yeah okay

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