Fly your drone above 400 ft. in the sky with an FAA waiver!

Fly your drone above 400 ft. in the sky with an FAA waiver!

4 thoughts on “Fly your drone above 400 ft. in the sky with an FAA waiver!”

  1. BS. they deny all wavers now. I'm a former 333 and motion picture coa holder, instructor and proponent for the sheriffs office and all the FAA has done over the past 6 years is drive us pros out of business. We've spent 10's of thousands flying manned planes, filing papers, registering aircraft. Every time the FAA changes something we have another hurtle to jump. While blowing all this money out the window, we loose the jobs to the general public doing it illegally. I give up. You FAA, are crooks, crooked and simply out for money. 100% perfect track record, up to date gear and following the current policy's only gets your applications for new 107 special wavers denied. Dont trust the FAA, they are simply out to take your money, your business and likely your lively-hood. The FAA is as bad as the IRS these days. We need policy change now!

  2. Why the 400 foot limit in areas where air traffic is rare(once a month, at most) to non-existent? There are plenty of areas like that in the US. And why do airports have height limits to the ground? I don't you'll see a helicopter or airplane gliding at 50 feet between two buildings that are 200 feet high.

  3. The FAA is a worthless scam when it comes to UAS drones and RC Aircraft.
    They are piling resources and our tax money as well as very large service fees into policing and controlling small drone activities and ensuring they can suck significant revenue from any commercial drone activities and pushing their huge butt into this primarily for revenue under the guise of "safety" while they fall short on REAL safety issues like the whole Boeing MAX debacle and countless other problems where they are certainly failing miserably at doing their job.
    Most drone and USA people operate illegally and for such obvious reasons.

  4. Seems like the government should focus their time and taxpayer dollars on more important things like gun violence. Or maybe since it is the FAA they could focus on airplane safety like the Boeing 737 Crash 8 instead of leaving it up to the manufacturers and rubber stamping their work. Instead of coming up with endless fees and regulations for drones that pose less of a risk than your average pidgeon.

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