Finding cheap gas | fight gas prices rising | Saudi drone attack

Finding cheap gas | fight gas prices rising | Saudi drone attack

[Music] what’s going on all my riders and drivers and information providers! Just a quick video to get it out there. i know you’re probably tired… for my Rideshare and Gig delivers out there you’re probably tired of AB5 on every video but world news also impacts you as well. Recently there were drone strikes…. drone strikes in Saudi Arabia destroying some their oil facilities. Now why does that apply? Well that’d be that means that oil prices are about to go up. Oil prices mean you probably go see increasing gas price. It’s expected that gas prices will go between 15 and 25 percent. That not only just affects the rideshare drivers, but it also affects the passengers that get in. Hopefully you’re giving your drivers a dollar tip ($1). It Helps Out 🙂 Also, those gig workers as well. It affects taxi drivers and ordinary people that are driving. The only people that may not be affected are people with electric cars. So with this drone strike, I’m going to go ahead and read it. It happened probably about six hours ago The drone strike on key Saudi Arabia oil facilities among the largest in the world are the most important to the energy production. So the strike on those facilities took out about 5.7 million barrels of oil a day. That’s about 5% of the global oil supply. So YES! It’s going to impact you. When they’re speculating that it’s going to increase in gas prices..It is. And it’s going to affect you. It’s going to affect how how much you pay for gas every night that you go out, every day that you go out. So with that, make sure you’re using those GAS APPS! Many of the other YouTubers speak about it. If you’re ridesharing or whatever you do for your side-gig economy OR If you just have a car. USE THOSE GAS APPS!!!! I provide those gas apps in the YouTube description down below. You get up to 45 cents off per gallon on gas. Use those Apps. Share this video so others can use those same discounts, whenever they go to the gas pump. Because, it’s gonna start to affect your pockets. It’s gonna affect your pockets very heavily in the upcoming weeks. Keep yourself keep yourself abreast on current events as well… not just ride share events. Go above and beyond go outside the scope of just your ordinary daily news. The world, the world’s impact actually affects your impact as well. so if you got any questions leave those comments down below I’ll go ahead and post those two links at the end of the video as well. But share this video. Make sure everyone takes advantage of those gas discounts! There’s no need for you to give away free money by going to the pumps and paying paying a price that you see. You should always be getting a discount. Please leave comments down below. I’m The Driver Sensei Don’t Just Driver, Be a Driver! [Music]

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