Far Cry New Dawn: How To Upgrade Your Home Base | Ubisoft [NA]

This is Prosperity, it doesn’t look like much yet. But it’s our last line of defense against the Twins and their army of Highway men. We’ve got to build it up and we need your help. There are people out in Hope County with the expertise We need to really make Prosperity thrive. Find them, bring them back and they’ll help us grow stronger by improving our 8 facilities: The Workbench Training Camp, Cartography, Healing Garden Infirmary, Garage, Explosive Lab, and even a Helipad. These will let you craft weapons and vehicles, train your guns for hire and go on expeditions. These facilities can be upgraded but there’s a catch. They need fuel, gas doesn’t exist anymore, but the Highway Men are hoarding ethanol in their outposts. Clear them out to get it and you can get even more by scavenging and abandoning the outpost. Keep in mind that a scavenged outpost will be taken back by the Highway Men who will bring more ethanol and stronger reinforcements. If you’re up for the challenge, clear the outpost again for a bigger stash of ethanol. The Highway Men aren’t only in Hope County. They have strongholds all over the country. Our expert pilot will take you on expeditions to unique and surprising locations across the USA. You’ll fly in, steal a package filled with the most valuable crafting materials and get out. Like outposts expeditions can be replayed for bigger challenges and rewards. So that’s it, recruit specialists to help rebuild Prosperity, clear Highway Men outpost to get ethanol, and go on expeditions to get precious crafting materials. These resources will let you upgrade the eight home-based facilities and craft the stronger weapons and gear you’ll need to face the toughest challenges like scavenged outposts and top-level expeditions. With this, you can help us build a safe haven against the Highway Men and give us a fighting chance against the twins.

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