Fake Drone Footage Forest Flyover in Blender 2.8 – Quick and Dirty

Fake Drone Footage Forest Flyover in Blender 2.8 – Quick and Dirty

hey this is Kev from blender binge if you
want to learn to make a shot of a forest really fast stick around for a few
minutes and learn if you get lost feel free to pause the video and watch it
again or hit me up in the comments section and ask away
I’m usually cool with that first we’ll make a huge grid with lots of
subdivisions and then hide it just trust me on that next let’s make one tree make
a plane and give it a mix shader’ a plug of transparent shader into the top slot
and a diffuse into the bottom find an image of a cutout tree or a couple just
search the internet for tree cut out and make sure it’s a PNG file with an alpha
Channel drag that image into the shader area and it creates an image node if
you’re more advanced you can enable the use images planes on import next plug
the color out into the diffuse color in plug the alpha out of the image into the
factor of the mix shader’ go to the materials tab it’s the red world icon on
the right side change blend mode from opaque to alpha clip and you get an
instant tree you can make it thicker looking by duplicating a few times
around the middle of it join the duplicated objects together into one
object and call it tree one or whatever you want select the grid you hid before
and turn it back on now add a particle system to it and choose hair go to
render in that particle tab and choose object or collection if you’re better
than me and make a few different trees trust me that’s gonna look a lot better
add the scale and randomness to make it more interesting the trees appear
halfway through the plane fix it by selecting the faces and moving them up
so that the bottom of the tree is near the center now they’re on the ground
where they belong to get more trees go back to particles and hit interpolated
make sure that the display and the render are the same number things can
look really strange later adjust your camera clipping plane out to like 1000
and you’ll see the whole forest if you want a light add a Sun and Colour it
give the ground a darker color maybe green like your trees or brown like dirt
play with it be happy add in some hills in the back
by sculpting another grid and scaling it down give it a color like this guy get
some environment by switching from object to world in the shader view plug
a volume scatter node into the volume tab of the
world output make it a dark color change diffuse down to 0.05 or something lastly
changed the Sun color to a bluish tint to react with the fog and ooh quick
Forrest once you render it out stick a nuclear power plant in the back and go
ahead and win an Emmy thanks hope you like this video and learn something if
you did hit like subscribe share it and I’ll see you the next one bye

65 thoughts on “Fake Drone Footage Forest Flyover in Blender 2.8 – Quick and Dirty”

  1. I recreated this. My trees were from Pixabay.com in case you have the same problems to find free pngs as I had.
    Used the German search term "Bäume freigestellt". They are CC0 and free of charge.
    I found it works best with a almost symmetrical shape, otherwise the turns could give a little strange results.
    Thx for this tut, Kev.

  2. Added to my tutorial list.
    And bro, who cares who people compare it to. If it's a format the community likes, then shoot, ride the wave (whether you're first or not, could care less). I like the format!

  3. And who cares if you have a similar delivery style? Its the content that counts. Maybe you are a similar type of person. Also, you should have told that person the other guy was ripping off people by posting their videos on his channel. Having a playlist so you can return to a tutorial and watch it again is one thing uploading that other person's video to your channel is wrong.

  4. Thank you, I saw your post on Instagram right now and I jumped here. please put your youtube username on info it will be very easy to find you here.

  5. Awesome. Thanks for the tut. I'd been following the forest tut by CGBoost, but never got it working. Watched this twice and I feel like a genius now. 😀

  6. I like your videos, you don't do that thing where it's like "hey my name is x and today we are going to do this. First, open Blender and then go to osdiahdoih, now you'll magically have your owl. Okay now on this interface that looks nothing like yours because I actually have version 1.2 but it's probably the same press aodihasodih (which I can never hear properly and have to play it ten times) go this button on the side, this is the select tool. Click the select tool, now I'l slooooowly make my way to here",

    Or the worst is when they do it on a txt file. And they keep making typing errors so they delete and retype, and then their mouse is at a microscopic speed.

    I don't like bad tutorials, but yours aren't! I'm glad :p

  7. Awesome! Really really awesome! Lots of love n respect from India. Had I come across this tutorial earlier!
    Will be looking forward to seeing your next tutorial.

  8. dope tut keep emcoming you definitely gained a subscriber/supporter how do you get to the orthographic view im stuck!!!

  9. Wow, and I always used a full geometry tree. Took forever to rend just a couple , but this is mind blowing! Will be doing it this way from now on. Thank you!!

  10. Im having issues at 01:08. How do you combine the tree's to make it one object? Probably a simple answer by Im stumped.

  11. Wow, that‘s great if you have a weak computer (and no skills) like me. I‘m currently looking for ways to make low poly look more realistic (but in an unrealistic way) and I really like this tree hack!

  12. um… well this thing of turn the plane in many angles end out very weird in my try.. maybe You need to find the perfect tree texture for that.. tried a couple from textures.com none work. I can`t see the planar faces in yours.. but mine look there is a plane cutting the middle of the trees.. You could share your tree so We can do it at the same page as you otherwise the tutorial ends with a big frustration.

  13. oh man this is good and all but why use diffuse?
    we have principled now.
    diffuse shader should die out.

    nothing in the world is diffuse except black holes.
    and trees leaves are shiny.

    it would have looked way better with a gloss on the leaves
    thank you.

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