Everything We Know About The Private Planes Of World Leaders

Everything We Know About The Private Planes Of World Leaders

It’s no secret that
the world’s top leaders travel in style. Just look at this $500
million flying fortress or the $1.5 billion fleet
for the Qatar royal family. But while these planes’
aesthetics may seem a bit much, the aircraft are
actually built for utility. Their job? To protect heads
of states while they travel. While footage and
photos are rare, here’s what we do know about the planes of the
world’s most powerful. Whenever US President
Donald Trump travels, he flies on a retrofitted
Boeing 747-200B. There are actually
two of them, but whichever one
the president is on is called Air Force One. The blue and white
double-decker planes have been in flight
for 25 years. Air Force One is armed against
electromagnetic pulses and has secure
communication lines. It even has a fully
stocked medical suite that can act as
an operation room. It has the capacity to
hold 100 people onboard. The aircraft are estimated
to be worth $1 billion. Russian President Vladimir
Putin has the biggest fleet, with a total of 132 aircraft. His primary transport? The Russian-made
Ilyushin IL-96-300. On the outside, the
plane is painted with a special coating that makes it less
detectable to radar. It also has radar jammers
and anti-aircraft defenses. On the inside, there are
tapestries, lots of gold, an office, bedroom, and
full gym for the president. It’s valued at half
a billion dollars. Unlike the US and
Russian presidents, China’s leader, Xi Jinping, doesn’t have a
designated plane. He flies in one of two Boeing
747s operated by Air China. Each one costs
about $250 million. When they’re not flying Xi, the planes are
used for normal commercial
passenger flights, so inside they’re
nothing elaborate. But when Xi does
need to use one, the planes are
swept beforehand for security purposes and fitted with a
bedroom and an office. For his overseas
travels, South Korean President Moon Jae-in leases a Boeing 747-400
from Korean Air. The exact price of the lease
with Korean Air is unknown, but a normal Boeing 747
runs around $240 million. But since the 10-year
lease is up in 2020, the president is reportedly
on the hunt for an Air Force
One of his own. For now, he’s got a
white 747 with red and white
accents on its body. It’s retrofitted with flares
to protect against missiles and has radar-jamming
capabilities. The emir of Qatar has the
world’s most expensive fleet, coming in at $1.5 billion. It includes two
Boeing 747-8 BBJs. Whenever the emir travels,
he uses more than one plane to carry all his
cargo and entourage. A thousand
people accompany him on any given flight, and his cargo includes
food and even limousines he’ll use upon
his destination. Members of the royal
family also use his fleet. German Chancellor
Angela Merkel flies on one of two Airbus
A340-300 airliners, known as Konrad Adenauer
and Theodor Heuss. Before flying Merkel, the A340s were
passenger aircrafts for the airline Lufthansa. They carry about
143 passengers and are tricked out with bedrooms,
showers, offices, and a soundproof
conference room. Each of the A340s costs
an estimated $300 million. The UK prime minister
flies on an Airbus A330 that costs $250 million. It’s pretty much
a passenger plane, but with added aerial
refueling capabilities and a redesigned interior. There’s a suite in the
front of the plane with a curtain to block it off
from the rest of the cabin. The plane also has
58 business-class seats and 100 economy
seats for journalists. It holds the
record among the planes of the
world’s leaders for the ability to carry
the most passengers. If you’re wondering,
the royal family boasts a $100 million
fleet of their own with 10 airplanes
and three helicopters. President Hassan
Rouhani travels overseas on an Airbus A340
that Air Canada and Turkish Airways
once owned. Rouhani’s plane is the
only one operated by Iranian airline
Dena Airways. Its price is unknown. Turkey’s fleet has
an impressive number of
commercial planes converted into
VIP transports, including Airbus A330-220s, Airbus A340-500s, and a
Boeing 747-8 private jet. The last one was a gift
for Turkey’s president from the
government of Qatar. Instead of the 400 seats
that are normally onboard, this one got a
major makeover. It now holds
just 76 passengers in its first-class suites, lounges, and
conference rooms. There’s even a
hospital onboard. The jet is worth
whopping $500 million. President Jair Bolsonaro
uses an Airbus A319 for international trips and
an Embraer VIP transport for short-haul flights. The Brazilian air
force calls it VC-1A, but it’s officially named
after famous aviator Santos-Dumont. Up front, the plane has
a presidential suite complete with a conference
room, office, and bedroom. While all these planes are
tricked out a little differently, one thing’s the same: The world’s leaders
like to travel in style.

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  1. Actually mexico had the most expensive presidential plane untill there president decided to sell it. Plane was a beauty.

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