Ep. 30 Tree-Climbing Goats, Counting Seals and the First Drone Jump | Twig Science Reporter

On this week’s
news update– Scientists find a new way
to count seals, the world’s first drone jump, and goats that climb trees! First up,
scientists have been using a new way to estimate
how many gray seals live along the coast
of New England in the USA. For nearly one hundred years,
gray seals here were hunted
until there were very few left. Since the 1970s,
conservation work has helped seal numbers grow,
but researchers have found it difficult to estimate
how many there are. A new study
used Google Earth satellite images to count seals on beaches
over a number of years. This was combined
with information from tagged seals and incredibly,
it’s now thought there are between 30,000 and 50,000
gray seals living in the area! Next up, this man has completed
the world’s first drone jump. A drone is an unmanned aircraft
and in Latvia, in Europe, this daredevil
was lifted into the sky before letting go
and parachuting back to Earth. It’s not just for fun though, these drones are designed
to carry heavy loads, and it’s hoped they could
have many different uses– from helping with rescue operations
to putting out fires. And finally–
it’s Wacky Science! What animals
might you find in trees? Birds? Monkeys? What about–
goats?! In some parts of Morocco,
in North Africa, the climate is dry
and there aren’t many plants for these goats to eat. So they need to use
their climbing skills to find food! Here, they’re eating fruit
from the top of argan trees and researchers have discovered
that after the goats have eaten the fruit,
they spit out the seeds. This helps to spread
the seeds far apart, which means they have lots
of space to grow into new trees. So the goats’ climbing skills
are pretty useful, for them and for the trees! That’s all for this week,
we’ll see you next time!

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