[ENG SUB] Have you seen an animation with drones? ㅣ ‘Aerover’ ㅣ S1 EP1 ‘Return of the Space Drones’

You can do it Doesn’t matter what they say (Aerover / Return of the Space Drones)
You are strong and brave Don’t hesitate Dare to dream the dream Go after your dreams Go with the wind, fly high You can achieve everything you desire So now, fly fly fly If it’s with you If it’s just the two of us I can go anywhere if it’s with you Anywhere is perfect with you Let’s Go! Baby baby baby baby Welcome to another world Welcome to another world Way to go, way to go I just love it I just love being anywhere with you Tell me, oh, I love you so Baby come with me Come on, let’s go Love you forever I will always, in my heart If it’s with you If it’s just the two of us I can go anywhere As long as it’s with you I have a huge cat at my house. Hmph… Liar… No really! Look! Oh! Wow! I think he’s bigger than us! I’m going to be a vet with lots and lots of cats! I think you mean a zoo keeper! Hmmm… I’m going to be the best chef in ther world! And make everything into ice cream. Ha ha ha You and your ice cream… Hey Shawn! What are you going to be? Uh… I haven’t really thought about it. Shawn is good at running
so he can be a soccer player or… Wow! Check this out! It’s the Aerover Champion’s League! They’re so cool! This is awesome! Wow! Wow! I just made up my mind. I know what I’m going to be. From that day till this very day I’ve dreamt the same dream every day. To be the greatest Aerover pilot in the world. Oh! Iron Fist finally breaks through
grabbing the leading point from Magma. It’s always exciting to see such great plays! My dream… is to be the Aerover World Champion! DREAM OF BECOMING AN AEROVER PILOT You are now joining us at the Aerover Festival
at Central City Stadium. There’s a friendly challenge match going on
between the Old Toys Team and High Five Team. This is already our 10th annual Aerover Festival! It is truly a harmonious festival
for all Aerover lovers around the world. You’re right! The Aerover World League,
a symbol of world peace, is loved by everyone! It’s the most loved sport
in the world for the past 10 years! And the second half on the match
has just started. Iron Fist on the Old Toys Team
is attacking first! It’s only a friendly match, but all the players are on fire today. Oh! And Iron Fist takes the first point in the second half. Yes! It takes a lot of speed and skills
to go through the Strike Zone, make it past all the opponents without any passes in the given short time of 20 seconds, and make it through the goal to score a point. This just shows Iron Fist
lives up to his reputation of excellant individual skills
breaking past any defense line to make a goal. Wow! But the whole team can’t rely on just one person. You’re right! The Old Toys Team is definitely counting
on Iron Fist too much. Look at that! The connector who is supposed
to be passing the strike is practically on vacation. If the striker crashes or runs into
any mechanical problems, it will change the flow of game completely. And Rainbow Jelly on the High Five Team
goes through the Strike Zone as we speak! Lord of Tanker on the Old Toys Team is going in
for the defense against Rainbow Jelly. It’ll never work! The Tanker needs to crash
into the offense to stop them, but flying up there for everyone to see…
It won’t stop anybody! I say hiding and waiting for the perfect time to make a surprise attack
would be much more effective. I see! A surprise attack! It is like a former Aerover Champion
like you to point that out! And Rainbow Jelly dodges the Tanker much to easily! And do I see a goal? Oh! Rainbow Jelly loses control
and crashes to the floor! What happend?!
She was right in front of the goal… Maybe she just lost control? -It’s a hacker!
-It’s a hacker! – Huh?
– Huh? There must be a hacker
hiding there next to the goal! Surprise attacks and counter attacks!
That’s the Old Toys’ Style. Right! He’s hiding on the right! No way! It’s the left! – No! Right!
– Left! These kids are so smart. What do you think, Babe? – Eh hem!
– Right! Ah! Is it a hacker? Most definitely! The hacker must have been hiding behind that block on the right side of the goal. I knew it! It was the right side! The important thing is that
hacker succeeded, isn’t it? You’re right!
I knew Quadcop was the best hacker alive! He’s a living legend. I guess the rumor about him
transferring to another team was true. Yeah! I don’t think anyone knew where he went. I never thought I’d see him today on this team! And Iron Fist is at it again. With just 1 minute left on the clock, will Iron Fist show us another fancy move making another surprise attack
on the High Five Team?! Oh! And unexpected has just happend. Huh… Rainbow Jelly blocks an attempt made by Prepalla to connect her teammates! This exciting match between
the Old Toys Team and High Five Team is making my heart pound! You know… You’re cute sometimes. Hahaha. High Five Team in the offense again! If they tie now, the Old Toys Team might lose! Of course they won’t win! High Five Team was going to win
from the beginning! Just wait and see! Iron Fist will pull through! Iron Fist? Rainbow Jelly will show him who’s boss! No way! Their stats and years
of experience might be similar, but Iron Fist is the best of the best!!! High Five Team is still going to win. There is no way a team that I,
Charles the Great, is cheering for can lose. Hey! You must be a Rainbow Jelly fan too! [ring ring ring] – Why are you still there!!
– Ack! I’m going! I’m going! Look! I’m almost there!! They match isn’t over! I have much more important things
to do at the moment! You stay and cheer on! -You’re not leaving?
-Me? Where? There’s a mini Aerover challenge going on
over at the event stadiun. Mini… Aerover challenge? The winner gets a poster with Ian’s hand written signature. What! Really?! Yeah. Even my niece is over there right now. My hero, the youngest
Aerover Champion of all time… his personal hand written signature…! Fierce blade of coldness! Ice Blade!!!! Hey, are you feeling okay? Oh! Umm.. yeah! Thanks! All participants must fill out a registration form to participate in the mini Aerover match. Please write the serial number on your Aerover,
name, and cell phone number. Participants may only use Aerovers
registered under their own name. I made it on time. Stop being so stubborn! I’m still a kid! It says all children can participate! HERE! Written right here! I haven’t started middle school yet, so I’m still a child, okay?! Hey, check that out. That Aerover is totally competition grade. It looks really expensive. Is he trying to beat bunch of kids
younger than himself? How embarassing! You! What did you just say? Pick on someone your own size! Boo! Go away! You big cheater! Age is just a number. A craftsman never blames his tools! The world of competition is a cold cold place! How dare you weak minded little kids step up to me! If you can’t take the heat, beat it! I’m taking over! Okay, okay.
Just fill out the registration form and go away. Who’s your partner? Huh? Pa…partner? You didn’t know? That’s too bad. HERE! It says you need a partner for the DUAL match. Don’t tell me you don’t have a partner? Uh…! Of course I have partner. He’s just waiting for me somewhere else. Next! I’ll help you over here. Nothing can get in the way
of The Great Charles. Look… He’s such a loser. Let’s get out of here. Serves him right… I will get what I want. Just wait and see. Where to find a partner…. Oh! Hey! You there! Come here for a second! Me? Why? Ah ah ah. Where do you think you’re going? I’m going to win the match, you know. And I’m going to let you be my winning partner. Winning partner? Of course! You have been personally chosen
by The Great Charles And besides, no one here has
a better Aerover than me. So you must be the luckiest person here to be chosen me. There’s no better partner than Charles the Great. Really?! I’ve always wanted
a hand signed poster of Ian! Just follow my lead! Okay! Let’s do this! My payment? Always so impatient… You know you can trust me. Whatever… Just pay me. Get ready for another one. Another one? I just got a signal from around here. I can snatch it up in the blink of an eye. I have plenty of money. Just go get the goods. Okay. See you in a bit. So… Now that you’re teamed up
with Charles the Great, I say we need a team name. A team name? Okay! What kind of name? Hm~~ Ther Great Charles and Sparkle Eyes! Ugh… What’s that…? Then what about Super Sparkle Eyes?! Or Captain Sparkle Eyes? Steward Sparkle Eyes! My name is NOT Sparkle Eyes! It’s Shawn! And I’m going to be
an Aerover World Champion some day! Huh? You’ve got big dreams now, haven’t you! Hmm… Let me think… Then… The Great Charles and… he said World Champion so… I have it! Sparkle Eyes Champion, Shawn! Arg… I am NOT Sparkle Eyes!
Stop making fun of me! And can’t we get rid of that “Great Charles” part? Yeah, well… The team name
isn’t important anyways. With this, we can wipe out a whole truck
full of those little losers! Is this Aerover special? This custom made Aerover was handcrafted by master craftsmen piece by piece! I present to you… Ritzy! Wow… Ritzy? The name even sounds luxurious, doesn’t it? Can I… take a look… I knew it! Those sparkling eyes of yours
recognize greatness in their presence. Here! You can hold it for as long as you want! Feel its grand magnificence! Wow! It’s so wonderful. It must cost a fortune. Mm… Prices have no meaning. The important thing is that it’s one of a kind. Wow… It’s so… But wait…! What’s our plan for the dual battle match? I’ll take the lead and blow all
those little kids out of our way! You just follow my lead and assist! Assist? Must I always say things twice with you? Oh, sorry. Assist. Shawn, over there. My one and only sister is watching us. Who…?! I don’t see… The girl shooting laser from her eyes. Her! Where? Nevermind. We have one goal! What? That hand signed poster of Ian! My sister is going to kill me
if I don’t bring it back to her. So we have to win. Understand? Of course! We have Ritzy right? So pay close attention and follow my lead, okay? Got it! Assist!! Ready Five Four Three Two One Go! Aerover! Aerover
Return of the Space Drones Aerover
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