EMAX – Redefining Flight

– [Announcer] When the
Hawk 5 was first unveiled, EMAX revolutionized the
drone racing landscape by establishing the optimal specs for a fluid racing experience. But what EMAX has done
again is redefine the field in aerial drone technology with
the revolutionary Hawk Pro. By utilizing a comparatively
lighter canopy, the Hawk Pro features a
more aerodynamic profile which enable faster speeds and an improved power-to-weight ratio
while still retaining the rigidity and durability
to handle any situation. With its slim design,
the Hawk Pro also offers a mounting system to allow designers to create their own customizations to further personalize
the flight experience. With an upgraded FPV
transmission system and camera, pilots will be able to fly with ease as they navigate each
terrain with a clear view. Featuring a newly engineered
power system consisting of the Mini Magnum III
power stack paired together with the Pulsar brushless motor system and AVAN Scimitar propellers,
maximum power, reliability, and efficiency is achieved offering a superior flight experience
over its predecessor. The Mini Magnum III
utilizes a high-performance speed-controlling system
to accept up to 25.2 volts of power, while the Pulsar motor features a new visual feedback system
which increases brightness based on your throttle input. The flight times and performance of the proven AVAN Scimitar series offers a superior flight
experience on the Hawk Pro for beginners and pros alike. With next-generation
performance, the Hawk Pro is here to set a new standard in
FPV flight performance. (inspiring music)

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