El DRONE de STAR WARS | Montaje + batalla épica

El DRONE de STAR WARS | Montaje + batalla épica

breathe… just breathe… now… extend your hand… what do you see? I see a ship but isn’t a normal one it’s a drone and i think that deDrones have to build it let’s do it? tie fighter this ship is fuc***g awesome oh it’s so nice ok lets move the laptop we have to build an structure with four motors here will add the lateral panel, and the other one and we got it ok i’ll need some wood for the structure the painting easel this will do the trick use the force Eric come here come on! the fail of the week i’ll go faster without force LOL remember that you have always to recycle if you want to drop something like an old painting easel remember that you can converti it to a star wars drone lets continue! 🙂 Darth Vader Voice: “Eric give me some food” achievement unlocked: the force power ok so after lot of build time family we have finished lot of work, but the result is it’s really nice here is the little drone well, it’s not so little LOL let’s weigh it to see what weight it has without props and battery weights 862gr (1,90lb) and with battery and props 1040gr (2,29lb) i think that is the heaviest drone I’ve ever built ok so i’m going to sleep, I have the ship ready because well, now its dark outside… and well let’s relax and tomorrow will try this star wars ship Next morning
DAY 1 it’s Darth Vader?
Yes what he say? perfect, bye what did he said?
It will fly! YEAHHHH well family we are here with Jordi as always Jordi i’ll give you the camera you have now the force family today has come to have fun with dedrones Mijaba! (lightsaber sounds) Mijaba but what are you doing with this stick? WTF?! Are you ready?! Close your eyes Open them! it’s a Tie fighter 1/27 scale ok I have invented that number LOL lets do a little third person view to try the drone mama, i’m retarded first problems the drone was uncontrollable I cant bring it down!! LOL I cant bring it down!! LOL go down drone! I can’t…LOL OMG! it’s perfect with no damage Mijaba is uncontrollable it makes auto-rolls have you seen it? it’s crazy! ok lets do fpv and will see if it gets out of control…so….okey armed! and go up! it’s very difficult to controlate it but it’s easier by fpv than in 3rd person view “the impossible drone” I can’t drive to anyway I haven’t yaw ok ok ok I think that the cardboard has touched the props because I have hear some BANG PUSH BOOM a ray of hope
DAY 2 morning! it’s 7:45 AM of the next day of the video that you have seen now and yesterday the test flight was a big fail the drone didn’t fly well and we don’t know why… but I have a little ACE into the pocket whats up! you are David Coperfield xD ok we have the test drone there and now Marc is going to configurate the PIDS how many beers do you want for your help? wtf!? i’m allways buying the beers ash***e “oh no the x-wing will kill us easily” it’s alive! parked! we have made some holes into the lateral panels and lets see if it can fly can’t bring it down… you can’t bring it down? bring it slowly Marc look, you are doing well Marc, how do you feel? FU*** DRONE the beginning of the end
day 3 ok third try… i’ve updated betaflight i’ve updated blheli too i’ve changed props and I don’t know what can I do more It’s with the same lateral panels as the first day I’ve added a rope on the top, between panels and i’ll try to fly yesterday I tryed to fly without panels, with this configuration and it worked so I have a little hope for today lets see it nope, same problems… no…acro mode.. impossible I don’t know how to make it fly as a last try, as a last try yesterday I was I able to fly with no panels I’m going to try to make a panel with holes it’s the only one idea that I have now try to make a cardboard structure and fill it with plastic rack maybe we can fly it… but I see a really dark future… ok so i’m going to make cardboard panels with some holes and i’ll add some plastic rack inside black color let’s see how it looks and how it flies last day
last chance morning the drone it’s finished with the new panels finally i’ve add a plastic rack inside it’s not really pretty like the first one but well… maybe flying looks nice Pijuli (Marc) told me that the CameraCopter team it’s training today so i’m going with them to make it fly and try to record some cool videos if the drone finally flies well we are here with the CameraCopter team are you ready guys? yeah! the drone is here with the new panels I hope that the new one flies Sergi, the camera is yours, please dont forget it (making jokes) ok the drone is ready the action cam is recording this guy is gona kill me it’s the craziest member of the team so lets flying, and lets see if the force its with us, and the luck…and everything you ready? what a picture, love it ok Rafa you manage the race ok lets go! armed… and go up! ok it’s flying…. i’m able to…. go foward… Pijuli this thing it’s flying! please avoid to hit me I’m surrounded by drones it’s like a war let’s see if I can bring it near the camera I’m seeing many drones chasing me this is awesome! wow… I can drive it better that the other day but is still working strange can we pass the gate? amazing pretty amazing the tie fighter Sergi are you recording a good video?
YES! this looks like a real star wars with all the drones around me OK, I will give the drone to the person who chash it come on guys! come on, galactic war! crash between them “can we throw stones?” YES FOR SURE well family finally it has flown CameraCopter, thanks for record me and help me with the video if you have liked the video, please give me a superlike and see you next week remember that if you want to make something you can’t give up if you work hard, the results will come family see you next week, byeeeeeee Come Jordi, i’ll show you a thing I’ll show you how to drive a drone only with the force come come look, i’ll show you a good trick beeper ok! you like it? lets go armed have you seen Jordi? come, come be careful yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh

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  1. el dron al final del video, tiene un gimbal, que tipo o cual es si pudieras compartir, ademas si hicieras un dron del Halcon milenario estaria genial, excellente video

  2. Es muy buena idea, si lo proyectas en 3D con controlador adecuado y con las pantallas huecas es posible que mejore la maniobrabilidad… Felicidades

  3. se vuelve loco el drone es por la forma en que toma el aire y como lo vota con las talas de los lados hace que se forme en la parte de abajo del drone turbulencia por eso es que coge para todos lados igualmente del lado afuera apenas colocaste la malla esa turbulencia ya deja de estar y el aire fluye naturalmemte …

  4. Un dron de carreras de un kilo, lo siguiente va a ser ponerle unos motores brushless a un sofá para hacerlo despegar.

  5. Estas to loco. Con 1/10 parte de madera sobraba. Eso tiene que pesar mas q un camion. Tendrias q haberlo volado en estabilizado mejor. Dale crak!!

  6. komo mola hacer un remember viendo tus viejos videos jaja, una pena no poder darle al like una vez mas ji aio lokos

  7. hola siempre veo tus videos todos 2 y 3 veses a la semana pero nunca ases sorteo internacionales o puedes regalar a algunos subs dogo si quieres

  8. Una sugerencia bro no dijo que lo hallas echo mal ni nada si al contrario está muy muy bien bueno como decía yo dijo que ubieras echo la parte de en centro la cápsula la hicieras más grande para que tuviera más escala y la parte de la cámara tuviera más visión de arriba y abajo o alado y al otro y también más peso en el centro eso haría que tuviera mejor soporte y equilibrio pero nadamás es una sugerencia bro


  10. Jajajaja buenísimo, sobre todo el final del vídeo, que buenas imágenes con todos los drones alrededor!! Enhorabuena

  11. me encanta como todo entusiasmado para la prueba de vuelo, suena la música épica, pero el dron no esta por la labor… JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA…. BUENISIMO…. 6:01

  12. Pero que cojones!!! A los 26 segundos de vídeo Tienes en ahí en la estantería a CYBORG TU ROBOT REAL….jajajajajajaja. Yo lo tengo!!!!

  13. Muchas felicidades bien trabajo. Te digo una cosa me conecte en tu proyecto. Se un poco de electrónica lo básico. Mi pregunta es donde puedo conseguir piezas para armar un Drone? Vivo en México frontera con USA

  14. Wow!!!! muchas felicidades, me encantan los drones y star wars, Gracias por compartir tu trabajo. Saludos desde México =D

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