Drone Swarm – Announcement Message from the developer

Drone Swarm – Announcement Message from the developer

Oh, hey everyone! You probably wondered what happened to Drone Swarm, our space strategy game where you control like thirty-two thousand drones at the very same time. A lot has happened since our very first trailer, do you remember that one? Voice: „We don’t know where they came from.“ We’ve been to countless events and gathered your feedback, met you guys. And we put it all into a new version, that we showed off at Gamescom 2018 with a brand new trailer. We announced our partnership with 451, a Michael Bay production company! Yes, that Michael Bay. 451 is creating a comic based on Drone Swarm! And together we’re working on in-game cutscenes for the game. „Carter, you have to do something now! The Voohr are about to attack. Drone wall at 82% and holding, Captain.” And also Drone Swarm got a lot of cool new features. And together with our publisher astragon we’ll bring it to everyone this year! Wanna try out Drone Swarm? We’re gonna be at PAX in February, so come there and play it! Everything is happening at the moment. Comic, cutscenes, new mechanics, publisher, 451, everything. So stay tuned, get into our newsletter and be informed about the upcoming playtests. See you at PAX, folks!

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  1. Ain‘t that the guy who was always doing the Bus Simulator live-streams? Awesome dude, can‘t wait for the game.

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