DRONE SHOOTING TIPS: Improve your Videos/Photos

DRONE SHOOTING TIPS: Improve your Videos/Photos

11 thoughts on “DRONE SHOOTING TIPS: Improve your Videos/Photos”

  1. Thanks for watching! Would love to know your drone flying tips as well, let me know in the comments.

    Also I will be answering anyone's questions! 😀

  2. More drone tips, please! Can you please buy one of each model and tell us how to use them? Thanks 😂

  3. LOVE this video, such helpful tips, the gimbal sensitivity is game changing! That is so often the difference between beginner drone users and not is that jerky gimbal movement! Thanks for sharing! Would love to watch more videos like this!

  4. Another cool video. I have a Mavic Pro – (Ferrari Edition) and love learning all the time. Thanks for sharing mate. Cheers Spike

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