Drone Photography: how to take great images with your DJI Drone | sharing my experience with you

Drone Photography: how to take great images with your DJI Drone | sharing my experience with you

hey guys Michael is back again today with seven tips on professional drone photography let’s go the first thing you want to do when you want to take serious professional photography with the drone especially with the (DJI) Mavic Pro you should set the file format to the dng, to the RAW format. RAW sounds good and it is good because RAW gives you much more color precision and gives you much more details in the shadows and in the highlights so if you have a really bright sky or a dark forest in the foreground you can get much more out of the shadows and out of the sky and your shot will look much better. so make sure you only use the RAW format don’t use JPEGs. O ne good thing though about JPEG is that you can choose to get your images transferred to your phone right after you shot them so if you use only the RAW format this is not possible so what I like to do is do both so I can just send my images directly to somebody and show what I just did or use them for Instagram or something like that tip number three take care of a proper exposure don’t over expose your images because overexposed parts can not be rescued so if your sky is blown out it is white you cannot get back details or clouds in the sky if you under expose a little bit it’s not that bad especially if you remember tip number one and use the RAW format tip number four take panoramic images from the sky you set your camera to portrait mode and then you take overlapping images until you get all the way around and then you import your images in Lightroom or any other software which can handle that and you create an awesome panoramic image which has 100 megapixels or more and you can zoom in all the way is so beautiful try it out another important thing remember the medic Pro has just 12 megapixels which is not a lot it’s okay but it’s not great so go to the place where you don’t have to crop your image you have a drone you can fly anywhere so if you need to get closer get closer don’t crop your image in post-production forbidden don’t do it tip number six check if your camera is good automatic Pro which had a problem with the land and you can find a lot of people having that issue my images were starting to get blurry on the right side just a third of the image was blurry it’s not nice lumen all the way make sure you have focus from left to right if you don’t get in touch with eji and have them replace your drone tip number seven last one use post-production to pimp your images you know like in normal photography even without a drone unique post-production you need to change white bones for example sometimes you need to add some contrast some clarity pop up the shadows get down a little bit in the highlight whatever it takes it depends on the image maybe you even have to drop oh no you remember you’re not allowed to crop but you know what I mean use post-production and get your images popping so I hope you enjoyed this video let’s have a look at some drone shots I hope you’ll fly safe and see you soon hit like hit subscribe and have a nice day good bye

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  1. I love your channel man! Thank you for all the great advice in the live show yesterday. You sold me on a mirrorless camera over a dslr BIG TIME!!

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