drone long range – Phantom 4 + de 8 km, 8.339 metros recorde

Hey guys, everything cool with you? Let’s go another long range. this time with the phantom 4. in that same place I already reached 7.2 km with the phantom 3 advanced, who wants to check has the link To the description, I have also found 4.5km with the phantom 4 in town and the night, so I believe it’s to pass to and from the 7 km calmly the phantom 4. Let’s see if it’s better or worse than the signal. than phantom 3, the question the battery is reporting 26 minutes of flight, today it is winding a lot, I hope it does not disturb our flight It’s leaving me a little worried that the wind is behind the drone. is pushing the drone, when it comes back will come against the wind, but let’s go Let’s see what we got sometimes I will advance the video between 3 to 6 times the normal speed, to become more dynamic and I also change between the screen recording and drone filming. here i am using the filter nd 16 to try to leave the shuterspeed closest possible of double the framerate, as the rule and filming in 4k this time. after several long range tests I noticed that in sport mode the battery spends much faster does not yield much, the same thing if it is at maximum speed, as much as the phantom 3 when Come back and do not return home. (there is a video on the channel that you can check), he informs returning at cruising speed which really is where the battery surrenders About 35 km / h so I’m trying to keep it at that speed. here we are already more than 5km away to 70 meters of height, more than 65% of battery and 9 minutes flight so far, everything perfect, going from wind and save. we’re getting to the 6km mark the signal is very strong and the famous warning appears, from here the drone informs you that you have to come back to get safely from where you took off, if you continue from now on it is at your own risk, and of course we cancel the warning and give it a go! Are you enjoying this long range? Then sign up for the channel and do not forget to leave LIKE. and now yes, we have already beaten our previous record with the phantom 3 of 7.2 km away, and we are already overcoming the 8 km away, the signal is still very strong, by the level of the signal it seems that it is more or less signal strength by 50%. he is arriving 8.2 km and we will arrive to 8.3, you can see in the distance D that the drone traveled, and below where I put the red arrow is the drone’s distance from the radius, more than 8.3 km away, battery at 50% is time to start Come back and we will go back home. remembering that my drone is original, no modification, antenna argtek none of this, everything original, At the end of the video you will see my radio I’m using baffle only. if it were not the case of the battery I believe I would arrive to 9km quiet, without losing signal, because what is informing the signal is in about 50% force. I’ll cancel the return to home and bring it in hand now the beast has caught, this is appearing warning of strong wind on the screen to fly with caution we are 7 km away and the battery is now up to 40% our long range begins to get dramatic subscribe to the personal channel and leave LIKE to follow more videos like this I have other long ranges done with the phantom 3 in town of 7.2 km with the P3 almost 5 km away I already downloaded to 70 meters the height of the drone so it picks up less wind although there is still a strong strong wind warning on the screen, battery less than 30% the situation starts to get complicated the most critical part is now in the middle of this tree, it can not descend at all, if not I will not have to recover the drone, 20% of the battery more than 3km away Our flight here is already 23 minutes more than 2 km away and less than 15% battery the way is to start taking a look around the area and already find a place of easy access to land is the end, battery criticizes, the drone begins to to land alone, now it just goes down I saw that there is a road passing nearby. I’ll bring the drone closer to the road. in order to facilitate the rescue here we are, very close to the road, but also I do not want to arrive too much so as not to be in danger of no one picking it up before me the intention is to rescue the drone and not lose the drone luckily I found an area with little bush well cleared will be easily accessible, without oxen, people, houses, nothing, a very quiet area drone landing, now we have no choice Business is getting in the car and we’re going to go behind the drone. I can see exactly where the drone is. came down and where I am so just go to the rescue down 2km away, now I’m heading towards to drone picked up the radio again, we can see we are just over 600 meters away drone we arrived at the drone now it’s only a search that he is here waiting for me I think it’s right there in the middle of the field now just turn off and save Phantom 4 that was in this long range I knew I could not go back, I would have tried to go 9 km or as much as possible, to see how far the phantom 4 goes and as you can see, the original radius only using the signal deflector, which really makes a difference. despite leaving the signal directed, it makes it arrive much more far this is it and until the next staff See you in the next video

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