Drone Killer? Unboxing the Wiral Lite: A zipline for your camera

squirrels pigeons mr. tree hey everyone
this is Andy from singletrack magazine and today we’re going to do an unboxing
of a Wiral Lite this is like a Kickstarter project which was released I
think last year and we backed it and we’ve just received our Wiral Lite
through the post you can see we’ve got a few different boxes here we’ll take a
look what’s inside each one in a second but first of all let’s take a look at
this main package here so I’ll get my knife out I’m not sure what’s in this
box but I’ve got a fair idea what’s in here open this up so this little world
light system comes in feels like a rubberized finished
carry case so you know it feels like it might be weatherproof so you can take it
out into the jungle or just into the park and you have to
worry about it getting too wet so yeah that’s the case that it comes oh it’s
got a little carry handle there Wiral Lite written on the front it’s got
a flat back so you’d have to worry about it wobbling around on the floor and
rolling away from you we just open it up I can see what’s inside so in the world
light packaging in there carry case we’ve got a few little documents we’ve
got a piece of information telling us to use a genuine firmware how to get
firmware updates we’ve got a little thank-you letter from the guise of whirl
four back in their project and we’ve got the instruction manual which is really
thin and you know there wasn’t much there to go out really because it should
be quite a really simple product to use also in here it’s so this is the the
basic kit that you could buy for tuned it’s currently 265 pounds it’s usually
303 and in that you get this 50 metre quick reel of rope so apparently this is
a super super easy system of getting your rope from tree to tree they reckon
that you could set this up in just three minutes so I’m not going to try it now
but we will try it in the forest to let you know if that’s the case we’ve also
ordered an extra hundred metres to so we can run it between
trees that are further apart we’ve got this a securing fastener that I’m not
sure what it does we’ve got a remote control for controlling the Wiral Lite
itself which has this little speed dial apparently this will do 28 miles an hour
so that’s pretty scary to be honest but it’s also going to be really cool once
we mount a camera to it and on here we’ve got a few different modes at a few
different functions sorry we’ve got these buttons on either side of the
control and there to set the stop the end of the line so we can tell the we
roll light where the end of the line is so even if we zap this up to 28 miles an
hour when it gets to the end it will
automatically turn off it’s not going to keep buzzing and burn the motor out
we’ve got this mode button which will turn it from standard mode which is
basically forwards backwards to a time-lapse mode which will you know
allow you to do cool time lapses and we’ve got a few LED indicators at the
bottom for telling us how much power we’ve got left what speed we’re going
and other details and this takes a battery just a regular battery so you
don’t need to worry about charging it up also in the kit we’ve got this little
ball jointed camera mount now although the bottom of the Wiral Lite does have
this thread at the bottom which is the right size for another GoPro for a
regular-sized camera or you know it’s the same throat as a tripod mount we’re
all light saying don’t use your camera directly on the bottom I’m not entirely
sure why but they say you can’t do that you’ve got to use this little attachment
so this goes on to the bottom of the Wiral Lite you put your camera on here
your instant one 360 ONE X will go straight on there without any extra mounts and
because it’s a ball joint you can adjust it around a little bit to get some
different angles so that’s in the kit too we’ve got these little stops these
are stops for the end of the rope so either end one each end of the tree and
I guess the where’ll light bumps into those once it gets to the end so it’s
not whacking into trees and squirrels and then we’ve got the Wiral Lite
itself which is this piece of kit will go on to the Wiral Lite itself so this
is basically a sophisticated motor with a remote control system inside of you
activated by this little handheld remote and basically the idea is you attach
this attach this rope to either a tree or a
lamppost or you know someone who’s asleep and then you attach the other end
to something else and then this little machine will zip from one end to the
other with a camera mounted to the bottom so as you can see it folds up so
that’s an it’s folded position obviously so you can pack it away nice and easily
and when it’s unfolded that’s it that’s almost ready to rock the Rope will go in
here in these little grooves and across the top there where there’s a motor that
runs along and drives the the Wiral Lite the Wiral Lite from one end of your
rope to the other it has a rechargeable battery built in so you do get an
external battery charger with this the set and this battery will last around
three hours so it will actually outlast your camera more than likely
so as I’ve already mentioned we’re all say you have to use a little ball joint
on the bottom of your Wiral Lite you can’t just mount your camera on there
although that is the correct thread for some reason you can’t do that you’ve got
to use this and interestingly in the packaging there’s a little note that
comes with these and it says because these are early production models you
know it being a Kickstarter and everything when you receive this you
meant to put this on tighten up as tightly as possible yeah and remove it
and then do that five times just I don’t know why it just mentions you’ve got to
do that so I don’t know if they’re worried that the threads aren’t tight
enough on some of them or if there’s a stripping problem but this one feels
like it’s pretty good it’s nice and solid the camera’s not going to go
anywhere and once that’s on you can adjust that
to where you want it the little ball joint tighten that lever up whack your
camera on there and this will carry one and a half kilograms of weight so you
could get your GoPro on there if you have an adapter you can put your 360
camera on there you could put a small SLR on there as well anything that
weighs below one and a half kilograms will go on here and then zip from tree
to tree at 28 miles an hour which sounds fantastic fun so yeah we’re going to
obviously going to try this out we’re going to
take it out into the forest we got to take it out into the town we’re going to
scare some pedestrians and some pigeons and get some cool video with it
so watch out for that and if you do have any questions please let us know in the
comments below and we’ll do our best to answer them as soon as we can thank you
very much is that it

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