Drone Harmony – présentation et essai

Welcome, today I propose to you to try a new application called DroneHarmony This is an application available for Android in beta for now It is an application that is used to plan capture missions It brings some interesting and new concepts The first is the possibility of modeling the volumes which will represent two things On the one hand, the object to be captured And, on the other hand, obstacles which will prohibit the planning of a trajectory inside The second interesting concept that this application brings it is a small simulation tool of the flight routes that will be given to the aircraft We can plan several types of missions Peripheral missions, mapping missions Combined missions peripheral capture plus upper mapping We will see that it generates a certain number of routes that will allow to plan a consistent global capture for 3D modeling of a building for instance So it will automatically create the upper scan and the various peripheral scans Then unfortunately for now all of these roads that will be created does not chain so it will be necessary to restart each route, one after the other However, what is interesting is that it creates a set of coherent missions in terms of photos overlapping and therefore in terms of optimizing our capture So this is a beta version application I tested it with a Phantom 4 Pro in different situations and we will immediately make some examples with DroneHarmony so it is an application that is intuitive enough in terms of use, you will see we go to DroneHarmony and we try to capture See you soon Model the building A preliminary flight in manual piloting allows to check the heights of the building and the calibration of the map The building can be modeled in several volumes Verification with 3D view Modeling Obstacles (or Unwanted Flight Spaces) Obstacles are defined in the same way as the building to be captured Here, the north and east facades are not studied, space is deliberately forbidden at the top and right of the chapel Generating missions Create missions for red volume, then for grey After the red volume, we switch to the grey volume If a grey mission is redundant with red, remove it Launch of missions Select the first mission Stop and shot at each point Then launch the following missions Results Processing done in CapturingReality By cheating on the volumes, it is possible to capture only a facade So we will use the possibilities of DroneHarmony for justly, create volumes which represent our obstacles So it is interesting to make a capture in a complicated environment with trees, other buildings Where it is desired to constrain the mission to certain possible flight zones around the object thank you for your visit In the event of a connection problem with the Phantom It’s not good to have grass around We will remove it We see a bar graph progressing It means that it is sending the different waypoints to the device here we go

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