My friend “Cata FPV” is coming here, Friends are so much important in FPV FreeStyle They contribute to raise the fun We choose the location based on the number of friends Latin American Dance! Let’s send a message to “BAFFO” (whiskers) that is going to join us! Here I am! Are you ready? Always dude! This is my sweet PHANTOM that we are going to use In my opinion he is going to crash also using this No, I am going to flip with this! ..and there? This is my Source One… Ahhh…so you are a fun of the source one! I give one of my Menace antennas to my sweet friend …and now he is going to test it and to give feedbacks DAJE! Where are we going today? …a new spot for me…but not for you right? Bastards! Can’t believe it! Hi Dave! What’s up? Today we are going to fly without stress because we have YURI here that is a professional parkour man Look at them…how they are smiling… Yes, I’m going to send you the gps point…ehm…Davide I mean Yes yes, for sure… I need coffe and water guys or I’m going to die You know, I need coffe or I can’t fly Today we are a lot and I choose a spot in the middle of nowhere We call it “The Reign of the Keeper” because there is a Keeper moving around there Last time he has allowed us to fly, I hope this time he is not going to call police You’ll watch! No no…this is not the spot… …this is a supermarket, we just need water Bandos everywhere Huge BANDO and…another huge BANDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! searching for the lost coffe coffe coffe coffe Here it is “Casale dei Buoni Sapori” at Nepi, Italy…super coffe! MONEY, MONEY This guy got money! MONEY MONEY MONEY …so guys…is it more difficult to RIP bandos or flying through trees? I’m sure you are going to say “BANDOS”!!! But… Yes, inside BANDO, you probably crash and break things and it’s ok But when you are inside a forest, if you crash up on a tree… …no way! Inside BANDO, over the hard concrete, you crash but the quad fall Over the trees, and we got Pines here, that are so tall, about 15 or 20 meters If you crash up there, you are going to cry…to cryyyyyyy, guys!!!!!! Another BANDO there…close your eyes please…close them… We are in the middle of nowhere, if someone is going to kill us, no one will find our corpses What’s there? A PIG?!?!?!? MR. PIIIIIIGGGGG!!!!! HI …hey…shot at yourself and not at me! So today what happens in the quarry? We…. ……RIP!!! Right! Manuel opened the gate, using your key right? Yes, sure, everything is ready…please… So here we are If you want to clean So what’s your tariff? This is a huge spot with 2 quarries This one is the big one ..and down there, the small one I want to try to mix this 2 locations together This is the LIPO I usually use for cruising and spot exploration 2300mah 4s gentlemen And today, for the exploration, without risks, a new GoPro Hero 7 Check this guys…this a such unique drone What happens? Session 5 doesn’t work… It’s working, it’s working! …thanks to Francesco…he knows how using his hands We can’t miss him! We can’t miss him! When you flying with friends, you can spectate, right Manuel? Yes, right What about his flight? Super, super…this is his firts lipo and he is on fire! …and without coffe!!! So Maurizio…do you like it? I like it, I like it So what’s up? I just introduced myself First lipo? You got the First Lipo Curse, not the Last One Cata FPV, what is FPV FREESTYLE? This is a good question… You feel the freedom, you can do what you want in the air, I love it What you feel? Freedome, for sure, and you spend money…eh… I see it Which kind of drone have you got? ASTRO X What do you think? I love it …so you are one of those Johnny FPV emulators? Damn dude!!! Manuel “Torem”, what is FPV FREESTYLE? FPV FREESTYLE is a LIFE STYLE and today I want to say this… GO I think it’s a sport, and every kids should knows about it because you can free yourself and have fun with it instead of going to steal or do damage… You choose a bando, you crash your drone, full throttle, pure adrenaline and you feel ok! Give me 5 man! DAJE! Which drone have you got? I got a TBS Source One… Great is what I rip Yes like you Did you copied my PIDs? Everyone use them! Yuri, what you feel when flying? Freedom, as others sais before I love when everyone got his personal thought Maurizio the “Moustache” What is FPV FreeStyle? I’m flying for about 4 months until now So you are a beginner Yes I’m a beginner Whad do you suggest to beginners? Crash and learn Who told you this? The super Davide FPV here! …and I’m going to crash with this bando! Great! Yuri “YUZZI FPV”, what is FPV FREESTYLE? Freestyle is fun, adrenaline and…no limits What do you suggest to beginners? Do not start guys so much money, so much money, so much money No wait, buy good fpv gooles and transmitter and build low cost drones because your going to break them, especially in the begin Did you crash it? Let me see… Damn guys… I tryed a powerloop and I crashed Freestyle is about crashing, right? …and the more you crash the more you….???? The more you blaspheme I love him, no way! Yuzzi guys has just crashed What do you feel? PAIN This guy here had only 2 lipos and it seems he ran a marathon …this not the end Why using the drone coat when you have those shoes? Guys this is my next frame, what’s his name? GHOST …so…the GHOST, nice! …and this frame here? Shockwave? Shockwave frame Which type of FPV Goggles have you got? HDO Aomway V2 HD2 HD0 HD3 Dominator V3 Tommy Hilfiger You are a thief right? No I work!!! Tell me the truth, you got only eachine and bangood gear and now…look… HDO, RapidFire, AstroX…you win a lottery! We got a chase here, chase is a must when flying with friends Chase, chase guys!!! What do you think about this FPV Goggles? They are so good Wait, you miss the antenna …and this is the patch! Did you want to fly??? Right??? That Shockwave reflex on the monitor worries me Help him! HELP!!!!!!! Is it good or not? No good, no good guys! This is our end when we reach the 65th year This is my epic Session 5, he fought every bando in Rome, it’s still alive I don’t want to lose it, I’m crying only thinking about that moment Wait…he crashed his 7″…just before leaving this spot I feel bad He told he lose the power with the Hero 7 guys What happens Yuri? I lose the power, maybe the lipo, I don’t know Have you got the DVR? NO Here it is! GoPro is shooting Wait, it is still plugged Yes, my lipo is gone Guys buy this little thing, 10 euros auto powered buzzer Ok but please, turn on your DVR…DAMN! Guys Our FPV day is going to end, we had fun, we broke quads, jokes Those are days I love, with friends, we had so much fun This is a different clip where you watched the backstage of a usual FPV day I hope you liked it, have fun, keep it up, crash, break things so you can improve yourself

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