DRONE ATTOP A7, Mini Hexacopter increiblemente estable, LTECNIC

leo I am LTECNIC, I bring you today because I bring this attop A7 as you see one minidrone Hexacopter form provided by the company Gearbest, with 6 orange helices little motors front and bringest black helices and if you want to know how this little fly and I say the first flight of this brand to wait for you after the intro good as you see a Hexacopter, two front and four helices oranges rear color, having the base Hexacopter landing on his legs They come without pads but are like rubber and dampens impacts also you will see a pretty tough drone the feel of plastic I love and also he looks pretty tough It has a protection circulate all around but I know I have removed you know that in the end I always fly without them I’ve miss a flight outside so that you see it a little Super stable amazing how stable is drone a small range of Hexacopter a larger pelín, in between button on and off, comes equipped with a abteria of 3.7v 300 mah, about 7.5 minute flight hard enough, the LEDs of different colors front and rear I will appose the battery that you may see a drone that flies pretty well, has a good spin on its axis maybe a tad slower I expected it to be a little faster but good fly very well, flies great in outdoor can fly to see when I’ve been flying today was a rachita wind around 7 or 8 km / h defended pretty well so not that it was crazy, but I tell you fly great Super stable, is not it a drone do not expect fast Quick as jjrc h20 or some like that but it flies great you do very well with the It is a very light flight perhaps too slow for my taste I expected to be faster but not bad the Hexacopter and these small drones are usually pretty quick it really is not, but is very stable has a good flight two speed modes now I show you in command and as I say particularly remarkable for how easy it is to fly very easy to fly and control good as you see the command very similar to the ps4 on-off button, speed modes speed button as you see more and less power button this button headless mode works pretty well started from the air three times worked me two, from the ground always work not back home button would flip the stick law We pressed and move it to one side we want to do the plips this driver the truth that I when I saw the command frightens me a little, but then this great, super ergonomic is ape resembles the SJX but as veisuper ergonomico I love and to be a minidrone this great of very best I tasted, the stick is well manejamuy we can handle both so very comfortable or as if they were Sethites handled well, rank okay, I have not had any problems Nor can far that we would see nolo it is quite small and has not seen this color also does not help much and because it uses oranges helices is located pretty well head I say what led red front and rear LED green has to be amazing blow at night, and I will make a flight if I can so nothing like the video and subscribe comments like, see you in the near video

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