1. We had to take a few days off from posting videos. A trip to the Sahara brought us all down with a stomach bug. More videos will come this week as we catch up!

  2. iam from morocco I do not speak english well Welcome to morocco your family is beautiful and May god keep you in the path of the journey until you return to your safe country to thank you ^^

  3. I'm a Moroccan living in USA .Orlando florida .I've seen so many vlogs. But your vlogs are a million times better than all of them . You make me want to move back to Morocco. Next time let me know when your going back for an other spectacular trip like this one so I can be your guide . Great family God bless you all

  4. Love your videos, you guys rock !! if you ever passing by rabat just hit me in the contact form moroccanfoodtour.com

  5. thats no good that you all got sick,but hopefully you are all over it by now,what amazes me is the amount of Moroccan viewers you have .i think that goes to show what an absolutely fabulous job you are all doing.you are all living the dream life,especially one i would want.the scenery is incredible.i cant wait to see your desert video,as always i know it will be adventure,beautiful scenery,wonderful family togetherness,great humour and as always a wonderful joy to watch.Cheers and safe and happy travels to you all.ps by now i think you know what a bloody awesome family you all are.Take care of one another and see you soon,cheers from Australia.

  6. I was born around this area, but I live with my family in the big city of Casablanca… After seeing your video, it becomes necessary for me to visit this region and show this beautiful landscape to my children. I can't thank you enough for opening my eyes such big

  7. Just discovered your channel and subscribed to it right away lol
    Great video editing ! Professionnal indeed.
    Native Moroccans English is impressive !
    I am a Moroccan guy lol

  8. You guys got so comfortable in Morocco….climbing hills on your flip flaps & filming on the roads ….Free spirit Morocco !! lol

  9. thanks i love goths too so much
    ths american couple love gothe too lool look

  10. Did you happen to see the goats climbing trees in Morocco? I think nowhere else in the world goats do climb trees

  11. The merchant selling the blue deraaya is very honest. The price is really good. That's the same price he would ask to a local

  12. I'm a drooone. Hahaha. Loving your videos. Keep going!
    Cheers from Brazilians living in Barcelona – and travelling anywhere we are able to. πŸ™‚

  13. We need more Americans like these guys, not like those back in the state who rely who media liars to know about the rest of the world. Good job guys keep showing the beauty of this planet to the ignorants. 😎

  14. SAHA Means Health and Comfort. As For MOUCHI MOU Actualy ItΒ΄s MOUCHI MOUCHKIL it Means No Problem:

  15. You are welcome anytime you make a visit to Tinghir, my Hometown. I hope you enjoyed your trip there πŸ˜‰

  16. hihi im moroccan and im wondering what is moshimo ?? anyways, you are the best family ever 😍luv u

  17. If you go back n visit Fes, you gotta … you gotta visit my cousin restaurant but what's amazing is his most international visiter, do a Moroccan cooking cours. Check it up on Google fescooking by Chef Lahcen.

  18. hhh bessaha and machi mouchkil it's mean that thank you and u welcome but she have a lot of nother meaning

  19. The guys in the 2:15 is a local but he surprisingly mispronounced the name Todgha… You have to pronounce it "TODRA" with the french "R". In amazigh language the "GH" is like the french "R".

  20. he gave you a good price and you just got so suspicious about it u got the price down to 60 dh come on just give him the money he is in the middle of nowhere do it just to help, yes u can do this strategy in big cities in morocco but in the villages don't worry about the price it is the best one and they treat you just like they treat any Moroccan tourist so just pay the man his money next time and still u r welcome in Morocco

  21. Saha's meaning differs from region to region it means thank you in berber, but the proper berber for thank you is ''tanmirt". interpretation of words differ

  22. You guys are awesome!! I love all of your episodes, especially your trip to Morocco, since I am originally from there. πŸ˜‰

  23. Hi, I cant get enough of your moroc tour vids…. but if you want to add a pop up correction… Saha- is Bless you, Shookran is Thankyou, Mushi mushkilla is No Problem. Mushkilla is Problem yet No and Yes are La and Ah respectively. Afak is Please…. Stay awesome.

  24. I so ❀️☺️you Guys! Your family Rocks! Thank you so much for showing us our 🌍. your personality, you have a beautiful family πŸ€™πŸ½

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