DRONE ADVANCED SELFIES: Level Up Your Instagram With These Easy Aerial Self-Portrait Ideas

DRONE ADVANCED SELFIES: Level Up Your Instagram With These Easy Aerial Self-Portrait Ideas

100 thoughts on “DRONE ADVANCED SELFIES: Level Up Your Instagram With These Easy Aerial Self-Portrait Ideas”

  1. Omg this is perfect! I literally just bought a drone!!! Waiting patiently for Amazon to deliver it!! 😁👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  2. Thing with drones in general is that only because totally different(unusual) perspective pictures look great. Nothing less, nothing more. You can almost do it in any way and it will look good.

  3. Duuuuude. Now I need a drone. Not because I already take ANY selfies, but because THESE are the selfies I would take!

  4. Wow!!! Totally unique 🏆
    Amazing video! Crazy creativity 🤗

    Do you have extra footage from your travel the world experience?

    It would be soooo fun to see you combine the footage 🤗🌟✈️🌟✈️🌟✈️🌟✈️🌟✈️😊popping from one location to the other.

    Another video could be your Top 10 favorite memories / experiences from your "Travel the World"

    how to make the most of your travel in allllll kinds of weather would be a fun video ☀️🌧☃️💥🌩☔️🌫 u seemed to experience allll different types of weather on your world travel journey and u showed an upbeat attitude to each challege that confronted you.

    It would show your collaboration/ sponsor that you do more than expected of you and would make AMAZING beautiful creative videos for us ✨

  5. I was legit going through your instagram last night telling myself, "I hope Sorelle makes an how to: drone advanced selfie video" woke up and you made my dreams come true lol!

  6. I'm really concerned Sorelle, i think something is wrong. I notice you are getting skinny.
    I hope it's not because of your depression. Get well please.

  7. I discovered your channel yesterday and I love it ! You looks so cool and funny ! And I love your pictures so much. Kisses from France !

  8. Hey Sorelle, again great video. As a man 😉 I also like your vids. The "sunflower-boobies-grass-photo" is cool, but something was bothering me. I finaly figured it out. Your S-rule is great, but I think that 90° angles are something to use with great precoution. 😉 Your arm is very distracting. Not trying to troll you at all, just … I dont know… maybe trying to help you. Like I love help and comments on my photos. (check out 'Picture Perfect Posing!!! awesome book) Greetings from Belgium!!!! Love your vids!

  9. Honestly you gave me the confidence during a depressive state to use my creativity to take advanced selfies, so thank you so much 🙏🏽💖🙌🏽

  10. so I have a drone… I unboxed it… so far I am scared to fly it but I will very soon…. and what you did… I am so in… I am definitely going to try it… watch out for video with me wearing a construction helmet.. just in case… or rather American football.. that should be safer… so far I am so scared of drones falling down..

  11. I always swivel my drone, not sure why I never discovered portrait mode hahaa. Awesome tips as always! Seriously can't wait to shoot more drone selfies now 🙌🏼

  12. instead going back to bali, why don't you explore the other side of indonesia? there are a tons of breathtaking place that you might fall in love with 🙂

  13. Really enjoying your efforts to spice up your content, nevertheless I've to crash the party (sort of :o)
    Are you aware that in whatever places of this planet you have to follow specific laws/rules regarding drone flights or otherwise you'll end up in court/get fined?
    Here's the last case that comes to my mind (especially after you've visited Germany) …

    So, just for the records. :o)

  14. I love this vid, but what about controlling the drone and shooting at the same time? Got me kinda confused, does it just stay up or how does it work 🤔🤔

  15. awesome- can't wait to get a drone and try- meanwhile I have a Sonyrx100 v – how do I do selfies with that camera? Does anyone here know- > I love your feedback yall so thank you so much- !

  16. I don't have an instagram, I don't have a drone, I don't do selfies, and I am not a photographer. I'm just here because I need a little bit of Sorelle in my day 🙂

  17. Hey. Been in love for your channel and work from one week now and I’m sure it will last. Can you tell me the drone brand, features, capabilities etc or do a video on drone technical information etc ?? Thank you

  18. The funny part is the one about turning the camera in portrait mode 😂😂😂 as you film horizontally, you can just turn the drone 😁😋

  19. Hey !! I signed up and can not be happier !!! Thank you !!! and wink wink . …sent a DM on instagram too with the screenshot !!! Woot woot !! Can't wait to get the link to your facebook group !!!

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