Dolomiti  (Dolomites) | The Epic Italian Dolomites Captured By Drone

Dolomiti (Dolomites) | The Epic Italian Dolomites Captured By Drone

The Dolomiti Mountains in 6K. Drone Video Music Playing The Dolomites In Italy. 6K Ultra HD footage captured with DJI Zenmuse X7 camera and the brand new Apple ProRes RAW codec. The location is the Dolomiti mountain range in both the Veneto and South Tyrol (Sud Tirolo) regions. As always, all the footage has no planning whatsoever, it is just shot on the fly and edited as quick as possible to be posted. The Dolomites well deserve to be in the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. It’s a mesmerizing, ancient and mystical location, where you can enjoy nature at its best. It is one of those places that makes you understand why Italy is such a famous place for tourism. Courtesy of Music Playing

20 thoughts on “Dolomiti (Dolomites) | The Epic Italian Dolomites Captured By Drone”

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  2. Well done 👍 your video has been shared on the largest geolocation map of drone videos in the world👉 #dolomiti #dolomitisupersummer #travelwithdrone

  3. Fantastic. Excellent footage and sharp. It´s a pity in some clouds a little burned, may be with a graded nd filter..

  4. Great scenery and nice editing. Lots of the clouds got blown out unfortunately. I think a graduated filter would have helped.

  5. Chapeau 😀 Amazing shots. Who needs beaches and seas when there are majestic mountains such as the Dolomites 😀

  6. Wonderful. I've made some nice footage too in the Dolomites, but your work is simply on another level. Well done.

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