DJI Spark Tips & Tricks – Beginner Mistakes to Avoid – Common drone pilot errors

DJI Spark Tips & Tricks – Beginner Mistakes to Avoid – Common drone pilot errors

Welcome to another DJI spark video and in this video I’m going to be talking about the mistakes that I was making when I first bought the DJI spark So the first mistake was a very novice mistake Which was I was not being careful with the record button. There were times when I was flying the DJI Spark and I was thinking it was recording But it was actually not because when you go get into the DJI Go app The record button when you start recording it actually changes into a little square red icon But when it’s not recording it’s a bigger Circle which is a round red icon and usually on other devices like say on a DSLR or or even on your phone You sometimes see the red Circle, which when it’s recording, but it was the other way around I had to get used to It being the square icon instead of the circle icon. And another point to add to the record button is Make sure you don’t switch from normal mode to sports mode while you’re recording because I’ve noticed that sometimes when you switch from normal sports mode it shuts off your recording and There was an instance where I was flying the drone and thinking I was getting these amazing drone shots and I came home and there was nothing there So the second novice mistake I was making was to do with the gimbal pitch speed. Now what that means is when I was using the controller There’s a little dial here in the back that helps you control the pitch of the camera when up and down right and when I started using it it was set to a much higher speed and Whenever I would change this it would just go Spazzy and go up and down really quickly And I just wondered why and how am I gonna get the footage like some of the others get where the movement of the pitches really really slow So you can get that smooth cinematic motion while flying the DJI drone and when I did some research I did find out that you can actually go and change some settings in The DJI Go app so that while flying you can get the smooth motion, so you go into your DJI Go app Right on the right hand side corner there are three dots and then you go all the way down to the bottom There’s a little camera icon the last icon on the body before the next three dots on which a three blue dot You go into that and then you have something called gimbal pitch speed now mine was set automatically I think 250 and when I pushed it down to about eight I was able to get really really steady gimbal pitch shot um what I mean is it give me that smooth cinematic motion so here’s an example of a shot without and it’s just moving all over and Here’s an example of a short once. I’ve changed the gimbal pitch speed to eight and you can see how smooth and cinematic the shoulders And speaking of spazzy footage take your time with the DJI spark. Now when I started using the DJI spark and the remote control and Even when I flew the DJI maverick pro for the first time It takes some getting used to you know the joystick that you have on your remote control it is pretty sensitive so I Started off with trying to do things really quickly, and it was just giving me no footage at all I couldn’t use that footage. Take longer Shots as well because then you can cut in the good parts of those long shots and leave all the parts that are not that Good especially if you’re not used to turning it around or getting this nice smooth cinematic movement so take your time especially because You only get about 15 minutes of flight time with the DJ’s part That’s including takeoff and landing so you when you start off with the DJ’s part You’re obviously trying to get as much as you can and to do all these cool new moons and stuff, but yeah Take your time And that should help you out Another issue that I was having with the DJI spark was not necessarily my mistake but was something that was driving me crazy So while I was flying the spark I was facing a lot of connectivity issues with the remote controlled speaking of my phone and being able to give me Clean footage of what was happening with the drone after a lot of research I actually figured it out, and I’ve created a video, and I’ll link it up here and also in the description which helps you to solve that problem of that video feed being lost While flying thus far because it’s quite frustrating you’re flying it you have this drone out there And then you lose complete connection of what’s actually happening with the drone and not being able to see The video feed at all so check out that video and hope that helps you out So I hope you enjoyed this video And hope this video can help you avoid those rookie Amateur mistakes that I was making when I first started flying the DJI spark And if you had any issues with your dgs spark that I haven’t covered in this video Do you put it down in the comments to the Lord love to know? What are the issues out there so that I can learn from it as well. If you like this video do subscribe to our Channel I’ll see you next time

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  1. Hi Sheldon and Jess
    Awesome video mate, thanks for the tip on 3:10 the camera up and down set to 8 cinematic. I really enjoyed this video and useful tips mate… hey I just Sub to ur Channel I hope u could sub back to me also…. We both love filming and I hope we could support each other…. Thanks 🙏 Sub#68 Like#1

  2. I dont have issues with the wifi signal to my phone, but i bought a OTG cable, and with it the software put limit to altitude and distant, and i dont have all the camera options, now i only uses wifi conection.

  3. Glad to have bumped into this channel. I recently got my Spark then controller but have yet to really do a road test. These are good tips.

  4. I have spark too!! I can only add that the best way to maintain your propellers in good shape is using the guards, they can slice a bit of your finger if you so happen to have your fingers in the way by mistake , thanks😆

  5. Great tips mate!
    What are your thoughts on the OTG cable do you recommend that over the use of WiFi?
    I haven’t heard anyone’s drone or Spark fly away with an OTG cable?
    I have since bought an OTG cable but haven’t used it for my Spark as yet….
    Keen to get your thoughts?
    Happy flying buddy.

  6. Great Video! Thanks for the tips! I was wondering about the Gimbal Speed. Can you tell me what software you use to cut your videos together? Cheers

  7. Thanks!! Didn't know can ajust gimbal speed thatl help alot, thinking to draw and arrow on as well. Up and down is confusing, it the turning wheel wasnt left and right itd be alot easier! Also sportsmode recording cancels out recording yes did notice that too

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  9. This was probably the best beginner video i found so far. Thank you please keep it up ill follow you to mars and back

  10. Thanks awesome video !!!! I got mine a week ago and I’m so scared to touch it. All this research really really helps. Thank you

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