DJI Spark Drone Is A Winner In My Book – My First Drone! (2019)

– What’s up everyone? This is Josh with Priceless
Consulting and today, we’re gonna talk about the Spark drone, this bad boy right here and why, if you don’t already have
one, you need to get it. (techno music) So, the Spark drone is
one of the smaller drones made by DJI and it’s amazing. The usability of it, the
footage that comes out of it, it’s a really high quality
for such a low price. When you talk about
drones, the Spark drone is actually one of the cheaper
models that you can buy for the quality that it puts out. So, the DJI Spark can be
purchased from their website or from Best Buy or there’s
a bunch of different places that actually sell it but
I’ll actually put a link in the description below,
so make sure to click that and check it out. So over all, the Spark
Drone, today was my first day actually out flying this drone
and to be honest with you, this was my first time
every flying any drone ever. So, I kinda wanted to step my
game up because I do offer, in case you didn’t know, video production for my clients. But I’d never done drone footage before. So I wanted to give it a try. And I was more than impressed today. So, I was able to take
this thing up to one of our local parks here. I had to drive a little
bit because I had to get out of our no fly zone since
I live near a military base. But essentially, I was
able to put it together, update the firmware, calibrate
everything that I needed to calibrate and get
it up in the sky flying within probably five or 10 minutes. And the ease of use, being that I’ve never flown a drone before was super simple. It’s kind of self intuitive
and it doesn’t really take much to learn how to do it. So I hovered around a little
bit lower to the ground at first to make sure that
I knew what I was doing before I tried to take it higher, but I was able to get it
quite high and get some pretty awesome shots which
I’ll show you guys right now. (light music) So, as you can see, the
footage that I was able to get from this drone, for only $649, now mind you, I got one
of the upgraded kits. So, I got the Spark drone,
this cool little remote that your phone actually
clicks into the bottom of. Then it comes with two batteries
and a charger that will actually charge the
batteries simultaneously instead of one and then the
other one, which is nice. Those batteries get about 17, 18 minutes of flight time on em but, like I said, I was able to get this drone in the air shooting quality footage that
I could then use for clients and stuff like that all
within a matter of minutes and it was super exciting
because like I said, I’ve never flown a drone before. If you’re looking or
if you’re in the market to buy a drone or you’re
just looking for one for fun, I highly recommend the DJI Spark. Again, there’s a link in the description. You can buy it for $649 for the full kit or I wanna say just the
drone is more like 399. But it’s absolutely amazing and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

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