DJI Mavic Pro – World’s Smallest Professional Drone

DJI Mavic Pro – World’s Smallest Professional Drone

If you have seen any areal footage on TV or Internet, there is a good chance that it’s recorded with a DJI drone But their drones are big, complex and expensive But now DJI itself has released a new drone to solve all those problems This is DJI Mavic Pro And it’s tiny Propellers are fixed into foldable arms You won’t have to remove propellers when you are transporting Mavic Pro The Camera is in the front end Regardless of its size, you will be able to see almost all the features in Phantom 4 in Mavic Pro too DJI Mavic Pro has 24 computing cores They are providing computing power for all its operations It supports GPS as well as GLONASS There are four optical sensors to fly this drone smoothly even when there is no GPS signal Mavic Pro’s range is 4.3 miles, and top speed is 40 miles per hour With one charge it can fly for 27 minutes DJI Mavic Pro has advanced autopilot system It’s working with image recognition So with this autopilot system, you can ask Mavic Pro to follow, profile and circle you while automatically record videos When Mavic Pro is in autopilot mode, it could crash into trees and buildings To avoid that Mavic Pro has four sensors Using them, Mavic Pro can generate a 3D map of surrounding environment And calculate altitude Using all these information DJI Mavic Pro can have crash-free fully automated smooth flight DJI Mavic Pro can automatically take off and return home with one button Most of the drones are using GPS for this function But DJI Mavic Pro has a down facing camera It’s recording a video clip when it’s taking off Then it can use this video clip to return home automatically with an accuracy of 1cm Though this is small, it has a very powerful camera It can record 4K videos as well as high frame rate videos Since there is a three-axis gimbal, the footage would be buttery smooth However, the field of view in Mavic Pro is narrower compared to Phantom 4 So you won’t get that classic wide angle shots According to many reviewers, the camera quality is also slightly compromised The controller is also tiny It looks like a game controller But it has all the joysticks and buttons As usual, You can use your Smartphone as a viewfinder If you don’t like this controller, you can use your Smartphone instead That also has virtual joysticks and all other controllers And you can change autopilot modes too You can control DJI Mavic Pro without any controller, using hand gestures If you wave to Mavic Pro, it will start following you And you can use hand gestures to take a photo and change autopilot modes Recently, drone racing has become a popular trend So DJI Mavic Pro has the sports mode In Sports mode, it can fly at 40 miles per hour When you are racing a drone, you must have a first person view For that, you have DJI Goggle With that, you can see what Drone is seeing And you will be able to have an amazing drone racing experience You might not know that DJI is a Chinese company DJI stand for Dà-Jiāng Innovations Recently they hosted a competition called Robomasters Their main objective here is to turn tech-nerds into superstars Drop a comment below to know more about Robomasters Anyone can use the DJI Mavic Pro, even without any technical knowledge And it’s recording awesome areal footage Soon we will be able to see tons of areal footage on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and everywhere The whole package costs only $999 We will discuss everything else about DJI Mavic Pro in the comment section below Like me on Facebook, Follow me on Twitter and Google+ for latest Science & Technology updates If you like to watch more interesting videos like this, go to YouTube, search for TechTrackShow and SUBSCRIBE!

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  1. aiye medawaswala lankawata drone order karanna denne nadda? Custom eken allanawada???? Plz rply..

  2. නවතා තිබෙන බස් රථයක් තුලට එහි දොර හරහා පණගන්වන ලද ඩ්‍රෝන යානාවක් ගමන් කරවා එය බස් රථය තුල හිස් අවකාශයේ ස්ථායී පිහිටුමක නවත්වන්නේ යැයි සිතන්න.

    මා හට ඇති ගැටලුව නම් දැන් බස් රථය ගමන් ආරම්භ කරන්නේ නම්

    එවිට ඩ්‍රෝන යානාවද බස් රථය නමැති අවස්ථිති රාමුව සමග ඉදිරියට ත්වරණය වනවාද?

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