DJI MAVIC mini | Are we buying our first drone ?

DJI MAVIC mini | Are we buying our first drone ?

You must be thinking that now these guys will banter and after that there will be a cinematic shot of a mountain or sea But no πŸ™‚ Not this time Hey is it allowed ? I thought it is illegal !! How did you buy it ? Won’t police catch you ? So yeah questions like that Yes this happens. The drone that we flew “DJI MAVIC AIR” is more than 250 gms. And according to Indian laws, if your drone is more than 250 gms you need to register it with government website DJI hasn’t registered with the government website as merchant And their website has a lot of issues You get lost while signing up with the government website UI of the website is cool LOL ! UI is good. It is of no use if the website doesn’t even work. And if someone asks you – “Hey where is your drone license ?” You will be like catch me Drones are very expensive and then these things add to the tension First you take out a lot of money to buy it and then there is so much nervousness when you are flying it Heart thumps ! It is not even yours and what happens if it falls Let me speak πŸ™‚ Where-ever camera is not allowed , even drones aren’t allowed You can’t fly a drone near someone’s balcony and take a pic πŸ˜› He wore glasses and asked me to wear glasses I even made my hair and put our baby (Kiaan) down to sleep Setup our “studio” and then !! And as soon as we started shooting He started crying… Hey Niki ! Can I quickly talk about pros and cons of Mavic mini yeah boy has made a list πŸ˜€ More than 30 mins of flying time which is more than Mavic Air I don’t have mini πŸ˜€ Show the top view Both mavic mini and air have same 3-axis gimble You get a RC with Mavic Mini which usually – you don’t get with such a cheap drone It is same RC as Mavic Air Of-course it won’t do well in hurricanes πŸ˜› That time you just save your life, don’t fly the drone πŸ˜› Talking about the cons now Mavic air has sensors in front, back and bottom Mavic mini has just one sensor on the bottom side. So flying mavic mini indoors can be expensive πŸ˜› Mavic mini doesn’t have front/back sensor, so if you fly it directly at the wall, it will hit the wall. So be careful while flying it indoors. It has a sensor on the bottom, so it hovers well and landing is easy. Talking about slow motion Full HD at 60 fps only So slow motion won’t be that great on mavic mini Mavic air has Full HD at 120 fps So slow motion is much better on Air But in general, you won’t really need slow motion with drones Aerial views don’t really need slow motion You understood that ! I like that πŸ˜› She has got the brains of a creator πŸ˜› That means normal people like me will also understand But yeah if you are into actions shots like chasing a race car Then you need slow-mo but then again you are probably a pro and won’t be even looking at Mavic mini It also has speed limitations Yeah that is the next con. One more thing that mavic mini doesn’t have is internal storage Mavic air has 8 GB internal storage If you buying a drone worth 399$ , you can buy a good SD Card Even we have 6 πŸ˜› We are rich, we have 6 SD cards That means common people like me doesn’t care We just need a pic for insta and don’t care about RAW But people like Rahul , who are better than common people πŸ˜› they take pics in RAW format So that no one can take pictures from his DSLR If you want your picture for insta, you won’t be able to as it is in RAW and you don’t know how to convert it πŸ˜› So yes it is a con for people like him but no problem for people like me πŸ˜€ JPEG is fine with me They are ok for Insta and FB There is a combo option as well In combo, you get extra battery propeller guards and also battery charger I need to ask my wife. Should we buy Mavic mini ? Yes we have a lot of money πŸ˜› So yeah Mavic air is expensive and we can’t buy it πŸ™ Just let us know. But if you guys are going out and have 499$ get one for us. We will pay you πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ Hey no worries, we have a lot of money, we will pay you πŸ˜› What are you saying, they will think that we really are millionaires. Hah ! We just told them that we can’t even buy a Mavic Air πŸ˜› Hundreds of feet high You don’t want someone to come and ask for a registration number or license

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  1. As the weight of this drone is just 249 gms, you don't need a license or even register your drone with government websites. Happy flying ✈️

  2. Yes you should definitely get the Mavic mini especially for your first drone! And of course Dji is a great well known company.249g Is the way to go especially from India or Europe around the world!πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

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