DJI MAVIC 2 SECRETS: Hidden Features DJI Didn’t Tell You

DJI MAVIC 2 SECRETS: Hidden Features DJI Didn’t Tell You

what’s going on guys today I’m going to give you two secrets that DG I forgot to mention when they release the Mavic 2 pro and the Mavic to zoom so we’re gonna skip the intro and get right into it alright guys now one of the first secrets that DJI forgot to mention is that the gimbal on both of these drones the pro and the zoom are able to pan left and right alright they’re able to go both sides what you do is you hold your finger down as you hold your finger down you move it across the screen you see how the gimbal is moving one thing to know on the back of the remote what you can do is just press this button okay and the gimbal will go automatically back to the center so it’s believed that see one button okay just press that and camera will go back to centre alright so after you press that button and the cameras back to centre what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go on your pad or phone okay I’m gonna take my iPad right here I’m just gonna hold down my finger on the pad and just swipe it over it okay see so I’m moving my gimbal as I move my gimbal it moves to the side it pans from left to right you can also pan like down and in other places so I’ll move it down right now I’m moving it up alright so you can move it all around just by holding your finger on the screen in the DJI Go for app and then just moving your finger around so everywhere you move your finger both sideways and down as well so it will go down 90 degrees and you’re also able to make it go up 30 degrees and you can use all that just with your finger now this might be difficult while you’re flying you might want to practice however you can do it with both drones alright this drone as well – zoom so it’s the same thing with the zoom just put your finger on the screen and you just move it over it’s just moving the gimbal from side to side all right so that’s pretty cool so you can pan the gimbal all around kind of like and inspire one or inspire – alright guys so the second secret that DG i did not mention did not tell anyone was about the pro so the zoom can obviously zoom from 24 millimeters to 48 millimeters but the pro also has a zoom feature that they didn’t mention so it’s not exactly the same as the zoom but it’s still really really great so you’re gonna go into the menu you’re going to click on right below your red record button you go in there and then you’re gonna go over to where it says video size when you go into video size you see two different sizes you see 4k HQ and you see 4k full fov now 4k full fov is 28 millimeters it’s exactly what the lens says however the 4k HQ is actually zoomed in two times so it’s equivalent of about 56 52 56 millimeters so when you zoom in it crops in okay now it says it crops in digitally the 4k full fov is the true 4k actually DJI says that it’s about 5 K so it’s 28 millimeters and it’s 5 K and then the 4k HQ is downsampled so it’s actually a cropped inversion so they say it’s about 1.4 times so instead of 28 millimeters you’re actually seeing about 39 or 40 millimeters around that so in my next video where I compare these two drones I’m going to do a side-by-side test so you can see the difference between 4k full fov versus 4k HQ basically they’re both great alright one is the full 28 millimeters it’s gonna be a higher quality however that quality is gonna be really indistinguishable unless you’re projecting it like on a movie screen if you’re watching on a computer it’s like I am unable to tell the difference right if there’s any difference it’s only ever so slight and to the naked eye it’s almost indistinguishable so having this feature is great because now not only is this a Hasselblad camera but it’s a Hasselblad camera that’s able to go from 28 millimeters all the way up to about 40 millimeters so you have that zoom capability now obviously like the zoom you’re not able to control the distance in between the zoom you can get exactly what you want like twenty eight point one twenty-eight point two twenty nine thirty thirty point one thirty point five etc however that’s like having to prime lenses on one drone so that means you can fly in the air and you can shoot at twenty eight millimeters and you can shoot at like 39 and 40 millimeters and you can switch back and forth while you’re flying so having that ability I don’t know why Ichi I didn’t mention that that’s a huge selling point at first I was like the zoom is kind of might be better for video but now that I found out about this I got to give it hands down to the pro alright guys I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you learned something about these two new DJI drones I hope it helps you fly better and also gives you a more informed decision if you decide to buy one of these if you’re interested I included links below for both of these drones and if you haven’t done so please subscribe to my channel so you get more videos about drones DJI equipment and I’ll be releasing a lot of new comparisons in the future between the Pro and the zoom don’t forget to press that like button tap that Bell notification so you get new videos like this one and remember guys siempre pa’lante megabeth ah

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  1. Hey Brother, not looking to hack on your list of "secrets" but the features you are discussing weren't pointed out because they aren't new. And for anybody whom have used any of the DJI Osmo products know about the finger pan and tilt feature. Also, the C1 and C2 bu'ens are programmable, as is the five point joy stick. Resetting the gimbal to centre is a programmable option to whichever bu'en you choose. Both of these features as well as the resolution cropping were all available from the first Mavic on through.

  2. I bought the Zoom, but I am returning it and have already ordered the Pro. The Zoom takes really good video, but without having the ability to manually adjust camera settings (ISO, f/stop/shutter speed), the photo quality can be compromised, especially in low light areas because the camera will automatically go to a higher IS to maintain a good exposure. This results in fairly grainy photos. For what I use the drone for (video, but primarily still photos), the Pro will be a better drone for me (I hope).

  3. Welcome to my channel


  4. My mavic 1 pro can digitally zoom up to 2x by pushing the 5D button on the controller left and right… Do you know of there is any difference between that and what you described?

  5. the first is not a secret , is when u uses ur for gogles u will move ur head and the camera will move as if u we're flying

  6. Sweet😀😀👏 have you ever experience the black screen issue??? And do you know how to factory reset these mavic 2. Unlike the mavic pro. It doesn't offer you the factory reset option. Please if you can. Hope you would help. 👏👏👍👍👍

  7. Wow!  Thanks for the tip!  As you mentioned, it is similar to what you can achieve with the Inspire.  Will have to fly using a co-pilot, though, until I can master this.

  8. Here is a couple of suggestions I would like DJI to incorporate.
    1. In the "P" mode have ALL collision sensors turn on or make it in the menu what collision sensors you can activate. This would keep you from flying sideways in a tree.
    2. I would like to swap the settings in "LEFT" gimbal dial so I would rotate it to the "right" to point the camera down and rotate it "LEFT" to bring the camera back up.

  9. Here is a couple of suggestions I would like DJI to incorporate.
    1. In the "P" mode have ALL collision sensors turn on or make it in the menu what collision sensors you can activate. This would keep you from flying sideways in a tree.
    2. I would like to swap the settings in "LEFT" gimbal dial so I would rotate it to the "right" to point the camera down and rotate it "LEFT" to bring the camera back up.

  10. Thanks for the videos.
    My question is will I have problems using a galaxy tab s4 with the drones or did I need an ipad?

  11. Hi Brett, great video! Is there a vertical camera setting on the photo mode with the Mavic 2? The Mavic pro had a vertical setting which was great for real estate photography while shooting buildings.

  12. Nice report. Too bad DJI didn't control the M2Pro resolution from FULL FOV to HQ using the Mavic Pro method on the touch-screen, pinch and spread to zoom. That would have been way more convenient than all the extra time going into menus to change it, back and forth, assuming you can find it in the menu if you don't use it often. It could have been better, but it was a different engineer that created it apparently.

  13. thank's for heads up, still decided what drone buy. 4 of my top five, actualy my top 4 are dji, 5 is bebop2 but only cause of skycontroller black, dji should have put hdmi on mavic's and spark.
    but as old school film photographer i should tell you FOV is not FULL OV, It is Fiel Of View or you viewing angle, hence 28mm and 40mm 28mm being wide angle, and 35-50 being human eye frontal view depending on person.

  14. Great tips Brett! Just got a Mavic 2 Pro myself and am glad I did after months of debating which one to get. Thanks for posting this. Looking forward to more. Subscribed!

  15. Thanks for video. On the original mavic you can zoom by squeezing the screen out and back in. Can you do that with the 2 pro?

  16. ~那个转向摄像头的功能….是工程师忘记和市场说了….说老实话,dji的销售团队都不知道这个事情…..

  17. Thanks for this vid. I asked the seller if it was possible to move the cam to the right and left. He said it was not possible 🙂

  18. 4K HQ is Full Pixel readout! Which means the REAL.. 4K pixel by pixel! the FOV ist 5K downsampled to 4K. Just to clarify…

  19. He is good on camera. I hope he accepts the feedback, and corrects his few pronunciation glitches. It is what a professional would do.

  20. Thx, helped alot better than rotating the drone, however, you mention that the 'C1' button on the bottom will return the gimble to straight forward but I thought 'C1' was a customized button that has to be programmed thru settings. Clarify please.

  21. Here’s another secret… Just be aware DJI accept no responsibility for software issues after the one year warranty expires. I lost my drone in the ocean (Mavic Pro) when it forced landed after a warning appeared that I had flown into a NFZ. Trouble is I was 40kms south of the nearest NFZ. I showed DJI maps from their own ‘Fly Safe’ App, maps from Australia’s CASA app and the flying log and they just said sorry but it is out of warranty and only offered a pathetic 10% discount on my next drone purchase. The drone was in excellent condition, was very responsive up until that time, had 16 satellites and had 80% on the battery. No reason for it to be forced down. DJI customer support service is poor. In my view they are unethical corporate citizens

  22. Informative! Good job bro! For sure u did helped alot of people to unlock other peoples creativity… anyways don’t have one. I would love to accept if ur giving away any of that drone 😊 … Godbless

  23. Thanks, i was looking for a way to move the gimbal sideways. Do you know if it's possible to configure customizable buttons in the controller to do this horizontal pan?

  24. Would love to buy the maverick pro and smart controller,but shipping to Canada,with the exchange hurts the pocket,so I have to give up that dream

  25. Can you give me dji mavic pro or dji mavic 2 pro for free please you have 4 or 3 drone I don't see money to buy it I am very very poor please brother please please understand my situation please gibe one of drone from you please please

  26. Click bated! These are not secrets. DJI defiantly openly shared this information in the owners manual. Owners manuals must be like secret scribes for YouTube drone fans.

  27. Serious question. Why would you need to move the camera horizontally as opposed to just rotating the drone?

  28. Hi Brett, this is increadle information. Congratulations and thanks for sharing. Do you know how much weight can 2 Pro lift? I want a drone for fishing. Regards, Paul

  29. The zoom also records a "sharper" image because of the focal length. In most shooting scenarios, the zoom will give you a better image overall. The Pro is only beneficial for lower light scenes. The HDR ability is also a bit gimmicky. A lot of reviewers have been disappointed with the Pro's performance in relation to the pricing above the zoom.

  30. Secret no 1. What button on the dji smart controller returns the gimbal to front ?? I cant make it center on mine.

  31. I'm both thrilled and annoyed that I didn't know about the panning with one's finger. I wish I had known that two MP2's ago hahaha

  32. i think this is the equivalent of course lock in previous phantom series—-> the touch screen gimbal control

  33. I think you have to stop recording to switch Modes on the pro, with the zoom you can zoom while recording

  34. Brilliant !!! Thanks Brett , new subscriber now !! Love it when normal people blow the big guys out the water X got a zoom

  35. I´m a little bit sad about my last fligth with the zoom. Im not quick enough to get home before the rain comes. 40 sec rain flight. Can i be sure about the safety of my drone? I have dried the drone outside. After that it run 40 minutes without flying just to keep the ventilator running. It all works well. Are there any experiences? Do i have to check it by DJI? Don´t know. Thank you.

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